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info from Michelle Hendricks & marcus hendricks

?? McFARLAND married ??, children:

  1. Gladwin McFarland

Next Generation

Gladwin MCFARLAND Married Irene WELLS - Had Four Children

  1. Carlton MCFARLAND
  2. Jennifer MCFARLAND
  3. Mayford MCFARLAND
  4. Marcel MCFARLAND

Next Generation,

Carlton MCFARLAND Married Loretta PEREIRA -  Had Three Children

  1. Graydon MCFARLAND
  2. Tania MCFARLAND
  3. Brinelle MCFARLAND

Jennifer McFARLAND married Marcus HENDRICKS (date and place of birth ??), children,

  1. Michelle Hendricks married Ken Rowbotham
  2. Adele Hendricks married Julian Growcott

Mayford MCFARLAND Married Lovena ?? - Had Two Children

  1. Kristan MCFARLAND
  2. Krizane MCFARLAND

Marcel MCFARLAND married Randolf ANDREWS - Had Two Children

  1. Sheldon ANDREWS
  2. Stephanie ANDREWS

Next Generation

Graydon MCFARLAND Married Donna FRANCES -

  1. Gizelle MCFARLAND
  2. Leander MCFarland

Tania MCFARLAND married Edward PLATEL

  1. Bradley PLATEL
  2. Gavin PLATEL

Brinelle MCFARLAND  married Agnel SILVERA

  1. Trishelle


info from Carol McFarland

Ps: Good to see the full flow of the Suares gang. My Uncle Lawrence and Uncle Lincoln Suares, my grand mother Evelyn Suares and my Dad David Mcfarland are one of the many to make these legendary Anglo Indian names stand tall and proud of who we are.

?? McFARLAND married ??, children:

  1. David McFarland

Next Generation

David McFARLAND married Beverly SUARES, children:

  1. Luke McFarland

  2. Keith McFarland

  3. Carol McFarland

Next Generation

Luke McFarland married Christine PIRES (daughter of Derek & Daphne Pires), children:

  1. Chloe McFarland

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