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I am wondering if there are any Howell, MacKenzie, Scott or Fletcher relatives still living in Bangalore. We left India in 1948 and have never returned, but this coming March 2015 we plan to be in Bangalore for about six days and would like to catch up with anyone related to Benjamin Howell, or Herbert MacKenzie, or Terrence Fletcher (All deceased) herbert.howell18@gmail.com


info from julianf9@aol.com

?? FLETCHER married ??, children:

  1. Paul Fletcher

Next Generation

Paul FLETCHER married Heather MAGEE (school:St. Joseph's Anglo-Indian High School 1975) Currently live in Mississauga, Ontario. Emigrated to Canada in 1994 from Muscat, Oman., children:

  1. Deanne Fletcher

  2. Julian Fletcher


info from  Glen Redden glen07@optusnet.com.au

Yule FLETCHER (passed away at a very young age leaving behind two sons) married William Charles Anthony REDDEN (often called Sona, retired as Carriage & Wagon Inspector Waltair, R.S):

  1. Rupert Redden (Bob)

  2. Phillip Redden (never married)

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