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? FOWLER married ??, children:

  1. Richard Fowler

Next Generation

Richard FOWLER married Ellen NEWBOLD, children:

  1. Violet Millicent Fowler

Next Generation

Violet Millicent FOWLER married Donald Ashley DuBOIS in Nagpur, children:

  1. ALTHEA DUBOIS, MAY, b. May 21, 1916.

  2. TREVOR EUGENE CAMPEGNAC DUBOIS, b. October 12, 1917, NAGPUR, INDIA; d. June 3, 1997, Sydney, Australia m DOROTHY WILSON.

  3. COLLEEN MILLICENT DUBOIS, b. October 16, 1919.

  4.  HELEN AVIS DUBOIS, b. May 28, 1921, NAGPUR; d. February 13, 2004, Melbourne, Hospital (anuresim).

  5. GRACE RACHAEL DUBOIS, b. September 30, 1923, Nagpur, INDIA.

  6. YVONNE DUBOIS, b. October 12, 1930, NAGPUR.


?? FOWLER married ??, children:

  1. Treasure FOWLER

Next Generation

Treasure FOWLER married Allan Joseph LEMERLE:

  1. John Lemerle

  2. Joanne Lemerle


Info supplied by Glenys Savage

??FOWLER married ??, children:

  1. Jim FOWLER

Next Generation

Jim FOWLER married Ivy AUSTIN

Harold FOWLER (Jim's brother) married Alda AUSTIN (Ivy's sister)  

( Alda and Harold FOWLER had no children of their own but did adopt a son, Phillip) .

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