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Walter WILSON married ??, children:

  1. Zena Wilson  (b 1909)

Next Generation

Zena WILSON (b 1909) at 18yrs on 26 Feb 1927 married 30yr Ian Rosemeyer (b 1897)



info from cheznous@grapevine.com.au


?? WILSON married ??, children:

  1. William Greathead Wilson  (b Scotland)

Next Generation

Dr William Greathead WILSON (b Scotland).... ?? Children:

  1. William Edward Greathead Wilson (b India 1840)

Next Generation

William Edward Greathead WILSON (b India 1840) married ?? EVANS, Children:

  1. Albert Edward Greathead Wilson (b India 1867)

Next Generation

Albert Edward Greathead WILSON (b India 1867) married Maud Helen BEACHWOOD (b India 1874) Children:

  1. Augustus Theodore Greathead Wilson (b India 1896) married Marjorie ??


?? WILSON married ??, children:

  1. Frederick Adolphus Wilson

Next Generation

Frederick Adolphus WILSON married ??, children:

  1. John Richard Wilson  (b 1878)

Next Generation

John Richard WILSON (b 1878) at 28yrs on 25 Sep 1906 in Podanur Madras, married 20yr Alice Maud ARCHIBALD (b 1886, daughter of James Henry Archibald), children:

  1. Enid Mary Wilson (b 1907)

Next Generation

Enid Mary WILSON (b 1907) at 21yrs on 23 May 1928 in Salem married 25yr Lancelot Victor Joseph WILSON (b 1903, son of Reginald Alexander Lancelot Wilson)



?? WILSON married ??, children:

  1. Hugh Wilson

Next Generation

Hugh WILSON married Gertrude HUSSEY (her 2nd marriage). They moved to Kent in England.



info from amanda boden  amandaboden@ntlworld.com

Hi my name is Amanda, i'm hoping that some one might be able to help me with some info on my great grandfather. All i know about him and his wife is that he was serving in india under the black watch his name was Tommy Wilson. At some point he married my grandmother Edith Brook or Brooks after leaving the Army he then worked for the railway at JAJA as a engine driver, My great grandmother then passed away when my nan was only 3yrs old so the girls were put in st josephs convent until they left and came to England. I think Tommy remarried. my nan left the convent in the 1940 some time and she was the youngest. any info would be grately reseived. amanda boden  amandaboden@ntlworld.com


Tommy WILSON on 12th August 1914 married Edith BROOK(S) and lived in Khagole, Dinapore.  Children;

  1. Ronny Wilson

  2. Tom Wilson

  3. Freddie Wilson

  4. Thelma Wilson

  5. Yvonne Wilson

  6. Freda Wilson.

  7. Jean Wilson married Colin Snell

Next Generation

Jean Wilson married Colin SNELL, children:

  1. Jennifer Snell

  2. Colin Snell

  3. Kerry Snell


info supplied by Jeffrey Wheeler  jwheeler@global.net.au 

?? WILSON married ??, children:

  1. Merle Wilson

Next Generation

Merle WILSON married Oswald PARKER, and had :

  1. Colleen Parker

  2. Charmaine Parker

  3. Ryan Parker

  4. Glenda Parker

  5. Valerie Parker (spinster)

  6. Kim Parker

  7. Vivienne Parker

  8. Frances Parker


info from Clarence William Wilson joannebaranelli@hotmail.com

?? WILSON married ??, children:

  1. Clarence William Wilson. (b 27.07.41 in Saharnpur India)

Next Generation

Clarence William WILSON (b 27/7/1941 Saharnpur India,) married June EDWARDS (b 15/5/1943 Moradabad India.) Wanting to contact any friend's, mainly family member's if possible. We are both living in England, Leeds.


info from Rachel Scott foxi_rach@yahoo.com.au

?? WILSON married ??, children:

  1. Nora Wilson

Next Generation

Nora WILSON married Dudley SCOTT (born in India, migrated to Pakistan. ) 5 children. The family then immigrated from Pakistan to the UK. The whole family now resides in Australia

  1. Neville SCOTT (b Chittagong, passed away in the UK) married Priscilla ?

  2. Randolph SCOTT (b Chittagong ) married Gail Fairbairn

  3. Patricia SCOTT (b Chittagong ) married Mervin Alfonso

  4. Jennifer SCOTT (b Chittagong ) married Victor Couret, daughter, Jennifer.

  5. Lorraine SCOTT (b Chittagong ) married Neville Morris, daughter, Lorraine


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