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info from Carlton Isaaks

?? ISAAKS married ??, children:

  1. Arthur Isaaks

Next Generation

Arthur Isaaks married Daisy Noe', Their children

  1. Ivan Isaaks

  2. Maureen Isaaks

  3. Marie Isaaks

  4. Conrad Isaaks

  5. Cherie Isaaks

Next Generation

Ivan Isaaks married Hilda HART, Their children

  1. Iona Isaaks

  2. Gordon Isaaks

  3. Cheryl Isaaks

Maureen ISAAKS married (?) PELL, Their children

  1. Daffodil Pell

  2. June Pell

  3. Bruce Pell

  4. Birdie Pell

Marie Isaaks married (?) Ashe, Their children

  1. Joyce Ashe

Conrad Isaaks married Enid Fernandez, Their children

  1. Carlton Isaaks (Carlton Isaaks married Averil Angelo)

  2. Dawn Isaaks (School: Kevins in Royapuram & Stella Maris in Madras )

  3. Lorraine Isaaks

Cherie Isaaks married Desmond Barnett ( Pakistan ),Their children

  1. Paul Barnett

Next Generation

Iona Isaaks married Rudolph Patterson,Their children

  1. Graham Patterson

  2. Gail Patterson

  3. Shannon Patterson

  4. Simone Patterson

Gordon Isaaks married Geralyn Labroy, Their children

  1. Dominic Isaaks

  2. Saviona Isaaks

Cheryl Isaaks married Rylance D'silva, Their children

  1. Taryn D'Silva

  2. Carolyna D'Silva

Dawn Isaaks married Ivan Colaco, (now living in Brisbane) Their children

  1. Wayne Colaco

  2. Shannen Colaco

  3. Teagan Colaco

Lorraine Isaaks married Keith Surrao, Their Children

  1. Nikita Surrao

  2. Stephen Surrao

  3. Matthew Surrao


info from

?? ISAAKS married ??, children:

  1. Carlton Isaaks (St Marys, Georgetown Madras)

  2. Conrad Isaaks

  3. Lorraine Isaaks

Next Generation

Conrad ISAAKS married Enid ??, children:

  1. Dawn Isaaks (School: Kevins in Royapuram & Stella Maris in Madras )

Next Generation

Dawn ISAAKS married Ivan COLACO, now living in Brisbane.


Info from Yvonne Donohoe  (nee Isaaks)

The family moved to Pallavaram in 1954 from Calicut in Kerala


Mothers name  Dagma ISAAKS, who had three children,

  1. Yvonne ISAAKS 

  2. Denzil ISAAKS  

  3. Marina ISAAKS

Next Generation

Yvonne ISAAKS married Malcolm GOMEZ in 1963. 


Yvonne GOMEZ (nee ISAAKS, second marriage) married  Michael Thomas DONOHOE (born 17/02/1934, Glasgow, Scotland) on 20/2/1988 in Croydon, Surrey, England.


Denzil ISAAKS married Colleen ROSARIO of Calcutta.  

Denzil ISAAKS (second marriage) to Hazel ? (2nd marriage)


Marina ISAAKS (died 18/10/1993 Madras) married Maxy QUINTAL of Perambur. children:

  1. Ronny

  2. Eddie

  3. Crystal

(info from Crystal Aubert nee Quintal )



info from Cheryl-Ann Shivan


?? ISAAKS married ??, children:

  1. Hazel Isaaks

  2. Jennifer Isaaks

  3. William Isaaks

  4. ?

Next Generation

William ISAAKS married Jennifer MOORE (reside in Chennai), children:

  1. Roger Isaaks

  2. Rebecca Iona Isaaks

  3. Ryan Isaaks

(Brigadier William Isaaks, VSM, Deputy Commandant and Chief Instructor of the Officers Training Academy, retired from service in 2006, after putting in more than 30 years of meritorious service. His retirement was six days after he was awarded the coveted Vishist Seva medal by President A P J Abdul Kalam on the occasion of 58th Republic Day in recognition of his distinguished and outstanding services. An alumni of the National Defence Academy, Brig William Isaaks was commissioned into the 74 Medium Regiment of Artillery from IMA, Dehradun, in March 1972. He took charge as Deputy Commandant and Chief Instructor (DCCI) of the OTA in June 2004. During his tenure he was instrumental in getting a host of projects implemented and brought improvement in the standard of Pre-commission training.)



info from Antony T Isaaks, Diamond, Avalookkunnu p.o, Alleppey India 688006


?? ISAAKS married ??, children:

  1. A E Isaaks

Next Generation

A.E. ISAAKS from England, a lieutenant in the British East India Company, married ??, children:

  1. John George Isaaks (b ? d 1979) was also in the British East India Company

Next Generation

John George Isaaks (b ?) was also in the British East India Company, married ??, children:

  1. Cyril Stansilaous Isaaks (b ? d 5/6/1996)

  2. Peter Antony Isaaks (lives in Cochin)

Next Generation

Cyril Stansilaous ISAAKS (b ? d 5/6/1996) married ??, children:

  1. Antony Thimothimus Isaaks (b ?) a playback singer for Malayalam movies, and TV shows and mostly known as Isaac

  2. James Gerald Isaaks

  3. Maxwell Peter isaaks

  4. Albert Emmanuel Isaaks

  5. Ronald William Isaaks

  6. Christeena Katherine Isaaks (lives in Cochin)



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