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The Descendants of John PROUD

Submitted By: Dr Bernard Ince (England) 4th September 2000 ,  

Background: The progenitor of this line was John PROUD. His son, Richard Risely PROUD, a Bengal River Pilot, remarried after divorce from his first wife, Mary Matilda. A daughter from this first marriage, Helena Mary, married into the VILLA family whose pedigree is shown on another Anglo-Indian family tree.


John PROUD married ? , children

  1. Richard Risely PROUD

Next Generation

Richard Risely PROUD married  Mary Matilda HILL (b. 1855 Calcutta m. 1873 Moulmein, her father was John Thomas HILL from England), children:

  1. Helena Mary PROUD b. 1878 d. 1930 Burma

Next Generation

Helena Mary PROUD ( b. 1878 d. 1930 Burma) married in 1898 Ernest Andrea VILLA (b. 1873 d. 1931 Rangoon) Issue:

Edward Curzon VILLA b. 1899 Rangoon


Elsie Gladys Victoria McMILLAN m. 1920

4 - Harold Laurma VILLA b. 1901 Rangoon

4 - Victor Asquith VILLA b. 1908 Rangoon

4 - Gwendolyn Alexandra Beatrice VILLA b. 1911 Rangoon


3 - Violet Ada PROUD b. 1883

3 - Lilian PROUD


= Arthur Green MUMFORD m. 1900

3 - Lionel Herbert PROUD b. 1882

3 - Leonard PROUD b. 1884 Pegu


= (2) Emile Maud BROTHERTON m. 1898 Bengal


3 - Bonnie Lillen PROUD b. 1899


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