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info from Geraldine Raymond gerwal@hotmail.com

?? HEPPOLETTE married ??, children:

  1. Maisie Constance CRAWFORD ((born on 14th June, 1923 and died on 3 Jan 1984), took the name of her Stepfather and went as Maisie Constance HEPPOLETTE)

Next Generation

Maisie Constance CRAWFORD (born on 14th June, 1923 and died on 3 Jan 1984)  took the name of her Stepfather and went as Maisie Constance HEPPOLETTE. She married Cyril Thomas ROBERTS (born on 23rd March 1914 and died on 14th June, 1985,  s/o Willy Roberts and Sarah Ann Caroline. Sarah died on 2nd April 1967.) Maisie has 9 children whose names are:

  1. Aurelia Roberts

  2. Jacqueline Roberts 

  3. Olive Roberts 

  4. Geraldine Roberts 

  5. Carlton Roberts 

  6. June Roberts 

  7. Bernadine Roberts 

  8. Bernard Roberts

  9. Lynette Roberts 


I am trying to trace a long lost brother, Leonard Hippolite, last seen in 1947.He may have a family. Fathers first name Ernest mothers name Neta, brother Douglas, sister Lorna all deceased.

Any information would be very helpful.   Warner Hippolite  whippoli@iinet.net.au 

?? HIPPOLITE married ??, children:

  1. Ernest HIPPOLITE

Next Generation


Ernest HIPPOLITE married Neta de’Rozarieux, children:

  1. Leonard Hippolite

  2. Lorna Hippolite

  3. Warner Hippolite


info from Malcolm G Heppolette malcolm@mheppolette.freeserve.co.uk

Emmanuel HYPPOLET (spelling was not important in those days!), born in 1815 in Secunderabad and married first to Mary KNIGHT (my g-g- grandmother) in 1832.


Emmanuel HYPPOLET, second marriage to Elisabeth ROSE in 1845, India. Children from this second marriage were

  1. Harriet,

  2. Rachel,

  3. John Edward,

  4. Jane,

  5. Alexander,

  6. William Alexander

  7. Edwin Emmanuel.

Next Generation

John Edward HYPPOLET married Lucy Anna REID in 1876 in Nagpur and had 7 children.

William Alexander HYPPOLET married ??, children:


Edwin Emmanuel HYPPOLET married ??, children:


William & Edwin also had large families and I have most of these details also.


George HEPPOLETTE (born 1842 in Ajmir) married first to Mary ROBERTS in 1867, children :

  1. George Heppolette

  2. Samuel Heppolette

  3. Benjamin Heppolette

  4. Rachael Heppolette

(Both Benjamin and Samuel had large families and I have most of the details)

George HEPPOLETTE , second marriage to Gertrude Louisa WILLIAMS in 1882, children :

  1. Albert Josiah Heppolette

Next Generation

Albert Josiah HEPPOLETTE (born in Madras, in 1870) married ? , children:

  1. Alfred Leslie Heppolette (born in Agra India in 1905)

Next Generation

Alfred Leslie HEPPOLETTE (born in Agra India in 1905) married Marjorie Caroline Florence ROSE (born 5 August 1904 in India), children :

  1. Malcolm G Heppolette

Currently the tree contains 862 individuals. Mainly HEPPOLETTE, ROSE, RANSON, LENNON, SWEENEY, CLERKE, BOND

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