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info from Clare Mansfield , Margaret Bartlett and Milton Bird


John MANSFIELD married Mary ?, children:

  1. James Mansfield (b 1 Aug 1830 Bangalore)

Next Generation

James MANSFIELD (b 1 Aug 1830 Bangalore) married Anne ?, children:

  1. Anne Maria Mansfield (b 13 Oct 1861 Vizag)

  2. Sarah Jane Mansfield (b 14 Sep 1864 Waltair)

  3. Elizabeth Mansfield (b 22 Jul 1866 Pallavaram)

  4. John Robert Mansfield (b 14 Nov 1867 Pallavaram, c 27/12/1867 Pallavaram, d 28 Mar 1870 Nagpore, Madras)

  5. Alice Maud Mansfield (b 25 Oct 1872 Pallavaram)

  6. Sophia Gertrude Mansfield (b 30 Aug 1876 Pallavaram)

  7. James William Mansfield (b 27 Jun 1879 Pallavaram)

Next Generation

Anne Maria Mansfield (b 13 Oct 1861 Vizag) at 18yrs on 19 Nov 1879 at St Thomas Mount married 29yr William Henry CLARKE (b 1850 son of Henry Clarke), children:

  1. James Mansfield Clark (b 11 Sep 1894 Pallavaram)

Sarah Jane Mansfield (b 14 Sep 1864 Waltair) at 18yrs on 29 Sep 1883 in Pallavaram married 27yr James ADAMS (b 1856 son of Daniel Adams), children:

  1. Frederick Mansfield Adams (b 1 Dec 1888 Pallavaram)

  2. James Augustus Adams (b 4 Jan 1892 Pallavaram)

  3. Mildred Blanche Adams (b 4 Aug 1893 Pallavaram)

Alice Maud Mansfield (b 25 Oct 1872 Pallavaram) at 22yrson 22 May 1895 in Madras married 29yr William LIGHTFOOT (b 1866 son of Stephen Lightfoot)


James William MANSFIELD (Madras Police Inspector, b 27 June 1879 in Pallavaram, India,  served in 2nd Battalion Artillery stationed in Burma, and then in military station in Pallavaram) married Elizabeth Ann GIBBONS (b 15 July 1879) in Madras, India. This union produced eight children (below). d 17 Feb 1953 in Pallavaram, India.

  1. Blance Alice Mansfield (mother of Elizabeth Bird), b 29 April 1902, Pallavaram, India. d 19 Jan 1939 at Ootacamund, India.

  2. Elizabeth Beatrice Anne Mansfield (b 10 Sep 1904 at Pallavaram, India. d 1 July 1988 at Pallavaram, India. Married Percival Webb, first cousin.

  3. May Edna Mansfield, b 11 Nov 1906, Negapatam, India. d 14 March 1966 at Pallavaram India.

  4. James Frederick Lancelot Mansfield, (Uncle Bob), b 19 Aug 1909. d 29 April 1998 in Pallavaram, India.

  5. Phyllis Maude Mansfield, b 17 May 1911 (94 years old).

  6. Sydney Arthur Mansfield, b 10 Jan 1914 at Villapuram, India. d 5 Oct 1963 in Pallavaram, India.

  7. Harold William Mansfield, b 19 Sep 1915. d 11 Feb 1991 in England.

  8. Reginald Mansfield, b 9 Apr 1917. d 17 May 2003 in England.

Next Generation
Blanche Alice MANSFIELD (b 29 Apr 1902 Pallavaram, d 1939, buried in St. Thomas cemetery, Ootacamund,) on 3 Sep 1924 in Coimbatore married Alfred Samuel BAKER (b 1903 Secunderabad d 25 Oct 1932 Ootacamund, grave B/90, son of Benjamin Alfred and Ethel Lilian Baker), children ??:


Elizabeth Beatrice Anne MANSFIELD (b 10 September 1904 at Pallavaram, India. d 1 July 1988 at Pallavaram) married Percival St.Hubert WEBB (Railway Inspector) of Pallavaram, children :

  1. Margaret WEBB

Standing L-R. Xaviour, Eric MacDonald, Sydney Mansfield, Percy Webb, Mr Xaviour, Stan and May, Big Dad, Hubert Webb, Reg, Harry.

Seated L-R. Mrs Xaviour, Audrey Dahll, Nana Dahll, Bob Mansfield, Avis, Nana Trixy, Phillis, Birdie Webb.

Ground L-R. Ralph Webb, Edna, Dolly, Betty, Chicky Webb.

Bottom. Sheila, Albert.


May Edna MANSFIELD (b 1906 Negapatam, India, d 1966 Pallavaram, Madras) on 6 Jan 1926 in Madras married Eric Wilmot MacDONALD, (son of Samuel Albert MacDonald) children:

  1. Wilmot Fredrick MacDONALD (b 1926 Negapatam, India)

  2. Edna Merlyn Dameris MacDONALD (b 1927 Tiruchirapalli, India, d 2004 Perth, Australia)

  3. Sheila Blanche MacDONALD (b1 930 Ootacamund, India, d 2000, Perth, Australia)

  4. Albert Raymond Brian Mansfield MacDONALD (b 1932 Coonoor, India)

  5. Stanley Eric MacDONALD (b1 934 Coonoor, India)

  6. Lancelot MacDONALD (b 1937 Pallavaram, India, d 1938 Pallavaram, India)

Sydney Arthur Mansfield married Beulah Marion Joseph (Beulah remarried after being widowed and name changed to Beulah Beirne (d 29.07.2004). Sydney Arthur Mansfield and Beulah Marion Mansfield had two Children

  1. Hubert William Joseph Patrick Mansfield (b 1956)

  2. Marion Mansfield (nee mansfield, now Clarkson)

Next Generation

Hubert William Joseph Patrick Mansfield (b 1956) married Janet White. They have three children:

  1. Clare Louise Mansfield (b 1982)

  2. Sarah Marie Mansfield (b 1985).

  3. Steven Mansfield (b 1987)

Marion Mansfield married David Luckly (d 199?) and they have two children

  1. David Lucklly

  2. Shaun Luckly

Marion remarried Jo Clarkson (d 199?) and they had a son: Simon Clarkson



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