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??JEREMIAH married ??, children:

  1. Frederick JEREMIAH (b. 21 Jul 1908, occupation Driver SI Rlwy, d. 29 Oct 1978) 

Next Generation

Frederick JEREMIAH (b 1908, occupation Driver SI Rlwy, d. 29 Oct 1978)  married Cecelia DESMIER (b 1912.d. 4 jun 1991).  Children;

  1. Percival Jeremiah
  2. Derick Jeremiah.
  3. Rudolf Jeremiah
  4. Maureen Jeremiah.
  5. Ouida Jeremiah.
  6. Royce Jeremiah. ( not married )
  7. Colleen Jeremiah.
  8. Jude Jeremiah. ( died young )
Next Generation
Percival Jeremiah (b ? d Bangalore) married Yvonne LeslieChildren;
  1. Adrian Jeremiah
  2. Ashley Jeremiah
  3. Ian jeremiah.
Derick Jeremiah.married Delphine??.Children;
  1. Dollarine Jeremiah.
  2. Dalton Jeremiah.
  3. Dawn Jeremiah.
Rudolph Jeremiah.married  Myrtle ??. Children;
  1. Lorreta Jeremiah.
  2. Shoron Jeremiah.
  3. Domnic Jeremiah.
Maureen Jeremiah. married Derrick GOMES,( Maureen died at London) Children;
  1. Karen Gomes.
  2. Debbie Gomes.

Ouida Jeremiah. married  Aronold Johnson,( both died at trichy) Children;

  1. Bevis Johnson
  2. leonard Johnson
  3. Neslyn Johnson
  4. Gail Johnson
Colleen Jeremiah.married  Dominic DESMIER, they have one child.
  1. Cassindra Desmier

Next Generation

Adrian Jeremiah, married Karen Juckes. Children;
  1. Andre Jeremiah
  2. Rochelle Jeremiah
Ashley Jeremiah, married Hilda Menezes. Children;
  1. Gavin Jeremiah
  2. Jason Jeremiah


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?? Jeremiah married ??, children:

  1. Lorraine Jeremiah

Next Generation

Lorraine Jeremiah married Clyde GOODMAN, Children:

  1. Tanya Goodman married Desmond Jeremiah
  2. Tyson
  3. Titus

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