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info from John R. Parker I have a lot of info on the Parker family tree.   Email me for further details if you are interested.

Hugh PARKER left Cork in 1830 for Madras and married Matilda CORBETT, children:

  1. Vincent Augustine Parker

Next Generation

Vincent Augustine PARKER married Isabella PHILLIPS, children:

  1. Vincent Augustine Parker (Jnr)

Next Generation

Vincent Augustine PARKER married Mabel Maude Micetich, children:

  1. John Anthony Parker



info from Christine Westley


Patrick Aloysius PARKER (b 11 Feb 1901 Madras, Parents : Patrick Aloysius Parker and Gertrude) on 23 May 1923 married Mary Hilda McGILL (b 1906, father William McGill), children:


William Reginald PARKER (b 1900, father Patrick Parker) on 12 Jan 1925 in Calcutta married Daisy Suzann HURLEY (b 24 Oct 1905 Nagpur, parents Joseph & Alice Hurley)



?? PARKER married ??, children:

  1. Cynthia Alice Parker (b 26/4/1926 Vizagapatam)

Next Generation

Cynthia Alice PARKER (born 26th April 1926 VIzagapatam) married James Henry WESTLEY (born 10th March 1926), children:

  1. Peter, born February 1954

  2. Michael, born November 1957

  3. Christine, born 23rd October 1959, Calcutta

  4. Philip, born 12th March, 1964, Calcutta


info from Raoul

?? PARKER married ??, children:

  1. John Anthony Parker

Next Generation

John Anthony PARKER married Myrtle Enid TURNBULL, Children:

  1. Veronica PARKER

  2. Philomena ( Phyliss ) PARKER

  3. Keith PARKER

  4. Louise PARKER

  5. Geoffery PARKER

  6. Peter PARKER ( Madras Regiment, Staff College at Conoor )Deceased. Never Married. (Burried in Ooty)

  7. Diana ( Dimpy ) PARKER

Next Generation

Veronica PARKER married Hughbert LOPEZ (Settled in Perambur, Madras)


Philomena ( Phyliss ) PARKER married Eric Joseph D'ROZARIO (Settled in ST.Thomas Mount, Madras)


Keith PARKER married Shiela D'GAMA (Settled In Dehradunn)


Louise PARKER married Noel NICHOLAS (Settled in Sydney, Australia)


Geoffery PARKER married Phillo BROUGHAM (Settled in Sydney Australia)


Diana ( Dimpy ) PARKER married Herald GOODMAN.(Settled in Madhavaram, Madras)



info supplied by Jeffrey Wheeler 

?? PARKER married ??, children:

  1. William Parker

Next Generation

William PARKER married Irene NORRIS (nee WATERS) (date of birth 1896), children:

  1. Noel,

  2. Oswald Parker

  3. Norman,

  4. Derrick,

  5. Rex,

  6. Reggie

  7. Colleen (deceased);

Next Generation

Oswald Parker married Merle WILSON and had :

  1. Colleen Parker

  2. Charmaine Parker

  3. Ryan Parker

  4. Glenda Parker

  5. Valerie Parker (spinster)

  6. Kim Parker

  7. Vivienne Parker

  8. Frances Parker

Next Generation

Colleen PARKER married Lloyd FRANCIS and had

  1. Bill &

  2. Nicki

Charmaine PARKER married Ralph FRANCIS and had

  1. David

Glenda PARKER married Chris Bedworth and had

  1. Lydia

Ryan PARKER married Gloria Rosario and had

  1. Louise &

  2. Dale

Kim PARKER married Jeffrey WHEELER, children:

  1. Eve WHEELER, 

  2. Ashley WHEELER, 

  3. Kate WHEELER ,

  4. James Phillip WHEELER 

Vivienne PARKER and 1st Defacto Paul Bridges, one child

  1. Aiesha,

Vivienne PARKER and 2nd Defacto Sukh, one child

  1. Zorawara

Fran PARKER married Isaac NEWMAN and had

  1. Ike 

  2. Eve


info from Raoul

?? PARKER married ??, children:

  1. Phyllis Parker

Next Generation

Phyliss PARKER (from Ooty ) on 21st Feb 1949 in Bangalore, married Eric Joseph D'ROZARIO (Born 5th June 1928. Worked in the Post & Telegraphs in Ooty and GPO at Beach in Madras.). Lived Early part of their lives in Ooty then settled in St. Thomas Mount Madras. Children:

  1. Peter D'Rozario

  2. Leslie D'Rozario

  3. Reuben D'Rozario (Never Married)

  4. Micheal D'Rozario (Never Married)

  5. Jeffery D'Rozario  (Never Married)

  6. Rocklyn D'Rozario

  7. Vivian D'Rozario (Never Married)

  8. Troy Bernard D'Rozario

  9. Raoul D'Rozario

  10. Judith Ann D'Rozario

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