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info from Milton BIRD birdie@iinet.net.au ,Albert & Olive MacDONALD olbert9@fastmail.fm , Lesley & Terry Middleton lesterry@westnet.com.au

?? WEBB married ??, children:

  1. Eustace Stacey  Webb

Next Generation

Eustace Stacey WEBB (born 1929, India) married Sheila Blanche MacDONALD, children:

  1. Lesley Anne Shelley WEBB

  2. Marcus Albert Christopher WEBB (born 26/8/1969, Perth, Australia)

Next Generation

Lesley Anne Shelley WEBB married Terence Richard MIDDLETON on 16th October 1976, Perth, Western Australia, children:

1 Jaye Leanne MIDDLETON (born 1979)
2 Joshua Richard MIDDLETON,( born 1984)
3 Simone Tracey Lee MIDDLETON, (born 1984)

and partner Ronald WILSON, children:

  1. Jazmyn Bailee MIDDLETON, born 27th July 2004

Marcus Albert Christopher WEBB married Debbie BROWN, children:

  1. Eric Dean WEBB, (Twin born 2003)

  2. Ryan Marcus WEBB, (Twin born 2003)


info from Anne Farmer  sauls06-quarter@yahoo.co.uk

?? WEBB married Annie ?? (b ? d Dec 1859)

After her 1st husband died, Annie WEBB, widow (b ? d Dec 1859), in  1858 in Agra India, married Thomas Sampson FARMER (B 1832 in Bermondsey London died Feb 1873 in Cawnpore India. He travelled to India (Calcutta ) on ship Royal George 1854.



William WEBB married Maud ?, children:

  1. Ivy Maude Webb (b 10 Dec 1902 Pallavaram)


 info from Eunice Welsh emwwebb@comcast.net

?? WEBB married ??, children:

  1. William  Webb

Next Generation

William WEBB married  Eunice Mary WELSH (born 4/2/1938 in Dongargarh, India. Educated at St Joseph's Convent, Waltair, India and was there from 1950 to 1954 when  graduated from High School;  went to Madras to Church Park Teaching College.  Graduated in 1956. )



info from dorothywebbdaly@ftml.net

?? WEBB married ??, children:

  1. Thomas Webb (from Burma and La Martinere College Lucknow. Tom died in 1990)

Next Generation

Thomas WEBB (from Burma and La Martinere College Lucknow. Tom died in 1990).married Dorothy DALY (Arrived in England in January 1949 on the S.S. "Maloja". Proud grandmother of ten grandchildren.), children:

  1.  ?


info from Margaret Bartlett BARTLETTM8@aol.com

below info to be updated

?? WEBB married ??, children:

  1. Percival St. Hubert Webb (Railway Inspector)

Next Generation

Percival St. Hubert WEBB (Railway Inspector) of Pallavaram, Madras,  married Elizabeth Ann Beatrice MANSFIELD, children : 

  1. Margaret Webb

Next Generation

Margaret WEBB married ? BARTLETT


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