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info from t p <> . I am trying to find anyone that can link to either of these surnames but particular Andrews and Ronald Denzil Aubray Chiodetti who we have lost touch with. I am the grand daughter of Norma Faye Geraldine Chiodetti we think that Ronald went to Canada/Australia with a lady called Grace who I had been told was his secretary.
Josiah Hathaways parents were George Hathaway and Elizabeth? birth etc is unknown but possibly Tewksbury? however this could be wrong. Many thanks, Tasha.

Thomas ANDREWS married Lucy ??, children:

  1. Henrietta Andrews (b abt 1899)

Next Generation

Henrietta ANDREWS (b about 1899) married Josiah HATHAWAY (b abt 1874) 6th November 1899, Calcutta, Bengal, India, Children:

  1. Winifred Enid Hathaway (b 1914 India, d 1997 UK), married Ronald Denzil Aubray CHIODETTI (b 1905 Jamalpur, Bengal, India), Children: Norma Faye Geraldine Chiodetti (b 1933 India - d 1992 England ) married Patrick James Jones.

  2. Elizabeth Maisie Hathaway (b ? d 1921)

Henrietta ANDREWS (b about 1899) after Josiah died, married Barnett EMDEN (b 1869 ? - 1954 England) India, Children: None known

info supplied by Connie Joseph (nee Lazaro) & URSULA FORD <>

?? ANDREWS married ??, children:

  1. Olive Gertrude Andrews

Next Generation

Olive Gertrude ANDREWS married Wilfred Arthur DIXON in Bitragunta, India. Children are:
1. Brian Dixon (in Edmonton, Canada)
2. Ursula Dixon (in Edmonton, Canada)
3. Maureen Dixon (in Sydney, Australia)
4. Ronald Dixon (in Madras, India)
5. Beryl Dixon (in Edmonton, Canada)


info from 

We have tried to submit details of my wife to enable any contacts that we may have lost contact with over time.

Details are:

?? ANDREWS married ??, children:

  1. Barbara Andrews

Next Generation

Barbara ANDREWS (b Lucknow 1932. worked in the British high commission for a number of years) married ?? CRISP. Left Delhi in 1962 after marrying and is now residing in the UK.



info from Mary Ivy &

?? ANDREWS married ??, children:

  1. Milton Andrews

Next Generation

Milton ANDREWS  married Mary Ivy GORDON (1 daughter - ) lives in Madurai

  1. Romaine Andrews

Next Generation

Romaine Andrews married Joseph SULLIVAN


?? ANDREWS married ??, children:

  1. Bazil Andrews

Next Generation

Bazil Andrews married Doreen GORDON (1 son -  ) lives in Madurai

  1. Ryan Andrews


?? ANDREWS married ??, children:

  1. Duke Andrews

Next Generation

Duke Andrews married Rhonda GORDON (1 daughter - ) lives in Madurai

  1. Rochelle Andrews



?? ANDREWS married ??, children:

  1. Nora Andrews

Next Generation


  1. Ronald Moore

  2. Norma Moore (b1925 IN LUCKNOW, INDIA)

  3. William Moore

  4. Dennis Moore.


info from 

?? ANDREWS married Victoria Lucy ROSE (b Rangoon 1913, lived in Bangalore, d Perth 6/6/1996), children:

  1. Toni,

  2. Adele,

  3. Teddy,

  4. Dimples

  5. Glenn

also Alma, Joyce & Joe

info from Cathy

?? ANDREWS married ??, children:

  1. William Hope Andrews

Next Generation

William Hope ANDREWS married Kathleen LEMERLE at Bitragunta, children : 

  1. Trevor ANDREWS, 

  2. Leslie ANDREWS, 

  3. Joyce ANDREWS

Next Generation

Leslie ANDREWS married Heather FERNANDEZ at Perambur, Madras, children : 

  1. Jennifer ANDREWS, 

  2. Catherine ANDREWS, 

  3. David ANDREWS, 

  4. Susan ANDREWS




info submitted by Chris & Jane BEATTY

?? ANDREWS married ??, children:

  1. Joseph Andrews

Next Generation

Joseph ANDREWS married ???, children:

  1. Amilia Dooland ANDREWS

Next Generation

Amilia Dooland ANDREWS married Charles Rudolph BEATTY (b 1866, Secunderabad, India. Died 1940 Bangalore, India) on October 9, 1912 in Bangalore, India.


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