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info from Adrian Fenwick  adriangjfenwick@yahoo.co.nz
?? HILL married ??, children:

  1. Sybil Mary Hill

Next Generation

Sybil Mary HILL (b Aug 1910 ??) on 10 Jan 1929 married Edwin FENWICK (b Jun 1902 ??). Children:

  1. Dennis Fenwick (b Aug 1930)

  2. Raymond Fenwick (b Jan 1932 d Jan 2002) married Averil Moses (died Jan2003)

  3. Jean Fenwick (b 1933 d 1945)

  4. Valentine Fenwick (b Oct 1935 d Jan 1984) married Yvonne Rozario

  5. Gerald Fenwick (d Nov 2002) married Pamela Moses

  6. Noel Fenwick (d Nov 2004) bachelor

  7. Yeoville Fenwick married Loretta D'Souza

  8. Carol Fenwick married Royston Monteen

  9. Audrey Fenwick married Sridhar Vagal

  10. Bevis Fenwick married Patricia Fernandes


info from Michael Shepherd michaelshepherd0@gmail.com  

?? HILL married ??, children:

  1. John Hill

Next Generation

John HILL (b ?) in 1882 in Nagapatnam married Isabella ? (b1836 d1861), Children :

  1. John Hill (b1861 d1887)

  2. Gertrude Eliza Hill

Next Generation

John HILL (b1861 d1887) married Elizabeth Gertrude Edith WOODFALL (b1867 d1934), Children:

  1. Nellie Hill 1883-1917

  2. John Douglas Hill 1884-1948

  3. Gertrude Eliza Hill 1887-1956

  4. John Douglas Hill

Gertrude Eliza HILL married William B HARBEN. B:1883-?, Children

  1. William Bowden Harben 1909-?

  2. Charles Frederick Harben 1911-1996

  3. Reginald Lancelot Harben 1911-?

  4. Harold Edmond Harben 1915-1983

  5. Clifford James Harben 1920-2007

Next Generation

John Douglas HILL in 1905 in Nellore married Elizabeth Ann BARREN. 1887-1975, Children

  1. Alexander Douglas Barren Hill 1906-1966

  2. Blanche Merlin Hill 1907-?

  3. Melville Leonard Barren Hill 1908-?

  4. May Pansy Barren Hill 1910-1910

  5. Roland G Barren Hill 1911-1913

  6. Colin Hope Barren Hill 1914- ?

  7. Barbara Gertrude Hill 1916-2001

  8. Maurice Lesley Barren Hill 1917-?

  9. Beryl Olga Hill 1921-?

  10. Allan Keith Hill 1923-living,

  11. Joan Clare Hill 1924-2008


info from THillImpactgroup@aol.com My father went to school in St Patricks in Bangalore, his name was Wilfred St Clair Hill he would have been there in about 1926 until he joined the British Army in 1931, I'm trying to piece together the early part of his life, if anyone knows of anybody that could help with any detail, or any records that would have been kept by the school I would be very grateful to hear from them.


?? HILL married ??, children:

  1. Wilfred St Clair HILL

Next Generation

Wilfred St Clair HILL from Bangalore (born ?, joined British Army in 1931) married ??, children:

  1. Tony Hill (studied at St Patricks High School Bangalore India)


info from busbyjenny@hotmail.com

?? HILL married ??, children:

  1. Jennifer Mary Hill (Loreto Convent Asansol 1955-1957,St.Joseph's Convent, Kalimpong 1958-1960)

  2. Billy Hill

  3. Grenville Hill

  4. Lorraine Hill

Jennifer Mary HILL (Loreto Convent Asansol 1955-1957, St.Joseph's Convent, Kalimpong 1958-1960. Migrated to the U.K.in 1962 and then to Australia in 1972) married ?? BUSBY (passed away in 1997) married , children:

  1. Allison Busby

  2. Matthew Busby


John Thomas HILL from England married ??, children:

  1. Mary Matilda HILL ( b. 1855 Calcutta)

Next Generation

Mary Matilda HILL ( b. 1855 Calcutta)  married in 1873 at Moulmein, Richard Risely PROUD, children:

  1. Helena Mary PROUD b. 1878 d. 1930 Burma


info submitted by Sarah E DYSON PDYSON6@aol.com 

Raymond Allan HILL (b. 24 February 1941) in Kurow, New Zealand, married  Ann SNELLEKSZ  (b. 31 August 1946 in Geraldine, New Zealand), Children:

  1. Adele Grace Hill  (b. 7 November 1968)

  2. Darren Raymond HILL  (b. 30 Janurary 1971)

Next Generation

Adele Grace HILL (b. 7 November 1968 in Oamaru, New Zealand,) married Rongomau Bernard KAWITI (b. 22 September 1964,) Children:

  1. Danielle Emma KAWITI (b. 14 February 1996 in Auckland, New Zealand)

  2. James Rongomau KAWITI (b. 27 March 1999 in Auckland, New Zealand)

 Darren Raymond HILL (b. 30 Janurary 1971 in Oamaru, New Zealand,) married Kerryn GAINSFORD, Children:

  1. Zachary Jayden HILL (b. 16 March 2000 in Rotroua, New Zealand)


info from kenmay@vsnl.net & devonc@tpg.com

?? HILL married ??, children:

  1. Mary HILL

Next Generation

Mary HILL married Kenneth DUTTON


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