BROOKES Family Tree

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info from Mike & Jean <>

Bernard BROOKES married Esme D'SOUZA, children:

  1. Michael Brookes

  2. Richard Brookes


?? BROOKES married ??, children:

  1. Stanley Brookes

Next Generation

Stanley BROOKES (served on the MSM railways, stationed at various places, like Arkonam, Gooty etc, retired from the railway, went to live with his eldest son Ralph Brookes in Karachi and died in the year of the Lord 1961.) married Maud GILES (was the matron of Lawrence School Lovedale, Ooty.,) children:

  1. Ralph Brookes

  2. Joy Diana Brookes

Next Generation

Joy Diana BROOKES (b 17/2/1927, d 13/1/1995 Mangalore) married Harold Malcolm BRIGGS (born 15/5/1913, d 24/4/1984, Worked on the Southern Railways as an A-Grade Guard stationed mostly in Mysore and Bangalore.), children:

  1. Reggie Briggs

  2. Gerald Briggs

  3. Lionel Briggs


info from Karen Brookes

?? BROOKES married ??, children:

  1. Claude Brookes

Next Generation

Claude BROOKES married Shirley BALLANTYNE (both formerly of Asansol), Children:

  1. Karen Brookes

  2. Clive Brookes.

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