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info from Rev. Desmond Tully desmond1949@sify.com

Rev.Desmond Tully, The Gospel Centre, Zone-4 Birsanagar, P.O.Telco, Jamshedpur-831004.  Ph 91 657 2285524

?? TULLY married ??, children:

  1. Osmond Victor Tully
  2. Olive Tully

Next Generation

Osmond Victor TULLY (born ?, d 1970) Foreman at Adra, married Beryl Mertyl MICHAEL of Kharagpur (Still trying to trace brothers. One sister-Eddie married Ernie Bartell of Khargpur- all his children are in the UK. Longing to contact relatives and friends..)  Children:

  1. Charlie,
  2. Brian Tully
  3. Maxwell Tully
  4. Desmond
  5. Richard.
  6. Iris,
  7. Jennifer,
  8. June,Coleen,
  9. Theadore.

Olive TULLY married  ? Simpson- daughters are in England.


info from Christine ROCQUE  bazil@emirates.net.ae

?? TULLY married ??, children:

  1. Clifton Tully

Next Generation

Clifton TULLY married Marjorie LEGAY. children:

  1. Christine Tully (born 28/1/1960, Jabalpur)
  2. Diana Tully  (22.3.1963)
  3. Malcolm Tully    (10.7.1965)
  4. Charmaine Tully  (3.3.1967)

Next Generation

Christine TULLY (born 28.1.1960, Ss. Peter & Paul Cathedral, Jabalpur) married Bazil ROCQUE (born 22.12.1953, Jabalpur) on 28.12.1985 at Ss. Peter & Paul Cathedral, Jabalpur, MP. India. Children:  

  1. Ryan Rocque (born 5.2.87, Jabalpur, MP)
  2. Wayne Rocque (born 28.6.93, Jabalpur, MP)

Diana TULLY  (22.3.1963) married Carlyle REBELLO, children:

  1. Rhea Faith Rebello (27.4.1997)
  2. Joshua Aaron Rebello (8.7.1999)

Malcolm TULLY (DOB 10.7.65) married Maureen nee D'LIMA, at Saints Peter & Paul Cathedral, Jabalpur, 1994, have 2 children:

  1. Dean Tully 16.10.1995
  2. Kyle Tully 28.6.2000

Charmaine TULLY (DOB 3.3.1967) married Pankaj JOSEPH, at Saints Peter & Paul Cathedral, Jabalpur, 1987, have 2 children :

  1. Nicholai Joseph 23.10.1994
  2. Neil Joseph     12.5.2000

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