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info from Brian Emile Packwood  bfpackwood@aol.com

?? HINES married ??, children:

  1. Florence Ellen Mary HINES (b1913 India, d. 3/06/1968 Worthing UK)

Next Generation

Florence Ellen Mary HINES (b1913 India, d. 3/06/1968 Worthing UK) on 7/11/1934 married Francis Aubrey PACKWOOD (b.28/05/1906, Agra India, d. 7/06/1958 Asansol India),. There are three children:

  1. Maureen Greta Packwood ( b. 1935,)
  2. Yolande Glenda Packwood (b1937)
  3. Brian Francis Emile Packwood b. 1940 )


info from Hermine Hines winston_quintal2001@yahoo.com

?? HINES married ??, children:

  1. Hermine Hines

  2.  ??

Next Generation

Hermine HINES from Kolar Gold Fields married Ronald Alosious QUINTAL (Jr) (Tony) (Born 12 Dec 1963. Tony is now retired and living in Bangalore (India) with his wife). 4 children.

  1. Joy Quintal
  2. Charles Quintal
  3. Winston Quintal
  4. Olga Quintal

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