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Patrick REDDEN (born in Kildysart, County Clare, Ireland )(Pat Redden has the certificate). After a long service in the THE BUFFS he settled down in India after a discharge. We believe somewhere around TRICHY. He married ??, children:

  1. Rupert Redden (born in India)

Thereafter the family tree follows. THE REDDEN family please take note of this correction !


info from & Glen Redden

William REDDEN married ??, child:

  1. Rupert Martin REDDEN (born in 1879 in county Clare in Ireland).

William served in the British Army in India more by coercion than by choice seeing as how he was court-martialed three times.

Next Generation

Rupert Martin REDDEN (born in 1879 in county Clare in Ireland) married Ellen Laura JOHNSON and together they had nine children. ELLEN LAURA was also the recipient of the Pope's medal Pro Ecclesiae Pontifice for her selfless service to the Sacred Heart Church in Kharagpur. Children:

  1. William Charles Anthony REDDEN (Often called Sonnah or WCA Redden)
  2. VALENTINE REDDEN (called Valley)
  3. VIRGINIA REDDEN (called Virgie)
  4. MERVYN REDDEN (first joined the Jesuits, then taught at St Joseph's North Point, Darjeeling and St Xavier's Calcutta).
  5. CYRIL REDDEN (survived war service).
  6. TERRENCE REDDEN (TERRY)(1919 - 1981)
  7. BENNETT REDDEN (was killed before he was 21 years of age in the Battle of Kohima).
  8. Basil REDDEN
  9. Pat REDDEN

Next Generation

William Charles Anthony REDDEN (often called Sona, retired as Carriage & Wagon Inspector Waltair, R.S)  married  Yule Thelma Edith FLETCHER who passed away at a very young age leaving behind two sons :

  1. Rupert Redden (Bob)
  2. Phillip Redden (never married)

William Charles Anthony REDDEN (Sona) married, 2nd marriage,  Iris BOWMEN. They lived most of their lives in Waltair in Southern India, and had five children:

  1. Ellen Redden, (Never married, passed away in Visakhapatam late 2003)
  2. Isabel Redden,
  3. Raymond Redden,
  4. Douglas Redden
  5. Christopher Redden.

Valentine REDDEN (Valley), Retired as an Asst Mech Engineer in Khurda Road., married Doris REID  children:

  1. Maurice Redden
  2. Steven Redden
  3. Neville Redden
  4. Valerie Redden
  5. Randolph Redden
  6. Rowena Redden

VIRGINIA REDDEN (called Virgie) married HENRY MELDER - Retired as District Operating Supdt, KGP and Calcutta.

Terrence REDDEN (TERRY)(1919 - 1981) married Alice ROZARIO (1924 - 1990). TERRY and ALICE had eight children:

  1. Desmond Redden married TONI FURTADO (live in India)
  2. Sally Redden
  3. James Redden (JIMMY)
  4. Kevin Redden
  5. Rosemarie Redden
  6. Nicholas Redden
  7. Terry married Cheryl LUTHER    (Children: NATASHA & NATHAN)- Australia
  8. Emile Redden married Lyla D'SILVA (and has since remarried to MERRIL)(Children: ADRIAN, TAYLAN)- Australia

Basil REDDEN married Bessie FERNANDEZ who died relatively young and he re -married NORMA (?).

Pat REDDEN married Judy CARPENTER and served in the American Peace Corps.

Next Generation

Isabel REDDEN married Alan RODRIGUES - they have six children,

  1. Jude Rodrigues
  2. Jennifer Rodrigues
  3. Coral Rodrigues
  4. Valarie Rodrigues
  5. Marina Rodrigues
  6. Maria Rodrigues

Raymond REDDEN (decd) married Rita HARRISON - they have two children

  1. Jeffrey Redden
  2. Virginia Redden

Douglas REDDEN  married Theresa ??, (passed away a few years ago)  they had no children.

Christopher REDDEN married Maureen ??, they have three children, and all are living in Visakhapatnam/AP India-

  1. Shane Redden
  2. Lavinia Redden
  3. Cindy Redden

Steven Redden married Maureem Mythan from Ireland...currently in England.(2 daughters

  1. Teresa
  2. Maria.

Neville Redden married ??, has 5 children:

  1. Theodora Redden.
  2. Lorraine Redden
  3. Shyane Redden
  4. Sophia Redden
  5. Fabian Redden

Sally REDDEN married Bob PUNCH, they have a daughter, - live in India.

  1. Serena PUNCH

James Redden (JIMMY) married Wendy WALTER, They have two sons:

  1. Ryan Redden
  2. Shayne Redden- Australia

Kevin Redden married Lorraine LETHORNE, children:

  1. Sharon Redden
  2. Steven Redden
  3. Leanne Redden - Australia

Rosemarie Redden married James MACEY, Children:

  1. Jacquline Macey,
  2. Eugene Macey - Australia

Nicholas REDDEN married Sandra ?, Children:

  1. ALYSIA Redden
  2. CAMERON Redden
  3. ROCHELLE Redden. - Australia

Next Generation

Theodora Redden....Married Douglas Fernandez....two daughters ..

  1. Kimberline
  2. in Bhubaneswar,Orissa,India

Lorraine Redden...Married Roger Fernandez..two daughters ...

  1. Raisa
  2. in Perth ...Australia

Shyane Redden...Married Wendy son...

  1. Stallin Redden....In  Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh..INdia

Sophia Redden...Married Eugene kids

Fabian Redden...Married Juliet Bastian..One son

  1. Zidane Redden...The youngest Redden I guess (3yrs) in Bangalore, India


Karen REDDEN married Kevin GOMES


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