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I would really be glad to hear from anyone who might recognise My Grandmas name Teresa Mercia Henderson , she had a sister Jane Marina they lived in Trichinopoly Madras. She was born in 1886, Jane in 1885.  She married Robert Clarence Gill 1907- 1908 not sure where, but Jane married in Trichinopoly. Robert & Teresa divorced . I cannot find my grandmas Birth place / Cert if anyone could help will be grateful . jennifermiles@talktalk.net



info from Jennifer Miles jtamiles@talktalk.net

?? HENDERSON married ??, children:

  1. Thomas H HENDERSON

Next Generation

Thomas H Henderson (b 1828, Dundee) married Margaret Harmen (b 1830- d 1860)


Thomas H Henderson (b 1828, Dundee) married Margaret ROSARIO 1875. Children

  1. Joseph Percy Henderson

  2. Stanislaus Peter Henderson

  3. William Richardson Henderson

  4. Jane Marina Henderson

  5. Teresa Merci Henderson


 info from Stan Smith ssopus@gmail.com

?? HENDERSON married ??, children:

  1. Jean Rose HENDERSON

Next Generation

Jean Rose HENDERSON (born in India and died in 1987) married Eldred (Chickie) Charles John CUXTON (Supt. Of Police, son of Fredric (Freddy) Mark CUXTON and Kitty, was born in India and died in Ooty in 1977. Children:

  1. Christine CUXTON.

  2. Fredricka CUXTON.

  3. Aurora CUXTON.

  4. Zane Eldred Middlecoat CUXTON.

  5. Sharon CUXTON.

  6. Adina CUXTON


info from Terry Diana Tagg  terriedtagg@aol.com . Please contact me for an exchange of information if you are descendant from any of my Hendersons

John Henderson (b. about 1799,  died 1876 a Civil Servant of Bombay) married Julia SCOTT, Children:-

  1. Charles Henderson

  2. Rosa J Henderson married John Jones

  3. William Henderson married Elizabeth Howell

  4. Amelia Marie Henderson b. 1826 married John Evans and emigrated to Australia

  5. John Christopher James Henderson b. 7-Feb-1837 in Bombay

Next Generation

John Christopher James Henderson b1837 in Bombay married Harriet Eleanor Vaupell (b1840) at Bombay, India. Children:

  1. Mary Julia Henderson b. 1859

  2. William Scott Henderson b.1861

  3. Harry Edgar Henderson b.1864, Karachi married Jessie Elizabeth Kirby b. 1894, Kotri

  4. Jessie Amelia Henderson b.1866

  5. John Vaupell Henderson b.1867

  6. Arthur Neville Henderson b.1869 married Alice Louisa Gilder

  7. Charles Stephen Henderson b.1872

  8. Eleanor Vaupell Henderson b.1874

Next Generation
William Scott Henderson b1861 married in Karachi to (1) Robertina Lucy Stafford BRYCE c.1879 (2) Dorcas A Longman (nee Wredden) c. 1906 and they had the following children:-

  1. Harriett Vera Vaupell HENDERSON b1880, Karachi

  2. Ethel Wray HENDERSON b1882, Karachi

  3. Lucy Bryce HENDERSON b1884, Karachi

  4. Jessie Woodman HENDERSON b1886, Karachi

Arthur Neville HENDERSON b1869, Karachi married Alice Louisa GILDER in  1894 at Karachi and had the following children:-

  1. Isabel Leonore HENDERSON b1899, Karachi d.26-Oct-1967, Woolwich, London

Next Generation
Isabel Leonore HENDERSON b1899, Karachi d.26-Oct-1967, Woolwich, London,  married James Alexander ALIMO 5-Jun-1922, Karachi



info from Cheryl-Ann Gerardine Shivan cherylshivan@gmail.com

Stanley Charles HENDERSON (b1910, d.27-12-1946) married Caroline Mary OLIVER, Children:

  1. Lionel Stanley Henderson

  2. Hyacinth Patricia Henderson

  3. William Gerald Henderson (a.k.a. 'Gerry')

William Thomas HENDERSON (a.k.a 'Bob') married Kathleen Florence OLIVER (b1925, d. 17-01-2006), children:

  1. June Henderson (died in childhood)

  2. Shirley Henderson (died in childhood)

  3. Gordon Henderson ( died in childhood)

  4. Gail Veronica Henderson

  5. Glen Henderson

  6. Althea Ann Henderson

  7. Sharon Gillian Henderson

Next Generation

Lionel Stanley HENDERSON married Verina Treasure DUBIER (0n 25/1/1967 at Royapuram, Madras), Children:
1. Gillian Mary Henderson
2. Stafford Stanley Henderson
3. Melanie Gerardine Henderson

Hyacinth Patricia HENDERSON married Dudley Rishworth BROWN (on 27th June 1964 at Villupuram, Tamil Nadu), Children:
1. Cheryl-Ann Gerardine Brown
2. Hayley Caroline Brown

William Gerald HENDERSON married Beryl Hyacinth NORONHO (on 26th Jan 1972 at Tangacherry, Kerala)
1. Alyson Judaline Henderson married Michael Pereira, son - William Pereira

Gail Veronica Henderson married Colin D'SILVA (in Australia)
1. Michelle Veronica D'Silva

Glen HENDERSON  married  Glenda MARSHAL (in Australia)
1. Luke Henderson
2. Lee Henderson
3. Adam Henderson
4. Marshal Henderson

Althea Ann HENDERSON married John WATERS (in Australia)
1. Matthew Waters
2. Nathan Waters

Sharon Gillian HENDERSON married Nicholas HODGSON (in Australia)
1. Alison Hodgson
2. Amy Hodgson

Next Generation

Gillian Mary HENDERSON married Kevin Christopher TILAKA (at Royapuram, Madras)
1. Joseph Tilaka
2. Kevin Jude Tilaka

Stafford Stanley HENDERSON  married  Gail ROZARIO (at Madras) (currently residing in Surrey, England)
1. Melissa Mary Henderson
2. Mark Henderson

Melanie Geradine HENDERSON married Dexter NOAKES (residing in Chennai), children:

  1. Deanne Samantha Noakes

  2. Megan Gerardina Noakes 

(above info from Melanie Noakes <melnoakes@gmail.com> )



info from Jennifer Bartels ademou@videotron.ca & Terry Diana Tagg terriedtagg@aol.com

?? HENDERSON married ??, children:

  1. Jessie Eleanor HENDERSON

Next Generation

Jessie Eleanor HENDERSON of Karachi married Edmund Richard ASHWORTH-BARTELS (Puggy), children:

  1. Elizabeth Inez Ashworth-Bartels b1942

  2. Jennifer Mary Bartels (b1944, studied at Karachi Grammar School. Immigrated to Canada in 1973)

  3. Terry Diana Ashworth-Bartels b1948

  4. Barry Robin Ashworth-Bartels b1950

  5. Richard Charles Ashworth-Bartels b1952 m: Linda JUDGE of Bombay


info from Lesley Watson lotus296@bigpond.com

Mary HENDERSON (1814-1848) married James RIGBY (1810-1859) (HEIC) in 1830 St. Thomas Mount, Madras . The children from this marriage:

  1. Margaret Mary Rigby (b 1834 Secunderabad)

  2. Joseph William Rigby (b 1836 Jaulna)

  3. Florence Ellen Rigby (b.1839 Bangalore - d. 1912 Wellington, Nilgiris)


info from Derek George Kingsley derek.kingsley@ntlworld.com

?? HENDERSON married ??, children:

  1. Teresa Henderson (b1934, Kotagiri, India, studied at St.Joseph's Convent, Nillgri Hills, South India, died 21st. September 2003 at Swindon, Wiltshire, UK.)

Next Generation

Teresa HENDERSON (b1934, Kotagiri, India, died 21st. September 2003 at Swindon, Wiltshire.) married Derek George KINGSLEY (b1930,Madras, India) on 04/02/1961 at  St. Patrick's Roman Catholic church, Woolston, Southampton, England.  One child

  1. Steven Kingsley (b1961, Southampton, England)

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