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info from stewartt.jarvis@tiscali.co.uk 

?? DANIELS married ??, children:

  1. Charles (Charlie) Cecil Daniels

Next Generation

Charles (Charlie) Cecil Daniels (b 1910) married Olive FENWICK.



info from Alison Wallwork alisonwallwork@hotmail.co.uk

?? DANIELS married ??, children:

  1. Esther Daniels

Next Generation

Esther DANIELS on 12th September 1981, at St Mary's Church, Jamshedpur, India, married Aloysious Wallwork . Children:

  1. George Law Wallwork (17/02/83)

  2. Alison Jane Wallwork (12/09/87)


info from  faustina@mailcity.com

Jim DANIELS married Sheeba ?? and has 2 children.

  1. Denver Daniels

  2. Dylan Daniels

Next Generation
Ann DANIELS married Eslyn D'monty and has 2 children,

  1. Marcia D'monty

  2. Vanessa D'monty married Micheal Devine.

Next Generation


info from AVINASH DANIELS avinashad@yahoo.com

?? DANIELS married ??, children:

  1. Cyril Daniels

Next Generation

Cyril DANIELS married Rona GODINHO, children

  1. Nandita Daniels

  2. Avinash Daniels

  3. Nandita Daniels

Next Generation
Nandita DANIELS married Ryan D'SOUZA



info from Gregory Ellens  gregoryellens@yahoo.co.in  2/17 Mathias Nagar, St. Thomas Mount.Chennai-600 016

?? DANIELS married ??, children:

  1. Susan DANIELS

Next Generation

Susan DANIELS married Lawrence ELLENS  of 2/17 Mathias Nagar, St. Thomas Mount, Chennai-600 016, children:

  1. Gregory Ellens (born 10/05/1977)

  2. Gordon Ellens

  3. Gillian Ellens

  4. Gerard Ellens


?? DANIELS married ??, children:

  1. Celeine DANIELS

Next Generation

Celeine DANIELS married Ronald ALMEIDA, children:

  1. Francis ALMEIDA

  2. Maryanne ALMEIDA


?? DANIELS married ??, children:

  1. Charmaine DANIELS

Next Generation

Charmaine DANIELS married Brenden MAIDEN, children:


Geoffrey DANIELS (born 9/4/1952, Madras) married Deanne April Hilda MacDONALD, children:

  1. Shaun DANIELS (born 9/4/1983 Perth)

  2. Brett DANIELS (born 20/5/1985, Perth)

  3. Jarrad DANIELS (born 24/12/1986 Perth)

  4. Ashley DANIELS (born 16/1/1988 Perth)


?? DANIELS married ??, children:

  1. Peter DANIELS

Next Generation

Peter DANIELS married Laura ? , children :


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