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?? REBELLO married ??, children:

  1. Norma Yvonne REBELLO (born 16/10/1932,Vypeen,Cochin)

Next Generation

Norma Yvonne REBELLO (born 16/10/1932,Vypeen,Cochin) on -/-/1947 at Our lady of Hope Church, Vypeen, Cochin, married Ernest Frank GREENE (born 18/01/1918, Nellore, A.P.). Children

  1. Richard Irvine Greene (born 21/09/1949,Ootacamund, Nilgiris, India).
  2. Peter Ernest Greene (born 26/01/1951,Ernakulam, India).


info to be submitted by Cheryl Rebello

Website of Charles Joseph Rebello is located at

Francis REBELLO (b 1852) married Bridget Agnes CARDOZA, children:

  1. Esther Rebello
  2. Francis Nicodemus Rebello (born 15/9/1893, d 3/2/1946)
  3. John Sampson Christopher Rebello
  4. Vincent Hector Augustus Rebello
  5. David Edward Patrick Rebello
  6. Eustace Reginald Walter Rebello

Next Generation

Francis Nicodemus REBELLO (born 15/9/1893, d 3/2/1946) on 27/9/1916 married Gertrude Violet ROZARO (b 17/5/1900, d 26/2/1976), children:

  1. Anthony Francis Rebello (b 30/9/1917)
  2. Esther Margaret Rebello
  3. Beryl Mary Rebello
  4. Charles Joseph Rebello (b 26/1/1922)
  5. Michael Noel Rebello
  6. Bridget Anne Rebello
  7. Stella Maria Rebello
  8. Florence Mary ebello
  9. Teresa Mary Rebello
  10. Iris Priscilla Rebello
  11. Stephen Joseph Rebello

John Sampson Christopher Rebello married Barbara MEYN, children:

  1. Hillary Rebello
  2. Bridget Rebello
  3. Teresa Rebello married Jack Thompson - one child Mary Thompson
  4. Ethelreda Rebello
  5. Martha Rebello
  6. Germina Rebello
  7. Peter Rebello

Vincent Hector Augustus Rebello married Carmeline D'CRUZ (Dolly), children:

  1. Doris May Rebello
  2. William Anthony Rebello

Next Generation

Anthony Francis REBELLO (b 30/9/1917) married Isis Antoinette Esme LAVOCAH (b 13/1/1925), Children:

  1. Carlyle Rebello

Charles Joseph REBELLO (b 26/1/1922) married Marie Teresa MEYN (b 26/4/1930, d 1994). Charles retired from the R.M.S, Indian Posts and Telegraphs, and migrated to Australia in 1989 to join his children:

  3. Joan Rebello

Michael Noel Rebello married Rita THOMAS

Teresa Mary Rebello married Denzil Fredrick HIGHLAND (b 25/8/1928)

Iris Priscilla Rebello married Douglas Anthony ARATHOON

Germina Margaret Rebello married Milton Henry HELDT (Madras) - 9 children:

  1. Lindzee Anthony Heldt
  2. Antoinette Martha Heldt
  3. Cheryl Maria Heldt
  4. Valerian Adrian Heldt
  5. John Christopher Heldt
  6. Joseph Richard Heldt
  7. Mary-Bernadette Heldt
  8. Dominica Joanne Heldt
  9. Teresa Marie Heldt

  (info from Mary Bernadette Heldt )

Next Generation

Carlyle REBELLO married Diana TULLY  (22.3.1963), children:

  1. Rhea Faith Rebello (b 1997)
  2. Joshua Aaron Rebello (b 1999)

     (info from Christine ROCQUE )



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Thomas Raymond REBELLO (b 1888) married Daisy GOMES (b 1892), children:

  1. Joseph Douglas Rebello (Bunny) (b 1919)

Next Generation

Joseph Douglas REBELLO (Bunny) (b 1919) married Margaret RODRIGUES (b 1924), children:

  1. Kenneth Joseph Rebello (b 1946)
  2. Matilda Zina Constance Rebello (b 1950)
  3. Allan Raymond Rebello (b 1951)
  4. Lavinia Marlene Philomena Rebello (b 1954)
  5. Stephen Jude Rebello (b 1958)

Next Generation

Kenneth Joseph REBELLO (b 1946) married Linus NIGLI

Matilda Zina Constance Rebello (b 1950) married Frederick BOURNE, children:

  1. Dominic Bourne (b 1973)

  2. Richard Bourne (b 1975)

  3. James Bourne (b 1985)

Allan Raymond Rebello (b 1951) married Cheryl FERNANDEZ, children:

  1. Bruce Rebello (b 7/4/1978)

  2. Deanne Rebello (b 12/11/1989)

Lavinia Marlene Philomena Rebello (b 1954) married Hamilton EDMONDS, children:

  1. Candice Edmonds (b 14/6/1981)

Stephen Jude Rebello (b 1958) married June TAYLOR


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