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info from Jennifer Miles

?? ROSARIO married ??, children:

  1. Margaret Rosario

Next Generation

Margaret ROSARIO (b1875) married Thomas H HENDERSON (b 1828, Dundee) . Children

  1. Joseph Percy Henderson

  2. Stanislaus Peter Henderson

  3. William Richardson Henderson

  4. Jane Marina Henderson

  5. Teresa Merci Henderson


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?? ROSARIO married ??, children:

  1. Octavian Rosario (b Madras)

Next Generation

Octavian ROSARIO (b Madras) married Desiree SHACKELTONChildren:

  1. Gabriella Rosario

Amanda Rosario (b Madras) married Eldon GEAR, Children:

  1. Nicole Gear (b Madras)

  2. Athena Gear (b Madras)

Camelia Rosario (b Madras) Married Denver ROGERS, Children:

  1. Shana Rogers (b Melbourne)

  2. Tamara Rogers (b Melbourne)

  3. Brittany Rogers (b Melbourne)


info from reuben rosario

?? ROSARIO married ??, children:

  1. Reuben Rosario (b Calcutta 1935)


info from Rita Phillips 

?? ROSARIO married ??, children:

  1. Petronilla Josephine Rosario (born?)

Next Generation

Petronilla Josephine ROSARIO married Reginald Duncan PHILLIPS, children:

  1. George PHILLIPS

  2. Vincent Joseph PHILLIPS (b1928) resident in Canada.

  3. Roland PHILLIPS, resident in Australia


Info supplied by Dennis William de LIMA)

?? ROSARIO married ??, children:

  1. Lucy Helen Rosario (born?)

Next Generation

Lucy Helen ROSARIO married Thomas Clement DIAS (died in Calicut), children :

  1. Ethel May Dias (born circa 1887, Calicut)

  2. Alf Dias

  3. Kenneth Dias

  4. Grace Dias

  5. Milbank Dias

  6. Clothilda Dias

  7. Eulalia Dias

  8. Everett Dias


(Info supplied by Neville Rosario  )

?? ROSARIO married ??, children:

  1. George Joseph Rosario

Next Generation

George Joseph ROSARIO (expired) married Inez Agnes GOMES of Calcutta :Children -

  1. Neville John (residing in Forest Hills, NY, US)

  2. Gordon George (residing in Goa, India)

  3. George Joseph (residing in Calcutta)

  4. Christopher Michael (residing in Calcutta)

  5. Jacqueline Angela (residing in Melbourne)

  6. Elaine Patricia Pereira (residing in Calcutta)

  7. Melainie Ann (residing in Calcutta)

  8. Merlin Ann Pereira (residing in Toronto)

Next Generation

Neville John ROSARIO married Sabrina Lillian BOTELHO: sons :

  1. Andrew John 

  2. William George (residing in Forest Hills, NY, USA)


?? ROSARIO married ??, children:

  1. Colleen Rosario

Next Generation

Colleen ROSARIO of Calcutta married Denzil ISAAKS of Pallavaram.



Info supplied by Alister FULLER ""

?? ROSARIO married ??, children:

  1. Fredrick C Rosario

Next Generation

Fredrick C. ROSARIO  married Cecilia JEREMIAH (b 1951)(2 children),

  1. Antoinette Rosario (b 1971)

  2. Jude Rosario (b 1973)

Next Generation

Antoinette ROSARIO (b1971) married Clifford ELLENS  (2 children),

  1. Gregory Ellens (b1992),

  2. Glisandra Ellens (b1994),

Jude ROSARIO (b 1973) married on 14 May 1996 to Priya Pawah (b 1971), daughter of Amarnath Pawah (2 children),

  1. Krystal Rosario ( b 1998)

  2. Klayton Rosario (b 1999)

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