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Martin James Phillips was in the Army over in India we know very little about him or Selvanayagam except that they had a son (Albert). Martin and Albert are on the 1881 English census but without Selvanayagam.  By this time Martin had remarried (Bedelia) and had another son (James) and were living in Liverpool. Any help on filling in the missing pieces in our Anglo Indian family history would be greatly appreciated. Margaret Wright


Martin James PHILLIPS (Born 1842 Ireland Died ?)  married Selvanayagam DAVIES (??) around 1870-1880.  Son:

  1. Albert Phillips (Born 1878 Bengal East Indies.)

Martin James PHILLIPS (Born 1842 Ireland Died ?) remarried Bedelia ?? and had another son:

  1. James Phillips (lived in Liverpool.)


George Martin PHILLIPS married ??, children:

  1. John Martin Phillips (b 1842)

Next Generation

John Martin PHILLIPS (b 1842) at 27yrs on 15 Feb 1869 in Black Town, Madras, married 24yr Emily Jane PHILLIPS (b 1845 daughter of William Phillips), children:

  1. Catherine Jane Phillips (b 11 Dec 1884 St Thomas Mount)

  2. John Phillips (b 17 May 1886 St Thomas Mount)

  3. Caroline Phillips (b 10 Nov 1888 Bangalore)


Any information on the Phillips or Dean families who left India on the SS Strathead for Britain in 1949.  Therese Mary Phillips


info from Stanley Garrett HOGAN

?? married ??, children:

  1. Betty Phillips

Next Generation

Betty PHILLIPS married Harold TURNER; I think Harold was a school teacher. I have conflicting information on this family, but this is what I think the story is (Id be happy to be corrected on this information). I also recall my mother talking about a Betty Philips? I understand Harold and Betty had 2 Children a boy and a girl:

  1. Jackie Turner (as far as my story goes is a Bishop in Calcutta)?

  2. Isobel Turner who married. I do not know her married surname, sadly died young, she had two children 2 girls Virginia and Margaret both girls unmarried? Im sorry about the details and information I have on this family, but I would be grateful for contacts or any corrections, or other details or information, to keep the record straight?


info from

?? PHILLIPS married ??, children:

  1. Pamela Mary Phillips

Next Generation

Pamela Mary PHILLIPS married Harry Richard JENNINGS, Children :

  1. Eugene Morgan Jennings

  2. Richard Alexander Jennings  (Calcutta born and bred. St Xaviers School, Calcutta 1963-70)

  3. Paul Patrick Jennings  (Born and brought up in Calcutta. St. Xavier's School, Calcutta 1963-72. Don Bosco's Technical Institute 1972-75. Working in New Allenberry Works, Calcutta.)

  4. Brian Anthony Jennings 

  5. Mark Allen Jennings 

  6. Andrew Phillip Jennings


info from

George PHILLIPS (c.16 Sep 1838 Crowan, Cornwall, England) married 16 Aug 1858 Bodmin, Cornwall, England, Harriet BUDGE (b. Abt 1840 Saint Just, Cornwall, England. Harriet Phillips is said to be buried in Old Delhi). children:

  1. Clara Jane Thompson Phillips (b. Abt 1863 India)

  2. Minnie Neil Phillips

  3. Frederick Richard Swaine Phillips

  4. Augusta Fanny Phillips (b. 26 Jun 1871 Delhi, West Bengal, India)

Next Generation

Clara Jane Thompson PHILLIPS (b about 1863 in India. ) married James COATES in India in 1878, children : 

  1. Bertha Emily Frances Coates (b.25 Oct 1879 Dinapore, West Bengal, India)

  2. Ada Minnie Coates (b. 28 Nov 1880 Morar Gwalior, India)

  3. Ernest John Coates (b. 4 Mar 1885 Dover, Kent, England)


My mother was born in Calcutta in 1920 to Marie C. Thurman HOOD (daughter of Catherine O'Connor-Byrne and Edgar Moore HOOD) and a Mr. PHILLIPS (first name unknown).  Her mother had a second husband named Edgar Moore Hood.  My mother took Mr. Hood's name.  She has a half-sister Valentine HOOD who lives in the U.S. and a half-brother named Edgar Thurman HOOD who was adopted-out while he was still an infant.  Their mother Marie C. Thurman Hood died two weeks after giving birth to her son.  My mother and sister have no idea what happened to their brother.  The adoption was private and apparently there are no records.  My mother attend school near Darjeeling in Kalimpong at the convent school of St. Joseph D'Cluny.  We would love to find someone who might have known her family or have some idea what happened to her brother.  We can be reached at  I appreciate any assistance.  Priscilla Dunklee TRASK, St. Louis, Missouri 



information provided by Christopher Rose on 1 March 2004

?? PHILLIPS married ??, children:

  1. Audrey Phillips (b Bandiquie)

Next Generation

Audrey PHILLIPS (b Bandiquie) in 1959 married  Owen ROSE (b Ajmer) in India, children:

  1. Colin Judge Rose (born ?  Mississauga Canada)

  2. Jacqueline Mary Rose (born ?)

  3. Cyril Gerard Rose (born ?)


?? PHILLIPS married ??, children:

  1. Freany Phillips

Next Generation

Freany PHILLIPS  married Gerard Joseph SHAFTON -two children, 

  1. Martina Shafton

  2. Angelina Shafton

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