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Leslie BANTLEMAN (b19??, Bangalore) married Josephine ROGERS (b19??), children:

  1. Cyril Bantleman (b1930)

  2. Hyacinth Theresa Bantleman (Twin, b1931 Gooty)

  3. Daphne Mary Bantleman (Twin, b1931 Gooty)

  4. Gladwyn Bantleman (b1936)

Next Generation

Hyacinth Theresa BANTLEMAN (b1931 Gooty) on 16/10/57 at St Patrick's Church, St
Thomas Mount in Madras, married
Lionel Joseph PLETTELL (b1932 Bombay). Emigrated to England in 1959. Four children

  1. Beverley Anne Plettell (b1958 in Madras)

  2. Charmaine Ruby Plettell (twin b1960 in England)

  3. Hilton James Pletell (twin b1960 in England)

  4. Trevor Edmund Plettell (b1961).

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