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I am looking for relatives of my late father Ken Thomas Atkinson. He was born in Culcutta in 1935 and had a brother called David and sisters Margaret and Marie (i think). He went to boarding school in India and studied engineering and came over to the UK in the 60's. He married my mum Ida Atkinson.
i would love to hear from anyone with regards to his brothers and sisters or extended family.
Please contact Lisa at . Thanks


Looking for a MARIA ELEANOR FITZSIMONS who was the daughter of ELEANOR ATKINSON. Gary Hayes

Anecdotal evidence suggest that Thomas left England to find a brother believed to have been in-service in India. The ship on which Thomas was believed to have arrived in Australia suggested that he had been in India immediately prior to his arrival in Australia. Unfortunately this cannot be verified. However, the Thomas who arrived in Australia C1854 was on the same ship, the Hyderabad, as one J Haigh. Both were denoted as Discharged Soldiers. The Hyderabad sailed from Calcutta. Hope this gives some support to the connection. Seeking information about Thomas Atkinson who sailed from Calcutta to Australia aboard "Hyderabad" in 1853/54. Believed to have been in-service or was seeking his brother who was in-service in India at that time.  David Atkinson


Atkinson Family of Rochdale, England (1841 Census).


?? ATKINSON married ??, children:

  1. Isabella Atkinson christened in 1824

  2. Matthew Atkinson

Next Generation

Matthew ATKINSON married  ??, children:

  1. John Atkinson

Believed to have another child Thomas who may have resided in Blackburn where Thomas and Isabella were christened in 1824. Thomas migrated to Australia C1854 where he married and later died.

Next Generation

John ATKINSON married Phoebe CARTER.


The Descendants of Henry Hutchison ATKINSON

Submitted By: Dr Bernard Ince (England) 4th September 2000 , 

Background: The progenitor of this line was Henry Hutchison ATKINSON who was born in England. One of his daughters was the first wife of my Great Grandfather, Robert READ.


Henry Hutchison ATKINSON (b. 1810 England d. 1871 Calcutta ) married Hester Amelia HODGKINSON  on 1836 Calcutta, children:

  1. Fanny Hester ATKINSON b. 1839 Calcutta

  2. Mary Hill ATKINSON b. 1848 Calcutta d. before 1891

  3. Cecil James Earle ATKINSON b. 1850 Calcutta

Next Generation

Mary Hill ATKINSON (b. 1848 Calcutta d. before 1891)  married  Robert READ (b. 1847 m. 1867 Calcutta d. 1901 Cornwall, England) children:

  1. Florence Dagmar READ b. 1869 Calcutta

  2. Marion Louisa READ b. 1869 Calcutta

  3. Alice READ

Cecil James Earle ATKINSON (b. 1850 Calcutta) married Ellen PEACHEY  (b. 1859 m. 1875 Kangra, India), children:

  1. Alwyn ATKINSON

Hi Bernard, Looking for any information on the decendants of HENRY HUTCHINSON ATKINSON , also the HODGKINSONS and PEACHY'S , my wife,s mother was DOREEN NINETTE ATKINSON who  was the daughter of ALWYN ATKINSON who was the son of CECIL ATKINSON who was the son of HENRY ATKINSON .Regards, Bill Ward WJW@IPRIMUS.COM.AU 


Next Generation

Alwyn ATKINSON married ??, children:

  1. Doreen Ninette  ATKINSON

Next Generation

Doreen Ninette  ATKINSON married ??,children:


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