DAVIDSON Family Tree

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?? DAVIDSON married ??, children:

  1. Shelton Davidson (born 09/03/1957, Bombay)

Next Generation

Shelton DAVIDSON (born 09/03/1957, Bombay) on 27/04/1980 at New Life Fellowship, Bombay, married Melissa Anne CUMMINGS (born 27/10/1957, Abu Road, Rajasthan). 3 Children -

  1. Luke,

  2. Mark

  3. Rachel


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?? DAVIDSON married ??, children:

  1. Malcolm Davidson

Next Generation

Malcolm DAVIDSON married Sylvia Anne SMITH (studied at Loretto Bowbazar Calcutta. 1950-61, immigrated from Calcutta, India for the UK in 1962, got married in London to Malcolm Davidson, then immigrated to Melbourne, Australia in 1972).


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?? DAVIDSON married ??, children:

  1. Barbara Davidson

Next Generation

Barbara DAVIDSON (from Adra, Anara,CKP,JSG, KGP) married ?? HALYBURTON


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?? DAVIDSON married ??, children:

  1. Granville Davidson (born 6/11/1928, Bombay)

Next Generation

Granville DAVIDSON (born 6/11/1928, Bombay) married Myrtle ROZARIO (born 5/11/1932, Bombay) Children:

  1. Aubrey Davidson (b bombay, 5/9/1953)
  2. Gordon Davidson (b bombay, 2/6/1955)
  3. Susan Davidson (b bombay, 11/12/1956)
  4. Christina Davidson (b Jabalpur, 6/9/1959)

Next Generation
Susan DAVIDSON (b bombay, 11/12/1956) married ?? MURPHY

Christina DAVIDSON (b Jabalpur, 6/9/1959) married ?? CHAPMAN

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