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?? DAVIDSON married ??, children:

  1. William Davidson (b ?)

Next Generation

William DAVIDSON married ?, children

  1. Andrew Davidson (b 1840, d 7 Jan 1862 Mhow)

Next Generation

Andrew DAVIDSON, Lance Serjeant (b 1840, d 7 Jan 1862 Mhow, age 22yrs) at 21yrs on 19 Jun 1861 in Mhow married 14yr Mary Ann CHEESEMAN, (b 1847 daughter of Thomas Cheeseman) children:

  1. Isabella C Davidson

  2. John Davidson

  3. Andrew Davidson

  4. Mary Cameron Davidson (b 1871)

(After the death of 22yr Andrew Davidson, Mary Ann Davidson (nee Cheeseman) at 15yrs on 12 May 1862 married 22yr James Palmer (b 1840, son of James Palmer)


Next Generation

Mary Cameron DAVIDSON (b 1871) at 28yrs on 14 Apr 1899 in Bombay married 29yr Bertram Hammersley ROOKE (b 1870), children:

  1. Everard Heard Rooke (b 8 May 1901, c 30 May 1901 Dalhousie)



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?? DAVIDSON married ??, children:

  1. Shelton Davidson (born 09/03/1957, Bombay)

Next Generation

Shelton DAVIDSON (born 09/03/1957, Bombay) on 27/04/1980 at New Life Fellowship, Bombay, married Melissa Anne CUMMINGS (born 27/10/1957, Abu Road, Rajasthan). 3 Children -

  1. Luke,

  2. Mark

  3. Rachel


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?? DAVIDSON married ??, children:

  1. Malcolm Davidson

Next Generation

Malcolm DAVIDSON married Sylvia Anne SMITH (studied at Loretto Bowbazar Calcutta. 1950-61, immigrated from Calcutta, India for the UK in 1962, got married in London to Malcolm Davidson, then immigrated to Melbourne, Australia in 1972).



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?? DAVIDSON married ??, children:

  1. Barbara Davidson

Next Generation

Barbara DAVIDSON (from Adra, Anara,CKP,JSG, KGP) married ?? HALYBURTON



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?? DAVIDSON married ??, children:

  1. Granville Davidson (born 6/11/1928, Bombay)

Next Generation

Granville DAVIDSON (born 6/11/1928, Bombay) married Myrtle ROZARIO (born 5/11/1932, Bombay) Children:

  1. Aubrey Davidson (b bombay, 5/9/1953)

  2. Gordon Davidson (b bombay, 2/6/1955)

  3. Susan Davidson (b bombay, 11/12/1956)

  4. Christina Davidson (b Jabalpur, 6/9/1959)

Next Generation
Susan DAVIDSON (b bombay, 11/12/1956) married ?? MURPHY


Christina DAVIDSON (b Jabalpur, 6/9/1959) married ?? CHAPMAN


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