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info from betswilliams@yahoo.com & David Robin O'Connor david.52in@gmail.com

?? QUINTAL married ?, children:

  1. Esther Quintal

Next Generation

Esther QUINTAL married David Robin O'Connor: 2children,

  1. Maisie O'Connor

  2. Nicholas O'Connor (now living in Deolali, India)


info from Eddie Quintal eddiequintal@yahoo.com and Crystal AUBERT caubert@ptc.com   

Ronald Alosious QUINTAL (Maxy) from Perambur (Born 27th July 1939) married on 25th Feb 1963 at St Josephs Parish Vepery Marina Jennifer ISAAKS ( born 20th May 1945, died 18/10/1993) Children:

  1. Ronald Alosious Quintal (Jr)  Born 12 Dec 1963

  2. Edward William Quintal (Eddie) Born 25 June 1967

  3. Crystal Quintal Born 10 July  1973

Next Generation

Ronald Alosious Quintal (JR) married Correna Gomez from Kharagpur on 14th Dec 1984, son

  1. Sage Quintal born on 25th May 1985

Tony Quintal is now retired and living in Bangalore (India) with his wife Hermine HINES from Kolar Gold Fields. 4 children.

  1. Joy Quintal

  2. Charles Quintal

  3. Winston Quintal

  4. Olga Quintal

Edward William Quintal (Eddie) married Monica KOLB on 16th Oct 1994 (Monica, Daughter of Late Henry Joseph Kolb Born on 16th March 1918 Died on & Iris Merlyn Kolb  Born on 11th May 1929 Iris & Henry Married on:26 Sep 1945)


Crystal QUINTAL married Hansel AUBERT from Chennai (Hansel Aubert is the Son of late Wilfred James Aubert & Late Wilhelmina Teresa Callahan), children:

  1. Donovan James Aubert (born 22/9/1996)

Next Generation

info from Hermine Hines winston_quintal2001@yahoo.com

Joy Quintal married Mark Ambrose and has a son:

  1. Derek Ambrose - Sydney (Australia)

Charles Quintal married Isable Grao and has a daughter

  1. Stephenie Quintal - Goa (India)

Winston Quintal married Judy Draper and has three children,

  1. Winston (Jr),

  2. Alisha

  3. Nathan - Toronto (Canada)

Olga Quintal married John Ambrose and has a son

  1. Julian Ambrose - Melbourne (Australia)


Sandra Mary QUINTAL married Melvin Charles JANES (b 8/6/1970)  on 08.06.2002.


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