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info from Michael DeSa  vinmike@dodo.com.au

?? HENDRICKS married ??, children:

  1. Charles Hendricks

  2. Sam Hendricks (Secunderabad)

Next Generation

Charles HENDRICKS married Merlin McHENRY from Madras, and moved to Bombay in 1930. Children were:

  1. Ron Hendricks

  2. Cecil Hendricks

  3. Malcolm Hendricks - unmarried and in an old peoples home in Nashik

  4. Cynthia Hendricks

Next Generation

Ron HENDRICKS (b ? d ?) married June ?? and their children are

  1. Donna,

  2. Gary

  3. Peter,

  4. Ian

Cecil HENDRICKS married Noreen ?? and their children are

  1. Nianne

  2. Wendy

Cynthia HENDRICKS married Louis DeSA ( b ? d ?) and their children are

  1. Christopher DeSa (USA),

  2. Priscilla DeSa (Germany),

  3. Michael DeSa (Australia),

  4. Richard DeSa (Australia)

  5. Margaret DeSa (Australia)


?? HENDRICKS married ??, children:

  1. Albert James Hendricks

Next Generation

Albert James HENDRICKS (b 1875) at 24yrs on 28 Jun 1899 in Oorgaum Madras married 19yr Mary FONCECA,( b 1880) children:

  1. Clarence Joseph Hendricks (b 4 Mar 1900 Champion Reef Madras)

  2. Gertrude Winifred Hendricks (b 17 Jul 1901 Champion Reef Madras)

  3. Vincent Melville Hendricks (b 13 Oct 1904 Champion Reef, Madras)

Next Generation

Clarence Joseph HENDRICKS (b 4 Mar 1900 Champion Reefs, Madras) at 24yrs on 17 Sep 1923 in Madras married 23yr Josephine Beatrice FONCECA (b 1900)



info from Rory Hendricks Rory@razr.com.au

?? HENDRICKS married ??, children:

  1. William Hendricks

Next Generation

Willam HENDRICKS married Ethel ??????.... in ???? Children:

  1. Christopher HENDRICKS born ???

  2. Egbert HENDRICKS (born 22.11.1888, Madurai, died 7.11.1947)

  3. Emily HENDRICKS (born????)

No Further information on Christopher Hendricks and would love to hear more of him and his family
No further information on Emily Rodricks, nee Hendricks and also would love more information on her and her family too.

Next Generation

Egbert HENDRICKS (born 22.11.1888) married Lenora D'MELLO (born 15.6.1898, d 6/12/1953) children:

  1. George Hendricks (born 1914)

  2. Mercy Hendricks (born 1916)

  3. Malcolm Hendricks (born 1921)

  4. Beryl Hendricks (born 1923)

  5. Olga Hendricks (born 1925)

  6. Norma Hendricks (born 1927)

  7. Rudolph (Rudy) Hendricks (1931)

Next Generation

George HENDRICKS (born 1914, died....) married Merlin D'MONTE (born 1920) children:

  1. Pamela Hendricks (born Nov.1940)

  2. Dagma (Devi) Hendricks (born July 1942)

  3. Blossom (Bina) Hendricks (born Nov 1944)

  4. Sandra Hendricks (born....)

  5. Leucelle Hendricks (deceased)

  6. Anthony (Tony) Hendricks (born 1951)

  7. Peter Hendricks (born 1953)

Mercy Sybil HENDRICKS (born 1916) married Gerald George FITZGERALD children:

  1. Conrad Fitzgerald (born) married Ada Figredo, children: Ray Fitzgerald , David Fitzgerald, Ryan Fitzgerald

  2. Tyrone Fitzgerald (born) married Jean Cleur children: Roger Fitgerald married Candy...

  3. Martin Fitzgerald (born) married Patti Cleur children: Gail - Ann Fitzgerald

  4. Helen Fitzgerald (born 9/8/?)

  5. Marlene Fitzgerald (born  ) married Wally Raymond children: Belinda Raymond, Caroline Raymond, Brandon Raymond

Malcolm HENDRICKS (born 1921, died...) married Kathleen (Bunna) Cloney children:

  1. Winston Hendricks

Beryl HENDRICKS (born 1923 died 2005) married John Mould, children:

  1. Egbert Mould (born) married Rekha

  2. William Mould (born) married Stella Costello

  3. Maria Mould (born) married George Dennis (now divorced)

  4. Margaret Mould (born)

  5. Baby Mould (born... died)

Olga Bridget HENDRICKS (b1925, d May 2005) married William (Sunna) D'Cruz children

  1. Geraldine D'Cruz (born) married Russell D'Cruz children: Jason D'Cruz

Norma Therese HENDRICKS (born 1929, died...) married Campbell Vernum children:

  1. Thornton Vernum ( born 1956) married Lorna Fernandez

  2. Moira Vernum (born) married...D'Sa

  3. Patricia Vernum (born) married Lionel D'Cruz children: Aaron D'Cruz, Kevin D'Cruz, Shannon D'Cruz

  4. Lynette Vernum (born) married Nigel Garnet

  5. Barry Vernum (born) married

Rudolph HENDRICKS (born 2.7.1931) married Joyce (Dolly) D'MONTE: children:

  1. Sabrina Hendricks (b1956)

  2. Rory Hendricks (b1957)

  3. Kerry-David Hendricks (b1963)

  4. Nicola Hendricks (b1971)

Next Generation

Pamela HENDRICKS (b Nov.1940) married Basil Samuel children:

  1. George Hendricks ,

  2. Priya Hendricks married Edwin Fernandez children: Preston born 2004

Dagma (Devi) HENDRICKS (b July 1942) married Nannan Menon, children:

  1. Jothi Menon ,

  2. Prabhakar

Blossom (Bina) HENDRICKS (b Nov 1944) married Hemanant Shetty, children:

  1. Sunil Shetty,

  2. Sushil Shetty

Sandra HENDRICKS (born....) married Justin Fernandez, children:

  1. Dawn Fernandez ,

  2. Kerry Fernandez married Ricardo Sladen (divorced),

  3. Jude Fernandez

Anthony (Tony) HENDRICKS (born 1951) married Maria Daniels children:

  1. Gabrielle Hendricks

Peter HENDRICKS (born 1953) married Isabella Fernandez children,

  1. Monica Hendricks.

  2. Blossom Hendricks.

Rory HENDRICKS (born 9.8.1957) married Ashlyn Mendez children:

  1. Raoul Hendricks (born 1985),

  2. Zach Hendricks (born 1992)

Kerry-David HENDRICKS (born 11.11.1963) married Deborah Dennis now divorced, children:

  1. Keshia Hendricks (born 1991)

Nicola HENDRICKS (born 11.9.1967) married Llewellyn (Lou) Sladen children:

  1. Leith Sladen (born 2001)



info submitted by Edwina Hendricks dwn_mathews@yahoo.com.au & info from Michelle Hendricks purplerose2@hotmail.com


?? HENDRICKS married ??, children:

  1. Albert Hendricks

Next Generation

Albert HENDRICKS married Daisy BROWN sister of Doris Woods (Neville, Maureen, Clary, Donald, Ashley (, Flory Shires ( uncle Charlie, Noel, Oscar, Reggie, Tony, Harold), sister in law of Pansy Brown ( Derek, Ivy, Cynthia, John, Gordon, Hazel), Children of Daisy and Albert Hendricks, 

  1. Malcolm HENDRICKS

  2. Horace HENDRICKS (born 20/08/24 Bangalore Karnataka)

Next Generation

Malcolm HENDRICKS married Cymbeline SNELL, children,

  1. Marcus HENDRICKS,


  3. Edwina HENDRICKS 

Horace HENDRICKS (b 20/08/24 Bangalore Karnataka) married Cynthia SNELL (born 05/05/03 Bangalore) Children:

  1. Neville Hendricks born 1942 Bangalore

  2. Hedy Hendricks born 1944

  3. Veronica Hendricks  Born 1946

  4. Cyrus  Hendricks born 1948 Bangalore

(above info from karenk68@hotmail.com )


Next Generation

Marcus HENDRICKS married Jennifer McFARLAND, their children,

  1. Michelle Hendricks married Ken Rowbotham

  2. Adele Hendricks married Julian Growcott

Owen HENDRICKS married Ann PACHECO, children

  1. Natasha HENDRICKS

  2. Dillon HENDRICKS 

Edwina HENDRICKS married George MATHEWS their children,

  1. Georgina Mathews

  2. Gavin Mathews

Neville HENDRICKS married Cynthia EDWARDS, their children

  1. Wendy HENDRICKS

  2. Andrew Hendricks

Veronica HENDRICKS (b1946) married Eugene STANLEY (b1936) (d2000), their children

  1. Karen Stanley

  2. Valerie Stanley married Ray Parker, son: Jordan

Cyrus HENDRICKS married Cherie M FOBLER, their children

  1. Honorine HENDRICKS

  2. Dexter HENDRICKS

Next Generation

Georgina HENDRICKS married Conrad SNELL.


Honourine HENDRICKS married Mark SEALE,


Dexter HENDRICKS married Jane ?.  children:

  1. Brandon Hendricks


Info supplied by Maria Hendricks  hendricm@bupa-intl.com  hendricm@hotmail.com

?? HENDRICKS married ??, children:

  1. Wilfred James Hendricks

Next Generation

Wilfred James HENDRICKS married Edith Beryl FONSECA on 27/12/34, children:

  1. Pamela Hendricks

  2. Anthony Hendricks - passed away when he was a baby

  3. Shirley Hendricks- passed away when she was a baby

  4. Joseph Aloysius Hendricks- born Perambur 11/1/1940 moved to UK in Dec 1962

  5. Marie Hendricks

  6. Philo Hendricks

  7. Peter Hendricks  passed away in Jan 2001

  8. Tequilla Hendricks - passed away when she was a baby

  9. Bobby Hendricks

Next Generation

Pamela HENDRICKS married Cyril Durand - have five children

  1.  ?

Joseph Aloysius HENDRICKS (born Perambur 11/1/1940) moved to UK in Dec 1962 - married Carole ? - two children -

  1. Maria Louise Hendricks (me)

  2. Joseph Anthony Hendricks.

Marie HENDRICKS (passed away in June 1992) married Lyn HART - six children.  

  1.  ?

Peter HENDRICKS married Phyllis FERNANDEZ , children :

  1. Ashlyn Hendricks

  2. Eslyn Hendricks

  3. Maria Hendricks

Bobby HENDRICKS  married Veeda FERNANDEZ - one daughter

  1. Annette Hendricks


?? HENDRICKS married ??, children:

  1. Theresa Marie Hendricks (dob 5th May1924)

Next Generation

Theresa Marie HENDRICKS (dob 5th May1924) married on15th July 1941, Hugh Clarence SWAIN  (dob 14th Feb1922, dod  4th Dec1976), children :

  1. Ernest Patrick Swain  dob 8th June 1942

  2. Stanley Harold Swain    dob 8th Dec 1944

  3. Derek Swain  dob 2nd Oct 1946    dod  3rd Dec 1948.

  4. Maureen Jennifer Swain   dob 26th June 1948

  5. Brian Vincent Swain     dob 28th March 1950 married Patricia Hendricks

  6. Pamela Swain      dob 2nd March 1952      dod  13th June 1952.

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