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info from Christine D'Rozario

?? CARR married ??, children:

  1. Tony CARR (b ?)

Next Generation

Tony Carr married Berryl Orton, children:

  1. Caroline Carr
  2. Jennifer Carr

Next Generation
Caroline Carr married Glen Eardley, their children:

  1. Griselda Eardley
  2. Tanya Eardley
  3. Rachael Eardley


?? CARR married ??, children:

  1. Jennifer CARR

Next Generation

Jennifer CARR married Rudolph DAVIDS,  children,

  1. Roger Davids (late),
  2. Roy Davids,
  3. Jude Davids


info from Inez Rufus

?? CARR married ??, children:

  1. Gladys Merlin CARR

Next Generation

Gladys Merlin CARR married William Fredrick THOMSON in the 1920s 


info from

?? CARR married ??, children:

  1. Richard CARR

Next Generation

Richard CARR, came to India from the UK to work for East Indian Railway as a driver,  married ??, children:

  1. William CARR (b ?, d India)

Next Generation

William CARR married Delphine CHIODETTI of Italian background (b ?, d India), children:

  1. Eric Richard CARR (Eddie) (b 1901 Jamalpur, d 1997 London)

Next Generation

Eric Richard CARR (Eddie) (b 1901 Jamalpur, d 1997 London) married Eva ?? (d 1997). Eric was employed by the East Indian railway until 1930 when he joined BB&CI railway. He left India in the 1960's for England. He has family in Australia, Canada and the UK. Eric was an excellent hunter and fishermen. He may be remembered as either ED Carr or Eddie. He lived to be 96 years old and his wife Eva followed him six months later. Both lived in Tundla and Bandikui and Jamalpur. Now all their children and grandchildren except for one live in London.

  1. William Carr
  2. Charlotte Carr
  3. Ian Carr
  4. Fredrick Carr
  5. Barbara Carr
  6. Gwen Carr


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