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? MacDONALD married ??, children:

  1. Daniel MacDonald

Next Generation

Daniel MacDONALD married ??, children:

  1. Samuel MacDonald (b 1837, d 28 Nov 1884 Trichinopoly, age 47)

Next Generation

Samuel MacDONALD (b 1837, d 28 Nov 1884 Trichinopoly, age 47) on 9 Jun 1852 in Secunderabad married Adelaide Victoria DECASTER (daughter of John Decaster), children:

  1. Elizabeth Anne MacDonald (b 5 Oct 1853 Secunderabad)

  2. Samuel Albert MacDonald (b 26 Aug 1855 Vepery, d 2 Oct 1910)

Next Generation

Samuel Albert MacDONALD (b 26 Aug 1855 Vepery, d 2 Oct 1910) at 25yrs on 29 Sep 1880 in Trichinopoly married 17yr Ellen Jane WALFORD (b 1863, daughter of John Walford) children:

  1. Adelaide Alberta MacDONALD(born 30/6/1881, Tiruchinopoly, India)

  2. Agnes Blanche MacDONALD(born 16/1/1883, Tiruchinoploy, India, died Perth, Australia)

  3. Albert Donald MacDONALD(born 12/5/1884, Tiruchinopoly, India)

  4. Fredrick William MacDONALD(born 7/8/1886, Tiruchinopoly, India)

  5. Ethel Jane MacDONALD(born 23/10/1888, Tiruchinopoly, India)

  6. Anne Maud Edith MacDONALD(born 14/10/1890, Tiruchinopoly, India)

  7. Martha Cristana MacDONALD(born 7/1/1893, Tiruchinopoly, India, died Madras)

  8. Eric Wilmot MacDONALD (b 28/9/1894 Tiruchinopoly, India, died 6/10/1972 Perth, Australia)

  9. Leonard St.John MacDONALD(born 27/12/1896 Tiruchinopoly, India)

  10. Hubert Sinclair MacDONALD(born 23/9/1898 Tiruchinopoly, India)

  11. Edward Harold Sydney MacDONALD(born 3/11/1900 Tiruchinopoly, India, died 27/7/1967 at sea)

  12. Mable Merle MacDONALD(born 11/9/1902  Tiruchinopoly, India, died Tiruchinopoly)

Next Generation

Adelaide Alberta MacDONALD married Richard ASH, children:

  1. Eddie ASH

Agnes Blanche MacDONALD (b 16 Jan 1883 Trichinopoly) at 20yrs on 6 Dec 1902 in Trichinopoly married 22yr William HOY (b 1880 son of George Hoy), children:

  1. George Hoy

Frederick William MacDONALD (b 7 Aug 1886 Trichinopoly) at 26yrs on 9 Dec 1914 in Trichinopoly married 20yr Doris Sarah YOEMANS (b 1894 daughter of Samuel Yeomans)


Ethel Jane MacDONALD married Ginger FIRTH


Anne Maud Edith MacDonald (b 14 Oct 1890 Secunderabad) at 26yrs on 13 Sep 1920 married 27yr Oswald  D'SILVA (b 1893 son of Frank Henry D'Silva), children:

  1. Blanche D'Silva

  2. Olga D'Silva

  3. Phillis D'Silva

  4. Phillip D'Silva

Martha Constance MacDONALD (b 1894) at 20yrs on 15 Jul 1914 in Trichinopoly married 24yr Armine Clarence RODRIGUES (b 1890 son of Frederick Ernest Victor Rodrigues), children:

  1. Fredrick Rodrigues

  2. Gwen Rodrigues

  3. Dorothy Doreen GwendolineRodrigues  (born 30/12/1916 Tiruchinopoly, India, died 17/3/1993, Pallavaram, Madras)

  4. Allan Douglas Rodrigues (b 9/9/1919 Tiruchinopoly, India)

  5. Noel Rodrigues

  6. Blossom Rodrigues

  7. Gerald Edward Rodrigues (b 23/1/1924 Tiruchinopoly, India)

  8. Beryl Rodrigues

  9. George Eardley Rodrigues (b 28/11/1927 Tiruchinopoly, India)

  10. Basil Rodrigues (died 1934)

Standing L-R. Xaviour, Eric MacDonald, Sydney Mansfield, Percy Webb, Mr Xaviour, Stan and May, Big Dad, Hubert Webb, Reg, Harry.

Seated L-R. Mrs Xaviour, Audrey Dahll, Nana Dahll, Bob Mansfield, Avis, Nana Trixy, Phillis, Birdie Webb.

Ground L-R. Ralph Webb, Edna, Dolly, Betty, Chicky Webb.

Bottom. Sheila, Albert.


Eric Wilmot MacDONALD (b 28/9/1894 Tiruchinopoly, India, died 6/10/1972 Perth, Australia) on 6 Jan 1926 in Madras married Edna May MANSFIELD (b 11/11/1906 Negapatam, India, d 14/3/1966 Pallavaram, Madras), children:

  1. Wilmot Fredrick MacDONALD (b 23/10/1926 Negapatam, India, d 28 Aug 2016 Perth)

  2. Edna Merlyn Dameris MacDONALD (b 11/10/1927 Tiruchirapalli, India, d 22/12/2004 Perth, Australia)

  3. Sheila Blanche MacDONALD (b 21/12/1930 Ootacamund, India, d 31/8/2000, Perth, Australia)

  4. Albert Raymond Brian Mansfield MacDONALD (b 20/5/1932 Coonoor, India)

  5. Stanley Eric MacDONALD (b 21/6/1934 Coonoor, India)

  6. Lanslot MacDONALD (b 19/3/1937 Pallavaram, India, d 22/1/1938 Pallavaram, India)

Edward Harold Sydney MacDONALD married Gertrude Constance PELL, children:

  1. Twin Girl 1 (born Tiruchirapalli, died Tiruchirapalli)

  2. Twin Girl 2 (born Tiruchirapalli, died Tiruchirapalli)

  3. George Beresford MacDONALD (b 20/10/1929 Tiruchirapalli d 30/10/2012)

  4. Yolanda MacDONALD (b 1940 Madras, d 1943 Madras)

Mable Merle MacDONALD married (1st marriage) to ? ROZARIO, children

  1. Harold Rozario, (b  26/3/1928, d 27/9/97)

  2. Duncan Rozario, (b 12/8/1930)

Mable Merle MacDONALD married (2nd marriage) Adolphus CLEMENTS (b 1/3/1993 Tiruchinopoly, India, d 13/11/1957 Tiruchirapalli, India), children:

  1. Doreen Merina Clements

  2. Roy Clements

  3. Winston Clements

Next Generation

Wilmot Fredrick MacDONALD (b 23/10/1926 Negapatam, India, d 28 Aug 2016 Perth) married Nadine Naomi SMITH (b 15/9/1926 Madurai, India), children:

  1. Cheryl Lindsay MacDONALD (b 31/5/1953 Madurai, India)

  2. Deanne April Hilda MacDONALD (b 3/4/1955 Madurai, India)

  3. Kevin John MacDONALD  (b 18/8/1958 Madurai, India)

  4. Keith James MacDONALD (b 3/5/1963 Madurai, India)

  5. Caroline May MacDONALD (b 13/5/1967 Madurai, India)

  Standing rear L-R Sheila, Cheryl, Willie, Nadine, Eric, Tookie with Steven, Stan, Deanne, Olive, Albert, Lesley Anne. Standing front - L-R Keith, Kevin, Gail, Craig, Andrew


Sheila Blanche MacDONALD married Eustace Stacey WEBB (b 20/9/1929, India), children:

  1. Lesley Anne Shelley WEBB

  2. Marcus Albert Christopher WEBB (b 26/8/1969, Perth, Australia)

Albert Raymond Brian Mansfield MacDONALD married Olivia Maise MICHAEL (b 21/12/1924,Chingleput, India), children:

  1. Craig Gerard MacDONALD (b 5/10/1963, Madras, India)

Stanley Eric MacDONALD married Dorothea Lilian MADDOCK (Tookie) (b 2/7/1936 Rangoon, Burma, India), children:

  1. Michael Andrew MacDONALD (b 25/5/1961, Madras, India)

  2. Gayle Karen MacDONALD (b 14/7/1964, Madras)

  3. Steven Ashley MacDONALD (b 25/6/1968 Perth, Australia)

George Beresford MacDONALD (b 20/10/1929 d 30/10/2012) married Marjorie FERNANDES (b 15/2/1927 Malaysia d 12/10/2012), children:

  1. John D MacDONALD (b 30/8/1960 Malaysia)

  2. Jean Maud MacDONALD (b 11/9/1962 Malaysia)

  3. Gillian Anna MacDONALD (b 30/11/1966 Malaysia)

Next Generation

Cheryl Lindsay MacDONALD married Gregory Michael ANDERSON (b 22/4/1954 Bilaspur, India), children:

  1. Michelle Lee ANDERSON (b 25/5/1978, Perth)

  2. Scott Gregory ANDERSON (b 6/3/1981, Perth)

  3. Dean Matthew ANDERSON (b 3/1/1988, Perth)

  4. Troy David ANDERSON (b 7/9/1989, Perth)

Deanne April Hilda MacDONALD married Geoffrey DANIELS (born 9/4/1952, Madras), children:

  1. Shaun DANIELS (b 9/4/1983 Perth)

  2. Brett DANIELS (b 20/5/1985, Perth)

  3. Jarrad DANIELS (b 24/12/1986 Perth)

  4. Ashley DANIELS (b 16/1/1988 Perth)

Kevin John MacDONALD married Loretta Anne CLEMENO (b 8/5/1958 Perth)


Keith James MacDONALD married Antoinette DOUGLAS (b 15/9/1961 Whitehaven, UK)

  1. Jessica MacDONALD (b 4/6/1992 Perth)

  2. Cameron Alexander MacDONALD (b 12/4/1995 Perth)

Caroline May MacDONALD married Martin F QUINLAN (b 10/2/1967 Moonee Ponds, Melbourne), children:

  1. Jorden Tekea (b 6/8/1997 Perth)

  2. Tahnee Narese (b 25/1/1999 Perth)

Michael Andrew MacDONALD married Sharene Louise YELLAND (b 23/8/1964 Perth), children:

  1. Damien MacDONALD (b 7/9/1987 Perth)

  2. Nathan Andrew MacDONALD (b 10/5/1991 Perth)

  3. Kristie Louise MacDONALD (b 25/10/1993 Perth)

Gayle Karen MacDONALD married Andrew Philip HENDRICKS (b 1/5/1948 India), children

  1. Samantha Hendricks (b 30/4/1990)

  2. Luke Hendricks (born (b 30/4/1988 ?)

Steven Ashley MacDONALD married Sarah Louise HARDING (born UK), children:

  1. James Ashley MacDONALD (b 1/5/1997)

  2. Katie Louise MacDONALD (b 10/5/1999)

Jean Maud MacDONALD married Gerard Patrick GLEESON, children:

  1. Emily Louise Gleeson (b 11/9/1993 Port Fairy)

  2. Jed Gleeson (b 21/10/1998 Port Fairy)

Gillian Anna MacDONALD married David A WEEKS (b 29/9/1962 NZ) children:

  1. Gemma Grace Weeks (b 2/8/1997)

  2. Ashleigh Hanna Weeks (b 15/11/2001Melbourne)



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?? MacDONALD married ??, children:

  1. William Stanley MacDonald (School: Dow Hill School, Kurseong 1942 - 47 & 1950)

Next Generation

William Stanley MacDONALD (went to Dr Graham's, Kalimpong) married Gladys Helen PLOMER, children:

  1. William Ian MacDonald (I am an old Lamart boy, and went on to work at Hamiltons in Calcutta. I now live in Adelaide
    South Australia with my wife Connie. We have only a daughter and four grand children)


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?? MacDONALD married ??, children:

  1. Sally MacDonald (School: Dow Hill School, Kurseong 1942 - 47 & 1950)

Next Generation

Sally MacDONALD married ?? STEWART



info courtesy of (Lionel Daroux's site)

? MacDONALD married ??, children:

  1. Freda MacDONALD (b 5/12/1918, Poona, d 3/6/2001 Edmonton)

Next Generation

Freda MacDONALD (b 5/12/1918, Poona, d 3/6/2001 Edmonton) married Reginald BARNES, children:

  1. Glenys Barnes

  2. Patrick Barnes

  3. Sandy Barnes

  4. Hilton Barnes


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