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Lazaro ROZARIO married ?? children:

  1. John Charles Rozario (b 1832, d 26 May 1886 Madras, age 54)

Next Generation

John Charles ROZARIO  (b 1832, d 26 May 1886 Madras, age 54) at 25yrs on 18 Nov 1857 in Bangalore married 15yr Clara Camelia COOTES (b 1842 daughter of John Charles Cootes), children:

  1. Josephine Rozario (b 1 Feb 1861 Bangalore)

  2. Joseph Eugene Rozario (b 11 Sep 1862 Bangalore)

  3. Laura Ann Rozario (b 10 Aug 1864 Bangalore)

  4. George Joseph Rozario (b 3 Jul 1865 Bangalore)

  5. George Thomas Rozario (b 11 May 1867 Bangalore)

  6. John Edwin Charles Rozario (b 11 Mar 1869 Bangalore, d 5 Jan 1936 Bangalore)

  7. Mary Winifred Rozario (b 15 Jul 1874 Bangalore)

Next Generation

Joseph Eugene Rozario (b 11 Sep 1862 Bangalore) at 25yrs on 8 Aug 1887 in Bangalore married 22yr Charlotte TODD (b 1865 daughter of Richard Todd)



info from Ashton Pereira

? ROZARIO married ?? children:

  1. John Edward Rozario

Next Generation

John Edward ROZARIO married Sophia ?, children:

  1. Charles Edward Rozario (b 29 Apr 1889 Negapatam)

  2. John Hines Rozario (b 30 Sep 1894 Pallavaram, d 19 Nov 1895 Poonamallee age 1)

Next Generation

Charles Edward ROZARIO (b 29 Apr 1889 Negapatam)  at 25yrs on 20 Nov 1912 in Negapatam married 17yr Hilda Ruth JASMY (b 1895, d 30 Sep 1914 Negapatam age 19yrs, daughter of Joseph Edmond Jasmy), children:

  1. Albert Edwin Rozario (b 1907)

  2. Norman Edwin Rozario (b 1914, d 19 Nov 1914 Negapatam)

Next Generation

Albert Edwin ROZARIO (b 1907) at 23yrs on 7 May 1930 in Madura1, married 22yr Lourdes Gladys PEREIRA (b 11 Apr 1908 Villapuram, daughter of Joseph Edward Pereira)



info from Christine Payne

?? ROZARIO married ?? children:

  1. Charlotte Rozario (b 1864)

Next Generation

Charlotte ROZARIO (b.1864) in 1884 married John MICHAEL GOMES (b.1861) , children:

  1. Percival Stanislaus Gomes (b.1890)

  2. Frank Herbert Gomes (b.1897) my grandfather

  3. Annie Antoinine Gomes (b.1899)

  4. Stella Gomes (b.?)


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?? ROZARIO married ?? children:

  1. Teresa Rozario

Next Generation

Teresa ROZARIO married Richard Joseph PENTONY, Head Constable, Trichinopoly, in 1874, Children :

  1. Ernest Pentony (b 1875 d 1945 Calcutta)

  2. Edwin Pentony (b 1877 d 1943 Kharagpur)

  3. William Pentony

  4. Charle Pentony

  5. Frank Pentony

  6. Edward James Pentony (b 1883 d 1919)

  7. Gertrude Pentony became a Nun.

  8. Alice Pentony


info from maxine blair

I am trying to trace my mother's family tree with very little information and since her death it has become even more difficult.  What I know is that her father was Bernard David and that he married Isabe Murray either in 1920 or 1921.  They had only one child, my mother Irene Isabel in 1921.  Bernard was employed with the railway and stationed in Kharagpour.  He died in 1921.  My grandmother was born in Cuttack and went to St. Joseph's Convent.  Subsequent to Bernard's death, she married a wodower, G. M. Rozario and settled in Chittagong.  My mother Irene grew up with many step brothers and sisters but always felt like the outsider in the family.  My grandmother died in 1965 and my mother died in 1998.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

?? ROZARIO married ?? children:

  1. G M Rozario

Next Generation

G M ROZARIO married ??, children:


G M ROZARIO, after the death of his first wife, married Isabel MURRAY,widower. (born in Cuttack and went to St. Joseph's Convent. died 1965 ) and settled in Chittagong.  children:



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?? ROZARIO married ??, children:

  1. Dominic Rozario

Next Generation

Dominic Rozario married Doris ?? (Born in tangasseri), Children

  1. Douglas Rozario

Next Generation

Douglas Rozario married Shoney Malhiers. Children,

  1. Jason Rozario,

  2. Joshua Rozario,

  3. Jessica Rozario


info from Joyanna Marilyn Menezes < & fenton luiz


?? ROZARIO married ??, children:

  1. Dorris Rozario

Next Generation

Dorris ROZARIO married Edward FERNANDEZ. They had 8 children.


1) Denzil Fernandez

2) Noel Fernandez

3) FloryFernandez

4) Iona Fernandez

5) Honorine Fernandez

6) Linus Fernandez

7) Eugene Fernandez

8) Kevin Fernandez



info from Michelle Ann Bethel

?? ROZARIO married ??, children:

  1. Michelle Ann Rozario (b 1970, Calcutta India)

Next Generation

Michelle Ann ROZARIO (b1970, Calcutta India) married Maxwell BETHEL (b1965 Calcutta, India), children:

  1. Lucy Monica Bethel (b2002, Sharjah, UAE / d2003)

  2. Jamie Sebastian Bethel (b2004, Sharjah, UAE)


info from Dale Rozario & Glen Nigli

?? ROZARIO married ??, children:

  1. John Rozario (b ??)

Next Generation

John ROZARIO married Kitty FERNANDEZ, children:

  1. Edgar Rozario

  2. Christy Rozario

  3. Hilda Rozario

  4. Teddy Rozario

  5. Harold Rozario

  6. Duncan Rozario (became a priest, Fr Augustine)

  7. Pearl Rozario (became a nun Sr Theodosia)

  8. Stanley Rozario

  9. Mertie Rozario


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?? ROZARIO married ??, children:

  1. George Alexander ROZARIO (b 1920's Agra, studied at St. Peter's College, Agra, U.P, worked for the telegraphs, d 1996 Agra)

Next Generation

George Alexander ROZARIO (b 1920's Agra, studied at St. Peter's College, Agra, U.P, worked for the telegraphs, d 1996 Agra) married Myrtle WADLEY, children:

  1. Vilma Rozario

  2. Patrick Rozario ,

  3. Valerie Rozario  ,

  4. Patricia Rozario ,

  5. Ian Rozario (deceased),

  6. Elvis Rozario (deceased),

  7. Ricky Rozario ,

  8. Audrey Rozario ,

  9. Cheryl Rozario ,

  10. Clifford Rozario .

Next Generation

Vilma Rozario married Richard DAWSON, Children :

  1. Alan Dawson.

  2. Jenny Dawson.

  3. Richard (Jnr) Dawson. ( Deceased ).

Patrick Rozario married Sheila ??, Children :

  1. Donna .

  2. Susan.

  3. Jude .

Valerie Rozario married Raj Sharma. Children :

  1. Rohit .

Patricia Rozario married Carl GOMES. Children :

  1. Fiona Gomes .

  2. Clair Gomes .

Ian Rozario married Pratima ??. Children :

  1. Patricia.

  2. Keith.

Elvis Rozario  married Christine ?? .Children :

  1. Wendy.

  2. Vanessa.

Ricky Rozario married Patricia ??. Children:

  1. Ryan.

  2. Nicole.

  3. Bradley.

Audrey Rozario married Charlie BRUCE. Children:

  1. Charmayne Bruce.

  2. Roger Bruce.

  3. Lorraine Bruce.

Cheryl Rozario married Harold DAVY. Children:

  1. Arnold Davy.

  2. Odette Davy.

  3. Brendina Davy.

Clifford Rozario married Edna ??. Children :

  1. Georgina Rozario.


info from Justin Rozario

?? ROZARIO married ??, children:

Franklin Anthony Rozario (b1940, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)


Next Generation

Franklin Anthony ROZARIO (b1940, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) married See May Yuen, Violet (b1952, Bukit Timah, Singapore) Good Shepherd Church, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Children:

  1. Benedict Gerald Rozario (b1977, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

  2. Justin Jude Rozario (b1978, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)


info from

Hello my name is robert rozario and my father who died when i was a year old, his name was Dennis rozario...I am trying to trace my family tree....if there is anyone one who knew my father Please contact me on 080 36825574...i am afraid i never heard of anyone else so i cant give any more name. i do know that he was from calcutta.


?? ROZARIO married ??, children:

  1. Dennis ROZARIO

Next Generation

Dennis ROZARIO married Violet MEDLYCOTT, children:

  1. Robert ROZARIO (b 1971 Delhi, schooling at St.Columbas, living in Bangalore)

  2. Rozanna ROZARIO

Next Generation

Rozanna ROZARIO married Arnold SNELLEKSZ



info from

?? ROZARIO married ??, children:

  1. Eliza ROZARIO [portugese]

Next Generation

Eliza ROZARIO [portugese] married John FRANCIS [english ] dob 1806 at Chittagong India [now Bangladesh] . Their son John Manuel FRANCIS is my g/g/father. His brother James married her sister. James & wife possibly migrated to NZ. I am their descendent Yvette.

John [& his brother James] FRANCIS dob 1806 in England were Masters of the Quartedeck & Married 2 Portugese sisters by name of [?] & Eliza Rozario born & married in Chittagong India [now Bangladesh] about 1937 when my g/g/father John Manuel Francis was born. Possibly James & his wife migrated to NZ



?? ROZARIO married ??, children:

  1. ? ROZARIO

Next Generation

? ROZARIO married Mable Merle MacDONALD , children

  1. Harold Rozario, (b1928 d1997)

  2. Duncan Rozario, (b1930)


?? ROZARIO married ??, children:

  1. Shelda ROZARIO (b1933 Tiruchinopoly)

Next Generation

Shelda ROZARIO (b1933 Tiruchinopoly) married Gerald Edward RODRIGUES, children:

  1. Armine Edward (b1955 Tiruchinopoly)

  2. Brian Edward (b1956 Tiruchinopoly)

  3. Carmen (b1958 Tiruchinopoly) 

  4. Deborrah (b1959 Tiruchinopoly)

  5. Eunice Edward (b1961 Tiruchinopoly)

  6. Francis Edward (b1963 Tiruchinopoly)

  7. Gerald Edward (b1965 Tiruchinopoly)

  8. Henry Edward (b1967 Tiruchinopoly)


?? ROZARIO married ??, children:

  1. Germaine ROZARIO

Next Generation

Germaine ROZARIO married Cyrus Joseph FITZGERALD (b 1950  on not sure of date but was in year 1979 had 1 child 

  1. Melissa Rosemary Fitzgerald (b 1982 )


?? ROZARIO married ??, children:

  1. Joan ROZARIO

Next Generation

Joan ROZARIO married Sylvester WHEELER children:

  1. Shane Wheeler.

  2. Hanna Wheeler


info from

?? ROZARIO married ??, children:

  1. Alice ROZARIO (1924 - 1990)

Next Generation

Alice ROZARIO (1924 - 1990) married Terrence REDDEN (TERRY)(1919 - 1981). TERRY and ALICE had eight children:

  1. Desmond Redden married TONI FURTADO (live in India)

  2. SALLY Redden

  3. JAMES Redden (JIMMY)

  4. KEVIN Redden

  5. Rosemarie Redden

  6. NICHOLAS married SANDRA ______ (Children: ALYSIA, CAMERON, ROCHELLE)- Australia

  7. TERRY married CHERYL LUTHER    (Children: NATASHA & NATHAN)- Australia

  8. EMILE married LYLA D'SILVA (and has since remarried to MERRIL)(Children: ADRIAN, TAYLAN)- Australia


info from

?? ROZARIO married ??, children:

  1. Myrtle ROZARIO (b1932, Bombay)

Next Generation

Myrtle ROZARIO (b1932, Bombay) married Granville DAVIDSON (b1928, Bombay), Children:

  1. Aubrey Davidson (b bombay, 1953)

  2. Gordon Davidson (b bombay, 1955)

  3. Susan Davidson (b bombay, 1956)

  4. Christina Davidson (b Jabalpur,1959)

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