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?? MURPHY married  Susan DAVIDSON (b bombay, 11/12/1956)



?? MURPHY married ??, children:

  1. Joanne MURPHY

Next Generation

Joanne MURPHY married Harold James D'CASTRO, 3 children:

  1. Justin D'Castro (Married Belinda Glindermann),

  2. Brent D'Castro

  3. Aaron D'Castro married Monique King.


info from Jim Kotwani 

MURPHY married ?, children : 

  1. Virginia Florence Murphy 

  2. Colleen Murphy

  3. Joyce Murphy

  4. Noel Murphy

Next Generation

Virginia Florence MURPHY married Haresh KOTWANI , children,  

  1. Jim Kotwani

  2. Dinesh Kotwani

Colleen MURPHY married Ronald BERCHY (Patricia Berchy's Brother) , children: 

  1. Llewellyn Berchy 

  2. Marella Berchy

Joyce MURPHY married Jeje RODRIGUES ,children,  

  1. Jason Rodrigues 

  2. Marc Rodrigues 

  3. Samantha Rodrigues

Noel MURPHY from Kolar Gold Fields, Karnataka married Patricia BERCHY ( Children:

  1. David Murphy

  2. Melissa Murphy

  3. Alison Murphy

  4. Christie Murphy


(From Pondicherry & Bangalore)

?? MURPHY married ??, children:

  1. Phyllis MURPHY

Next Generation

Phyllis MURPHY married Patrick FERNANDEZ

  1. Shirley Marie Fernandez 

  2. Ronald Patrick Fernandez 

  3. Noreen Fernandez 

  4. Evonne Fernandez 

  5. Leo Anthony Fernandez (b 10/7/1945).

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