ROOKE Family Tree

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William ROOKE (b 1837 Teignmouth, Devonshire) in 1869 married Eleanor Mary ?? (b 1847 Good Hope, Jamaica), children:

  1. Mabel Home Rooke (b 1869 Lymington, Hampshire, c 18 Apr 1869 South Baddesley, Hampshire, England)

  2. Bertram Hammersley Rooke (b 1870 Isle of Wight, Hampshire, England, c 21 Sep 1870 Freshwater, England, d 15 Oct 1903 Karachi)

  3. Lilian Persis Rooke (b1873 Gibraltar)

Next Generation

Bertram Hammersley ROOKE (b 1870 Isle of Wight, Hampshire, England, d 15 Oct 1903 Karachi) at 29yrs on 14 Apr 1899 in Bombay married 28yr Mary Cameron DAVIDSON (b 1871 North Shields, Northumberland, England, daughter of Andrew & Mary A Davidson), children:

  1. Everard Heard Rooke (b 8 May 1901, c 30 May 1901 Dalhousie)


?? ROOKE married ??, children:

  1. Charlotte Hannah Rooke (b 16 Aug 1806, d 7 May 1842 Calcutta)

Next Generation

Charlotte Hannah Rooke (b 16 Aug 1806, d 7 May 1842 Calcutta) on 18 Aug 1838 in Bombay married John Theodore PAGE



?? ROOKE married ??, children:

  1. Edumund George Rooke

Next Generation

Edmund George ROOKE married Hannah Mary ? (b 1843, d 15 Sep 1908 Fort Wiliams)



?? ROOKE married ??, children:

  1. Alfred Shipton Rooke

Next Generation

Alfred Shipton Rooke  married ??, children:

  1. Gladys Mary Shipton Rooke (b 1885)

Next Generation

Gladys Mary Shipton ROOKE (b 1885) at 23yrs on 5 Mar 1908 in Meerut married 26yr Kenneth Allan Crawford DOIG (b 1882, son of Alexander Doig)



?? ROOKE married ??, children:

  1. Reginald George Rooke

Next Generation

Reginald George ROOKE married ??, children:

  1. Eleanor Mary Arlene Rooke (b 1910)

Next Generation

Eleanor Mary Arlene ROOKE (b 1910) on 15 Feb 1933 in Calcutta married Ralph Gerald Lindsay MOLESWORTH (son of Richard Pigot Molesworth)


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