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Robert STEELE (Shipbuilder) married ??, children:

  1. William Russell STEELE

Next Generation

William Russell STEELE on 17th Nov 1894 at St Thomas Church, Howrah, married Agnes Ethel Margaret ATKINSON (eldest daughter of J Henry Atkinson Marine Superintendent British India Steam Navigation Company Limited)   



Frederick STEELE in 1894 married Agnes Ellen CLARK


Frederick G STEELE in 1896 married  Winifred A ATKINSON



info from Christine Ebben

?? STEELE moved to India from Dundee Scotland (born ?? ) married ??, children:

  1. Eustace Reginald Steele

  2. Max Steele (moved back to India after retiring from work in the Camen islands).

Next Generation

Eustace Reginald Steele married Doris E. WARG in Calcutta area, 14 Children, only 6 surviving into adulthood. (Family moved to England in 1955).;

  1. Adrian Reginald Steele (born 04.02.1928),

  2. Christine Brenda Steele

  3. Geoffrey Colin Steele

  4. Loraine Doris Steele

  5. Melanie Ann Steele

Next Generation

Adrian Reginald Steele (born 04.02.1928) married Isobelle Louise BURROWES on 06. 04. 1953. Children born in India:

  1. Michael Adrian Steele (born 14th November 1953),

  2. Stephen Lester Steele (born 27th October 1954)


Info from Terence Canosa Steele
(One of their greatest friends who knows a lot of people is called Robert Archibald Duru (born 1934). If you know any of these people or have photos or questions I would love to hear from you.)

Alfred STEELE (born 18?? Calcutta, d 196?) married ??, children:

  1. Terence Alfred Steele (born 1920 Calcutta, d UK 2002)

Next Generation

Terence Alfred STEELE (born 1920 Calcutta, d UK 2002) married ??. Terence worked for Marconi and also was a teacher at Calcutta boys school, they had five children:

  1. Noreen Carruthers Steele

  2. Cherry Steele

  3. Errol Steele

  4. Darrel Steele

  5. Randolph Steele

Next Generation

Cherry STEELE married ? McLEAN


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