SMITH Family Tree

with links to British India



Ronald P. snell <>  wrote: Shane Berry is looking for his mother Sandra Smith who was born in Asansol Calcutta and studied at St Mary's School Pune if anyone knows  where she is  please contact me at Thank you, Gloria Snell.




? SMITH married ?, children:

  1. William Smith

Next Generation

William SMITH married Mary ?, children:

  1. William Smith (b 10 Sep 1821 Meerut)


Charles SMITH married Mary ?, children:

  1. William Alexander Smith (b 18 Nov 1835 Meerut)


? SMITH married ?, children:

  1. William Alexander Smith

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William Alexander SMITH married Mary ?, children:

  1. William Alexander Smith (b 8 Mar 1835 Meerut)


? SMITH married ?, children:

  1. George Smith

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George SMITH on 7 Dec 1830 in Calcutta married Charlotte ?, children:

  1. Charlotte Anne Smith (b 2 Jan 1835, c 14 Jun 1835, d 10 Dec 1895 Calcutta)

Next Generation

Charlotte Anne SMITH (b 2 Jan 1835, c 14 Jun 1835 Calcutta) on 11 Oct 1865 in Calcutta married Ship Captain George Seymour O'CONNOR (b 1833, d 14 Aug 1885 Calcutta, age 52, son of Peter Douglas O'Connor)


Charlotte Anne O'CONNOR nee SMITH (b 2 Jan 1835, c 14 Jun 1835, d 10 Dec 1895 Calcutta) widow, on 23 Oct 1889 in Fort William married Walter James Herbert ESTEVE (b 9 Mar 1867 Howrah, c 24 May 1868, son of Jacques Petre Esteve)




? SMITH married ?, children:

  1. Richard Smith

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Richard SMITH Sub Conductor married ?


Richard SMITH widowed Sub Conductor on 13 Feb 1824 in Cuddalore married Regina McPHERSON


Regina SMITH nee McPHERSON and Sgt Charles DICKENS, son:

  1. Daniel Dickens (b 9 Jan 1839, c 16 Oct 1839 Cuddalore)



? SMITH married ??, children:

  1. Sarah SMITH (born about 1840)

Next Generation

Sarah SMITH (born about 1840) married 21Nov 1860 to Charles Thomas D'ARACHY, born about 1833 at Black Town, Madras



? SMITH married ?, children:

  1. William Smith

Next Generation

William SMITH married Margaret ?, children:

  1. William Smith (b 7 Feb 1842 Meerut)


? SMITH married ?, children:

  1. Charles Smith

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Charles SMITH married ??, children:

  1. George Frederick Smith (b 1845)

Next Generation

George Frederick SMITH (b 1845) at 30yrs on 1 Sep 1875 in Trimulgherry, Madras married 17yr Elizabeth Jane HUNTLEY (b 7 May 1858 Ahmednagar, d 28 Aug 1903 Madras , daughter of Henry & Elizabeth Jane Huntley) , children:

  1. Bertha Jane Smith (b 6 Jun 1876 Tremulgherry)

  2. George Charles Smith (b 5 Sep 1877 Madras)

  3. Henry Smith (b 4 Jul 1879 Fort St George, Madras)

  4. May Louisa Smith (b 11 May 1888 Rangoon)

George Frederick SMITH (b 1845) widowed, on 3 Jan 1907 in Ferozepore married Daisy Constance PEARCE (b 21 Dec 1890, daughter of Robert Burns & Jane Lindsay Pearce), children:

  1. George Lindsay Smith (b 25 Jan 1913 Ferozepore)

Next Generation

George Lindsay SMITH (b 1913) at 23yrs on 30 Sep 1936 in Moradabad married 16yr Marion Edith THOMSON (b 16 May 1920 Darjeeling, daughter of Frederick James & Clarice Thomson) , children:

  1. Theodore Langford Emery Smith (b 11 Feb 1937 Moradabad)

  2. Ian Arthur Clifford Smith (b 10 Feb 1938 Moradabad) (Author of 'The Bitter End of the British Raj")

  3. Barbara Ann Smith (b 15 Mar 1940 Moradabad)

  4. Deanna Margaret Smith (b 26 Dec 1941 Allahabad)

  5. Kenneth Michael George Smith (b 17 Jul 1943 Meerut)

Next Generation




info from Michael  

We started off at St. Thomas's in Kidderpore in Calcutta and after a few years we all moved to La Martinere Calcutta.  No doubt you are aware that there are 3 schools named La Martinere, one in Calcutta, the other in Lucknow (of Indian Mutiny fame) and the third one in Leone in France.  All of them were created by Major General Claude Martin (of the French Army).  Leaving school after doing 'Senior Cambridge exams I started a 5 year Marine Engineering apprenticeship at The Shalimar Shipbuilding and Engineering Works in Shibpore.  My brother Geoffrey started a 5 year Cadet-ship at about the same time as I started my apprenticeship, with The India Steamship Company based in Calcutta.
I joined The Bank Line after doing 5 years  to sail as the humble 6th engineer on the M.V. Teakbank.  Little did I know that my first trip would be around 17 months before we got back to Cal!!  Being a sucker for punishment I signed on again as 5th Engineer and did a further 18 months and finally signed off in Vizag.  All of us by then had clearance to immigrate to Australia.  I went first after spending 2 months with Mum and Dad.  I left for Oz about a year before they did and continued my Marine Engineering Career serving mainly on Shell tankers and Oil Rig supply vessels till around 1986 after doing my Chief's Certificate.  Most of that time I lived in Melbourne.  I was stationed in Balcatta WA for about 2 years while working on the supply vessels off the WA coast.  Some of the AI's from school days lived there but I think they have all passed.  Janet ran a Graphics business for a number of years (she has retired recently) and lives in Aspley, my brother lives near her and like myself served on the Oz coast. 


? SMITH married ?, children:

  1. David Sanchez Smith

Next Generation

David Sanchez SMITH (b 1816, d 24 Nov 1889 Calcutta, General Episcopal cemetery, age 73) on 29 Jan 1848 in Calcutta married Ann Margaret ROBERTSON, (b 1831, d 14 Jan 1865 Calcutta) children:

  1. William Colqumon Smith (b 2 Nov 1850 Calcutta)

  2. Isabella Smith (b 26 Aug 1852 Calcutta)

  3. Eliza Smith (b 26 Apr 1854 Calcutta)

  4. Edmund Smith (b 6 Apr 1857 Calcutta)

  5. Clarence Sydney Smith (b 28 Aug 1858 Calcutta)

  6. Edward Reginald SMITH (b 24 Feb 1862 Calcutta)

  7. John Charles Smith (b 6 Jul 1864 Calcutta)

Next Generation

Isabella SMITH (b 26 Aug 1852 Calcutta) on 6 Jul 1871 in Calcutta married Edwin Horatio James SHARPE (son of Andrew Christopher Sharpe)


Edward Reginald SMITH Sheriff's Officer, (b 24 Feb 1862 Calcutta) widowed, at 22 Nov 1906 at Fort William married widow  Frances Janet MICHAEL nee BIDDLE, previously married on 7 Jun 1893 to Peter Charles Michael (b 21 Jun 1875 Calcutta, daughter of John & Mary Biddle) children:

  1. Reginald John Smith (b 28 Oct, c 8 Dec 1910 Fort William Calcutta)

  2. David Alexander Smith (lived in Lahore) married Kitty

John Charles SMITH (b 6 Jul 1864 Calcutta) at 23yrs on 20 Jun 1887 in Calcutta married 17yr Ann Arabella BARRETT (b 1870, daughter of John Barrett), children:

  1. Mildred Irene Smith (b 22 Jun, c 26 Jul 1888 Fort William)

  2. Harold Charles Smith (b 30 Apr 1891 Junnulpore)


Next Generation

David Sanchez SMITH (son of John Charles SMITH) on 16 Oct 1869 in Calcutta married Marie Josephine Henrietta JOPE (daughter of Peter Eugene Jope), children:

  1. Marie Diana Smith (b 17 Feb 1870 Calcutta)

  2. David Sanchez Smith (b 21 Jul 1871, d 20 Mar 1880 Calcutta)

  3. Francis Bede Smith (b 24 May 1874 Calcutta)

  4. Elizabeth Winifred Smith (b 29 Sep 1875 Calcutta)

  5. Catherine Agnes Smith (b 10 Oct 1876 Calcutta)

  6. Theresa Gertrude Smith (b 1879, d 31 Mar 1884, age 5)

  7. Veronica Clara Smith (b & d 28 Mar 1881 Calcutta)

Next Generation

Reginald John SMITH (b 1910) at 30yrs on 9 Aug 1941 in Calcutta married 23yr Kathleen May PLATTS (b 1918 Calcutta, daughter of George Harry Platts and sister of George Arthur Platts from Dhanbad), children:

  1. Raleigh Michael Smith (b 1944)

  2. Reginald John Smith (b 1945, d 6 Sep 1945 Calcutta)

  3. Geoffrey John Smith

  4. Janet Kathleen Smith married Nicky from Kharagpur

  Reginald  KathleenPLATTS Family Tree


David SMITH married Kitty ??, 3 sons. Family migrated to UK around 1965,

  1. Noel Smith

  2. Brian Smith

  3. David Smith Jnr (passed away with asbestos poisoning)

Next Generation

Michael SMITH married ? , no children.


Michael SMITH married (2nd marriage) Nelsina Florence BARNARD (b 1948) from Kapiti Coast in NZ, youngest of 4 children to Stanley Arthur Barnard & Hilma Doris Barnard (nee Algar).



?? SMITH married ??, children:

  1. John Smith

Next Generation

John SMITH married ?, children:

  1. Alice Harriet Smith

Next Generation

Alice Harriet SMITH on 14 Oct 1876 in Agra married Edward Nicholas Carpenter BRADDON (b 1829 Cornwall, son of Henry Braddon)


(1891 UK Census showed Edward's occupation to be Agent General of Tasmania).

After leaving school Edward moved to India in 1847 and worked in a cousin's merchant firm, after which he managed indigo plantations. Braddon served in the Indian Mutiny in Purnea, then was employed as a civil servant for nineteen years. His longest employment was as a district officer, a position requiring much independent decision-making. Two books, Life in India (1872) and Thirty years of Shikar (1895), told of his Indian life.

To his chagrin, administrative changes saw Braddon forced into premature retirement. In 1878 he and his second wife moved to north-west Tasmania, an area which attracted many Anglo-Indians at that time. The Braddons purchased a small property near Leith. Thirty letters describing his early Tasmanian experiences and published under the title, 'A Home in the Colonies', appeared in the Statesman and Friend (Calcutta and Delhi) in the second half of 1878. These were republished in 1980.

A year after arriving in Tasmania, 'Ned' Braddon entered the House of Assembly where he soon shone as debater and strategist. He played a key role in the defeat of the Agnew government in 1887. Braddon was successively Minister for Lands and Works (1887-88), Agent-General in London (1888-93), Opposition leader (1893-94), and Premier (1894-99). His government largely restored Tasmanian finances, not least by wielding the 'Braddon Axe' in a determined reduction of government outlays. The Braddon government introduced proportional representation for House of Assembly elections, and challenged the Legislative Council through a Privy Council appeal that unsuccessfully sought a clarification of upper house powers. Braddon was knighted in 1891, and made Privy Councillor in 1897. The Braddon Government, the longest-serving to that time, fell in 1899, largely as a consequence of a scandal involving his Minister for Lands and Works, ET Miles.

A keen federalist, Braddon was a member of the Federal Council of Australasia (1888, 1895-99), serving as president in 1895. He topped the Tasmanian poll for the 1897-98 Federation Convention, where he worked to defend the rights of the states, sponsoring section 87 (the 'Braddon Blot') to protect small states' finances. He campaigned vigorously in the two federation referenda campaigns, and Tasmania's overwhelming 'Yes' votes were due in large part to his efforts. Braddon was elected to the first House of Representatives as a Free Trader, and died at Leith while still a member of the House of Representatives.

At the 1951 celebrations in honour of the jubilee of Federation, Braddon was the constitutional founder honoured by Tasmania. A memorial stands on Braddon's Lookout in Leith, Tasmania.



info from

?? SMITH married ??, children:

  1. Annie Smith

Next Generation
Annie SMITH on 20 OCT 1841 at ST MATHEWS, MOULMEIN married James MCDERMOTT (his second marriage), children; 








? SMITH married ?, children:

  1. Donald Sinclair Smith

Next Generation

Donald Sinclair SMITH married Frances Mary ?, children:

  1. William Donald Macdonald Smith (b 1 Mar 1860 Meerut)

  2. George Sinclair Smith (b 24 Jun 1861 Amballa)


? SMITH married ?, children:

  1. John Smith

Next Generation

John SMITH married Helen ?, children:

  1. William George Smith (b 21 Aug 1868, Meerut)

Next Generation

William George SMITH (b 21 Aug 1868 (Meerut) at 47yrs on 6 Jul 1916 in Jubbulpore married 23yr Margaret Mary GREENWOOD (b 1893, daughter of William Charles Greenwood)



? SMITH married ?, children:

  1. Alexander Smith

Next Generation

Alexander SMITH married Frances ?, children:

  1. Eliza Smith (b 27 Feb 1874 Meerut)


? SMITH married ?, children:

  1. William James Smith

Next Generation

William James SMITH married Margaret ?, children:

  1. Percy William Smith (b 10 Sep 1877 Meerut)

  2. Winifred Rose Margaret Smith (b 31 Jul 1879 Meerut)


Hi, wonder if you can help me. I live in England but want to trace my family. I'm white/English but my grandad was Indian...He was born in meerut on 11/3/1933 and moved to England in about 1950-1952 and married my grandma shortly after. The name he used over here was William G Smith, but because he wasnt white, we think he may have changed his name. That's him on the left of the picture with my grandma and me on my grandma's lap...I'm afraid we don't know much as he didn't really talk about it. He passed away in 1985. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks... Chris Smith.



? SMITH married ?, children:

  1. William Smith

Next Generation

William SMITH married Agnes Angelina WOOLTERTON (nee BLAKE) (b 22 May 1905, Meerut, daughter of Joseph Nicholas & Agnes Josephine Blake), children:

  1. William G Smith (b 11 Mar 1933 Meerut)

Next Generation

William G SMITH (b 11 Mar 1933 Meerut) married ?, children:

  1. ? Smith

Next Generation

? SMITH married ??, children:

  1. Chris Smith


info from

?? SMITH married ??, children:

  1. Mary Regina Smith

Next Generation

Mary Regina SMITH on 29 March 1812 in Surat married Lewis Andrew COLLETT ( born 1771; died 10 November 1843 in Girgaum, Bombay, India. Occupation on his burial records is stated as "Inhabitant coach builder.").  (Marriage entry reads as follows: " 1812 March 29th Mr Lewis A Collett and Mary Smith was married in default of a Protestant Clergyman residing at the factory by Captain Egan, Fort Adjutant on the 20th October 1805 and remarried by Rev A. Burrowes on 29th March 1812." Children:

  1. Angelica Caroline COLLETT, died 4 December 1889 in Bombay, India;

  2. Caroline Antonia Mary COLLETT, born 1807 in Surat, India; died 8 February 1830 in Bombay, India;

  3. George Smith Collett, born 7 August 1810 in Surat, India; died 8 February 1863 in Agra, India;

  4. Arnold Burrows COLLETT, born 1 March 1812 in Surat, India;


Andrew Frederick SMITH married ??, children:

  1. Stephen Archibald Smith (b 1890)

Next Generation

Stephen Archibald SMITH Audit Department, Railways, of Dharwar (b 1890) at 26yrs on 31 Mar 1916 in St Marks, Bangalore, married 25yr Mary Adelaide FANAKEN of Dharwar (b 1891, daughter of George Stephen Fanaken) children:

  1. Thelma Mary Smith (b 19 Apr 1918, c 19 Apr 1918 Bangalore)

  2. Deborah Cecilia Smith (b 26 Sep 1922, c 23 Oct 1922 Bangalore)

Next Generation

Deborah Cecilia SMITH (b 26 Sep 1922, c 23 Oct 1922 Bangalore) on 20 Dec 1943 in Madras married 22yr Lieutenant, Indian Engineers, Lahore Cantonment Christian Harry Harvey BOWDEN (b 14 May 1922, d 19 Sep 2000 St Peters Church, Kodaikanal, age 78, son of William Harvey Bowden and Puthanpurayil Madham), children:

  1. Isabel Hilda Harvey-Bowden (b 28 Feb 1918, c 3 Oct 1926 Cannanore)

  2. Patricia Harvey Bowden (b 14 Dec 1944, c 2 Jan 1945 All Saints, Bangalore)



info from Stan Smith

?? SMITH married ??, children:

  1. Peter Smith

Next Generation

Peter SMYTHE: Born in Holland and settled in India in the early 1800’s as a Spice Merchant with his two brothers who were both Skippers on Dutch trading schooners (Sailing ships) in the spice trade, sailing between the Dutch East Indies, India and Holland. One brother and his ship were lost at sea and the other died in Tuticorin. Peter changed his surname to Smith (Anglicized). He joined the Indian Customs Service, married an Anglo Indian lady, raised a family and died in Tuticorin, India.

My Grandfather Adolphus and my Grandmother Ethel Smith who passed away in 1985 gave this information to me.


Peter SMITH (SMYTHE) was born in Holland and died in Tuticorin, India. He married an Anglo Indian Lady ??, who was born in Tuticorin and died in Tuticorin, India. Children of Peter SMITH (SMYTHE) and Anglo Indian Lady:

  1. Michael SMITH was born in India

  2. Alfred SMITH was born about 1875 in India.

  3. Henry SMITH was born about 1877 in India.

  4. Edwin SMITH was born in India

  5. Adolphus Gracian SMITH (My Grandfather) was born 5.1,1881 in Tuticorin, India.

  6. Jemima SMITH was born in India

  7. Evelyn SMITH was born in India

  8. Adolphine SMITH was born in India

Next Generation

Henry SMITH was born and died in India. He married Dorothy (Dotty) WOOLRIDGE. Dotty was born and died in India. Children (all born in India):

  1. Miriam Smith (married Ronnie CLEUR)

  2. Violet Smith (married NORRIS)

  3. Enid Smith (married ROSS)

  4. Jane Smith (married Derrick CLEUR)

Adolphus Gracian SMITH was born 5.1.1881 in Tuticorin and died 3.5.1969 in Madurai, India. Adolphus Gracian married Ethel Eveline Helen BALLARD. Ethel was the daughter of Charles Henry (Harry) BALLARD and Mary CUXTON. She was born 3.3.1887 Baptized: 10.4.1887 in Madurai and died on 14.9.1985 in Madurai, India. Children: 

  1. Charles Harry SMITH was born In Madurai, India.

  2. Claude SMITH  was born in Madurai, India.

  3. Bertram (Bertie) Middlecoat SMITH (My Father) was born in Madurai. Baptized: Church of Devine Patience, Madurai, India

  4. Adolphine (Dolly) Georgina SMITH was born in Madurai. Served in the Indian Military Nursing Service  (Nurse) WWII, (IMNS) Assam, India.

Next Generation

Charles Harry SMITH (Southern Railways) was born 1902 in Madurai and died 1996 in Madurai, India. He married Hilda CUXTON (cousin) in Madurai. Hilda was the daughter of Charlie CUXTON and Emma; she was born and died in Madurai, India. Children:

  1. Nadine SMITH born in Madurai, India.

  2. Nesta SMITH born in Madurai, India.

  3. Lynette SMITH born in Madurai, India.

  4. Peter SMITH born in Madurai and died in Guntacul, India.

Claude SMITH (Southern Railways) was born 1908 in Madurai and died 1976 in Madurai, India. He married Bella ROZERIO (cousin). Bella was the daughter of?? ROZERIO and Georgina WILLIAMSON; she was born and lives in Tiruchirapalli, India. Children:

1.   Jean SMITH. Lives in Bangalore, India.

2.   Alton SMITH. Born and died in Madurai, age 12.

3.   Leslie SMITH. Lives in Tiruchirapalli, India.

4.   Merle SMITH. Lives in Melbourne, Australia.

5.   John (Johnny) SMITH   Lives in Perth, Australia.

6.   Patricia SMITH. Lives in Tiruchirapalli, India.

7.   Paul SMITH   Lives in Melbourne, Australia.

8.   Gregory (Greg) SMITH Died in Bangalore, India.

9.   William (Willie) SMITH. Lives in Melbourne, Australia.


Bertram (Bertie) Middlecoat SMITH (Madras Police) was b1910 in Madurai. Baptized: Church of Devine Patience and died 1959 in Madurai, India. He married Patience (Girlie) Evelyn WHEELER in Madurai, India. Patience (Girlie) Evelyn daughter of Earnest WHEELER and Beatrice (Bessie) CAMPBELL, was born on 13.7.1910 in India and died on 18.3.1997 in Melbourne, Australia. Children:

  1. Stanley Bertram SMITH born in Madurai. Baptized: Church of Devine Patience, Madurai. Educated in St. Johns Vestry High School, Tiruchirapalli. Marine Engineering in the Naval Dockyard, Mumbai.

  2. David William SMITH born in Madurai. Baptized: Church of Divine Patience. Educated in St. Johns Vestry High School, Tiruchirapalli, India.

  3. Neville Adolphus SMITH born in Madurai. Baptized: Church of Devine Patience. Educated in St. Johns Vestry High School, Tiruchirapalli.

  4. Donald Earnest SMITH born on 28.5.1945 in Madurai. Baptized: Church of Devine Patience. Educated in St. Johns Vestry High School, Tiruchirapalli and died January 1967 in Madras, India.

Adolphine (Dolly) Georgina SMITH was b1924 in Madurai, India and now lives in Kolkata. She married Santok SINGH DEO, 15.12.1989 in Kolkata. Santok was born in Amritsa, India and died 2006 in Kolkata, India.


Miriam SMITH was born in India.  She married Ronnie CLEUR. Ronnie was born in Madurai, India, they immigrated to the UK.


Violet SMITH was born in India. She married ??  NORRIS (born in India; they immigrated to Perth, Australia.)


Enid SMITH was born in India and immigrated to Perth, Australia. She married ?? ROSS.


Jane (Janey) SMITH was born in India. She married Dickie CLEUR in Madurai. Dickie was born and died in Madurai. Jane lives in Madurai, India.


Next Generation

Nadine Naomi SMITH was born on 15.9.1926 in Madurai. Nadine married Wilmot (Willie) Fredrick MACDONALD in Madurai. Wilmot (Willie) Fredrick was born on 23.10.1926 in Negapatam, India. They live in Perth, WA. Children:

  1. Cheryl Lindsay MACDONALD born in Madurai, India.

  2. Deanne April Hilda MACDONALD born in Madurai, India.

  3. Kevin John MACDONALD born in Madurai, India.

  4. Keith James MACDONALD born in Madurai, India.

  5. Caroline May MACDONALD born in Madurai, India.

Stanley Bertram SMITH (Merchant Navy, born 1936 Madurai. Baptized: Church of Devine Patience 26.7.1936) married Julia Ascianna (Julie) FERNANDES on 14.12.1963 in the Church of Devine Patience, Madurai. Julia Ascianna (Julie), daughter of Joseph Louis FERNANDES and Matilda D'SOUZA, was born 1939 in Goa. Baptized: 24.1.1939 Goa, India. Live in Adelaide, SA.  Children:


1.  Mark Stanley SMITH born 2.4.1966 in Mumbai. Baptized: 22.5.1966 St. Thomas Cathedral, Mumbai, India.   

2.  Steven Bertram SMITH born 1968 in Mumbai. Baptized: 30.6.1968 St. Thomas Cathedral, Mumbai, India.

3.  Christopher Jason SMITH born 1973 in Adelaide. Baptized: 9.12.1973 St. John Baptist Church, Hillcrest, Adelaide, South Australia.


David William SMITH (b 13.1.1939 Madurai, India. Baptized: Church of Devine Patience, Madurai, d 8.2.2007 Melbourne, Australia) on 16.1.1982 in Melbourne, Australia married Brigitte BOLLMANN (b17.4.1947 in Graz, Austria). Stepchildren of David William SMITH and Brigitte BOLLMAN:

  1. Dieter BOLLMANN. Lives in Melbourne, Australia.

  2. Peter SMITH  (Changed his name from BOLLMANN to SMITH). Lives in Melbourne, Australia.

Neville Adolphus SMITH was born on 24.4.1941 in Madurai, India. Baptized: Church of Devine Patience) married 1st Ann ?? - Ann 1st Wife in 1970 in Adelaide. (Divorced). Ann - 1st Wife was born in Belgium. Children of Neville Adolphus SMITH and Ann - 1st Wife:

  1.  Wendy SMITH born in 1971 in Adelaide, Australia. 

Neville Adolphus SMITH (b 24.4.1941 in Madurai, India. Baptized: Church of Devine Patience) on 27 June 1992 married (his 2nd marriage) Era ?? (b Philippines. Lives in Melbourne, Australia.). Children of Neville Adolphus SMITH and Era -2nd Wife 

  1. Donald (Don) SMITH born in Melbourne, Australia

  2. Michael (Mike) SMITH born in Melbourne, Australia

Next Generation

Mark Stanley Smith (b 1966 in Mumbai. India) and partner Samantha HEATH, Children:

  1. Geoffrey Madison (Jimkin) was born 7.4.1990, Baptized: St. Hilary’s Church, Adelaide and died 12.2.1991, Adelaide. 

  2. Steven Bertram SMITH (b 20.5.1968 in Mumbai, India)

Next Generation

Steven Bertram SMITH (b 20.5.1968 in Mumbai, India,) married Sharon BEAN on 27.1.2007 in Adelaide. Sharon, the daughter of John and Gloria BEAN was born on 27.12.1971 in Adelaide.  Children: 

  1. Kyah Jade SMITH born on 13.2.2008 in Adelaide.



info from Susan St. John Orvis

? SMITH married ?, children:

  1. Edmond Smith

Next Generation

Edmond SMITH married ??, children:

  1. Charles Smith

Next Generation
Charles SMITH married on 14 Feb 1861, Mathilda SANDERSON, of age, spinster, (daughter of James SANDERSON) at Old Church, Fort William, Calcutta. In 1862 Charles Smith worked in the Finance Department. In 1866 Charles Smith worked for the Bank of Bengal in Nagpore and resigned. Children:

  1. AUGUST EDWARD GARSTIN SMITH, (b 3 May 1862, Calcutta, baptized 9 Sep 1862, Old Church, Fort William, Calcutta, George Lovely presided).

  2. ALFRED HERMAN SMITH, b. 1864 other information known to author.

  3. CHARLES U B SMITH, b. 1866, other information known to author.

Next Generation

August Edward Garstin SMITH, (b 1862, Calcutta, baptized 9 Sep 1862, Old Church, Fort William, Calcutta, George Lovely presided). He  immigrated to the United States and proclaimed in a book that he wrote that he was a "Citizen of the World".  No mention of him can be found on any USA census although his name can be researched using Edward G or Edward Garstin Smith and books/brochures and essays written by him are in various collections in various libraries.  In the same book he said that his first pet was an elephant.  No information about his death.  Married  Ida LELAND, NYC, removed to Chicago, had 2 children::

  1. Ina Smith b. 4 Jan 1891 Chicago, Illinois USA (death cert.)

  2. Leland Smith b.11 Aug 1899 Chicago, Illinois USA per mother's affidavit dated 8 Apr 1925.

Ina and Leland were adopted by their maiden aunt and sister of Ida, Harriet Leland after their parents divorced in 1900, Rhode Island, USA. Ina Smith became Ina Leland and Leland Hosmer Smith became Leland Hosmer Leland.  They were adopted in 1900 per Surrogate Court Documents Balston Spa, New York USA

Leland Hosmer Leland died 5 Apr 1926 as a result of injuries sustained after a fall down a hatchway in a ship at port in NYC.  He applied for and received a Seaman's Certificate a year before he died.

Next Generation

Ina Leland married Schulyer Adams Orvis and had one child,

  1. Schuyler Adams Orvis, Jr.

Ina and Schuyler divorced and she married a Thomas Smith who may have left her or they divorced.

Ina Smith Leland Orvis Smith  died 27 May 1948, Norwalk, Conn, USA as a result of Coronary thrombosis, Ateriosclerotic Heart Disease, Auricular Fibrillation. Ida, Ina and Leland are buried in the Leland family plot in greenwood Cemetery, Brooklyn, New York, USA

Next Generation

Schuyler Adams Orvis Jr married Pauline Judith St. John on 25 Dec 1941 and had one child in Dec 1942.

  1. Living Orvis

Next Generation

Living Orvis married Living Schild and had 3 Living sons, NYC; divorced.



info from Gary D'cruz

I need to know if there are any more down the family.  Than you.  Gary llewellyn Anthony D'Cruz.

Dennis SMITH married Ivy ??, children. They are all from Erode, Mudrai, Poodhuno, Trichi ( South India)


?? SMITH married ??, children:

  1. Sheila Anne Constance Smith

  2. Bernard (Bob) Smith Married Shirley Woolger. ( Jason- Passed away)

  3. Michael Smith and fly are in Melbourne Aus.

  4. Ebenezer (Ebby) Smith

  5. Mary Smith Married Malcolm Scott. ( Children- Gowdin Scott and Sandra Scott)

  6. Remona Smith

  7. June Smith Married Mr.David ( Children- Denzil, Charlie, Edwin, Olvin, Martin and Charmine)

Next Generation

Sheila Anne Constance SMITH (b ? d 1973) married Rex Clement Joseph D'CRUZ (b ? d Sept 1986). They were from Erode, Tamil Nadu. Children:

  1. Rex

  2. Debra

  3. Ricky

  4. Gary D'Cruz

Mary SMITH married Malcolm SCOTT


Remona SMITH married Noel THOMAS, Children :-

  1. David

  2. Mark

  3. Treasure

June SMITH married ? DAVID



info from Clifford Jude Snell

?? SMITH married ??, children:

  1. Fredrick Smith

Next Generation

Fredrick SMITH married Pansy ??, children:

  1. Patricia June Smith

Next Generation

Patricia June SMITH married Malcolm Thomas SNELL, children:

  1. Christopher Snell

  2. Christine V Snell

  3. Clifford Jude Snell

  4. Ashwin Anthony Snell

  5. Conrad Michael Snell


info from Cornelia Mary Lillywhite

?? SMITH married  ??, children:

  1. Cecil Smith

Next Generation

Cecil SMITH married Eileen REYNOLDS, children:

  1. Dorothy Cecilia Smith (born 20 December 1912, Bhusawal, India and died 16 November 1949, in Bombay, India )

Next Generation

Dorothy Cecilia SMITH, age 17yrs,  born 1912, Bhusawal, India and died 1949, in Bombay, India ) on 21 May 1930 in Bombay, India,  married Horace Wyndham Lillywhite, 23 yrs,  Crew Foreman, GDP Railway (born 4 November 1907 in Bombay India and died 21 December 1949 in Bombay, India.). Notes for Dorothy Cecilia Smith: "Dadda's mother: died 2 hours after giving birth to Henry Ralph Lillywhite - of Haemorrhage". Children of Horace Wyndham Lilywhite and Dorothy Cecilia Smith are:

       1.      Corrine Vinett Lillywhite, born 12 October 1930, Bhusawal, India, died 27 April 1978 in Australia
       2.      Patrick Neville Lillywhite, born 20 October 1933??, Bhusawal, India, B3, Vol. 146, p65
       3.      Bobby Philip Lillywhite born 31 January 1934, died Australia??
       4.      Peter Bruce Wyndham Lillywhite, born 7th September 1936, Bhusawal, India, N3, Vol p. 112
       5.      Philomena Lillywhite, born 4th August 1938, Bombay, India, died 1 February 1977 in Penrith, Sydney, Australia,
       6.      Errol Warner Lillywhite born 26 March 1940, Cama Hospital Bombay India
       7.      Dorothy Mary Lillywhite born 26 May 1943 Bhusawal, India
       8.      Rose Marie Bernadette Lillywhite born 28 April 1945 Mazagaon, Bombay India N3 Vol 173 p. 30
       9.      Irene Jennifer Lillywhite born 31 December 1947, born Bombay, India
       10.     Henry Ralph Lillywhite, born 16th November 1949



info from Melody RODRIGUES

?? SMITH married ??, children:

  1. George Smith

Next Generation

George SMITH married Gwendoline De SILVA, children:

  1. Lynette Smith

  2. Roland Smith

  3. Cheryl

Next Generation

Lynette SMITH married Cyril Martin RODRIGUES, children:

  1. Melody Rodrigues (b 27/08/81, St Josephs Dispensary, Bangalore)


info from Noel Smith

I'm seeking information on  my maternal grandfather ,DENIS OSTEIN HENRY SMITH, his background and origin and if he still has a family back in Scotland, I have very little information about it as he never liked to discuss it, he came to India and married a local girl ( my maternal grandma) he had three daughters and two sons and he spent his last days in Bareily ( uttar pradesh ) India , I'll be grateful to anybody who has or think he has any information on DENIS OSTEIN HENRY SMITH ( 1915 - 1980 APPROX.) THANKS, NOEL SMITH.

I'm also seeking any information on my half brother OSCAR SMITH (birth name might not be the same now) born around 1977-78 in India, mother's name - Barbara (nee Smith) he was adopted by a family in US when he still an infant, this all the information I have on him, still hoping someone might just know anything about him
thanks, Noel


?? SMITH married ??, children:

  1. Denis Ostein Henry Smith (b 1915 Scotland, d 1980 Bareily, India)

Next Generation

Denis Ostein Henry SMITH (b Scotland. spent his last days in Bareily ( uttar pradesh ) India)  married ??, 5 children:


info from

??SMITH married ??, children:

  1. Sylvia Anne Smith

Next Generation

Sylvia Anne SMITH (studied at Loretto Bowbazar Calcutta. 1950-61, immigrated from Calcutta, India for the UK in 1962, got married in London to Malcolm Davidson, then immigrated to Melbourne, Australia in 1972) married Malcolm DAVIDSON



info from Donna Smith (nee Reid

??SMITH married ??, children:

  1. William John Smith

Next Generation

William John SMITH on 16/9/72, married Donna Kareen REID (born 15/8/51) - children:

  1. Amanda Jane Smith (married with one daughter)

  2. Andre Ernest Smith

  3. Tracy Marie Smith


info from

??SMITH married ??, children:

  1. Violet Irene Smith

Next Generation

Violet Irene SMITH on 19 Jun 1916 at St Mark's, North Georgetown, Madras, married Audwin Thomas WINDSOR. Children:

  1. Noreen Phyllis Windsor (Madras, India)

  2. Harold Douglas Windsor (Madras, India)

  3. Leslie Malcolm Windsor (Madras, India)

  4. Olive May Windsor (Madras, India)

  5. Stanley Anthony Windsor (Madras, India)


info submitted by  Joyce Normile Cleveland Ohio USA

? SMITH married ??, children:

  1. Eliza Melia Sophia SMITH

Next Generation

Eliza Melia Sophia SMITH in Calcutta in 1848, married Robert MYERS (my great grandfather) (birthplace unknown at this time). He described himself as "merchant". The children of this marriage were:

  1. ALICE GERALDINE DOROTHY born December 16, 1852 in Calcutta.

  2. IDA FLORENCE EMILY born April 28, 1855 in Calcutta.

  3. ERNEST OSMOND ROBERT born September 26, 1856 in Calcutta (my grandfather)*

  4. ROSALINE EDITH MARY born April 19, 1862 in Calcutta.


info from

?? SMITH married ??, children:

  1. Kathleen SMITH (b ??. Kathleen died in Australia.)

Next Generation

Kathleen SMITH (b ??. Kathleen died in Australia.) married Gracious Grant Routh AITKINS. Gracious Grant Routh was baptized in Sitabaldi, West Bengal, India on 16 May 1884. They had the following children:

  1. Stanley Aitkins (-1994)

  2. Jennifer Aitkins. Jennifer married Noel O'Brien, in England.

  3. Barbara Aitkins. Barbara died in 1980. Barbara married ? Hamburgh.

  4. Grant Gordon Aitkins (1926-1997)


Info from Karen Farrell

?? SMITH married ??, children:

  1. William Smith

Next Generation

William SMITH, Royal Scots and 39th Regiment of Foot (b 1831 Bury St Edmunds) married Elizabeth ? (b. Secunderabad ), Children:

  1. Elizabeth Smith (b 1867 Calicut )

  2. Ruth Smith (b 1868, Cannanore,)

  3. David Smith ( b 1870, Cannanore,)

Next Generation

Ruth Smith (b 1868, Cannanore,) married Joseph Patrick BYATT, children

  1. Thomas Byatt

  2. Elizabeth Ruth Byatt

David Smith ( b 1870, Cannanore,) married Priscilla SNELL, children

  1. Violet Smith

  2. Winifred Smith

  3. Elizabeth Smith

  4. David Smith

  5. Margaret Smith

  6. William Smith


? SMITH married ?, children:

  1. William Smith

Next Generation

William SMITH married Anna Maria ?, children:

  1. John William Smith (b 27 May 1873 Meerut)



info submitted by

? SMITH married ??, children:

  1. Marjorie SMITH (b1942 Adra, India, d 2001)

Next Generation

Marjorie SMITH (b1942 Adra, India, d2001) married  Wilfred MEADE (b1937,Howrah, India) on 23/6/62 at Sydenham, UK. Currently residing Melbourne, Australia. .Children

  1. Debra MEADE (b 6/12/62),

  2. Katharine MEADE (b 11/9/64),

  3. Kim MEADE (b 21/6/66),

  4. Geoffrey MEADE (b 26/6/67)

  5. Gary MEADE (b 20/1/70).


(Info supplied by Karen THOMAS, or  )

? SMITH married ??, children:

  1. George Smith

Next Generation

George SMITH married Florence NURSE, ? children:

  1. Elsa Smith

  2. Sheila Smith

  3. Olga Smith

  4. Norma Smith

  5. Cyril Smith

  6. Harold Smith

  7. Clarence Smith

  8. George Herbert Smith

Next Generation

Olga SMITH married Edward KING


Norma SMITH married Albert FORKGEN


Harold SMITH married Phoebe ROBERTS


Clarence SMITH married  ?….


George Herbert SMITH married Sybil Elizabeth LaRIVE, 3 children: 

  1. Clifford Smith 

  2. Phyllis Smith 

  3. June Smith

Next Generation

Clifford SMITH married Brenda GROUSE, children: 

  1. Christopher Smith 

  2. GeorgeSmith

Phyllis SMITH married Brian LOCKER, 2 children: 

  1. Corrine Locker (Corrine LOCKER married Vincent LEROUX,

  2. Vanessa Locker ( Vanessa LOCKER married Craig BROUGHTON)

June SMITH married Michael THOMAS, 2 children: 

  1. Alistair Thomas (Alistair Thomas married Christina Soares, 1 child – Eric)

  2. Karen Thomas.


 ? SMITH married ??, children:

  1. James Douglas Smith

Next Generation

James Douglas SMITH married Gladys Millicent HEATHCOTE  (b. 1890, her 2nd marriage)




? SMITH married ??, children:

  1. Coralie SMITH (born 14 Jan.1933)

Next Generation

Coralie SMITH (born 14 Jan.1933) on 28 Dec. 1954 married Ivan LOPEZ (born 30 Aug.1925) (2 children),

  1. Alan Lopez (born 29 Sept.1955)

  2. Bryan Lopez (born 30 Sept 1957)



info submitted by Roger Smith

? SMITH married Constance CHATELIER ?, children:

  1. Joshua SMITH

  2. Samuel SMITH

  3. James Harold Victor SMITH (Flying Officer, IAF, at the time of his death in 1944.)

Next Generation

Joshua SMITH married Yvonne Menaud and had five children - names will be supplied shortly.  Yvonne and children in Australia, Josh died 83/84.


Samuel SMITH married ? MOON, son

  1. Sam SMITH

James Harold Victor SMITH (IAF Flying Officer) married Ivy Joyce Doreen SWINGLER (daughter of George and ? Swingler. Vice Principal, St Thomas's Girls School, Kidderpore Calcutta) Lucknow Cathedral. children:

  1. Roger Jocelyn Michael Smith (born 23/11/1942, Military Hospital in Lucknow).

  2. Valeie Winsome Jacynth Smith

Next Generation

Roger Jocelyn Michael Smith (born 23/11/1942, Military Hospital in Lucknow). married Jennifer Adelaide Mee, (born 8/8/44) Divorced 1982, children:

  1. Tracy Jo SMITH, born 3/8/69

  2. James Alexander SMITH (William - catholic name at confirmation) born 5/12/78.

Roger Jocelyn Michael Smith (born 23/11/1942, Military Hospital in Lucknow) married (2nd marriage) Urszula Wanda Nartovich (born 19/4/49) 8/6/88, divorced 1998, no issue.


Roger Jocelyn Michael Smith (born 23/11/1942, Military Hospital in Lucknow) married 12/6/98 (3rd marriage) Elena Vladimirovna Goncharova, born Moscow,1/9/71, mother Nina Bogdanova, father Vladimir Alexeivich Goncharov.,no issue(as yet!).


Valerie Winsome Jacynth SMITH married Terence Anthony PALMER (of Plumstead, England) children,

  1. Andrew James Palmer

  2. Sean Terence Palmer

  3. Kevin Roger Palmer

  4. Barrie Steven Palmer

  5. Kerry-Joy Elizabeth Palmer

info from Valerie Palmer


?? SMITH married ??, children:

  1. Nadine Naomi SMITH (born 15/9/1926 Madurai, India)

Next Generation

Nadine Naomi SMITH (born 15/9/1926 Madurai, India) married Wilmot Fredrick MacDONALD, children:

  1. Cheryl Lindsay MacDONALD(born 31/5/1953 Madurai, India)

  2. Deanne April Hilda MacDONALD(3/4/1955 Madurai, India)

  3. Kevin John MacDONALD(born 18/8/1958 Madurai, India)

  4. Keith James MacDONALD(born 3/5/1963 Madurai, India)

  5. Caroline May MacDONALD(born 13/5/1967 Madurai, India)


info from

?? SMITH married ??, children:

  1. Wendy SMITH

Next Generation

Wendy SMITH married Tony MELDER, born Kharagpur 1950, immigrated to Melbourne, Australia 1969. two children

  1. Dion MELDER

  2. Fiona MELDER


? SMITH married ??, children:

  1. Leonard Smith

Next Generation

Leonard SMITH, (decd.) a guard on the B.B.C.I. Rly in 1942-43 in Ratlam, India, married ??, children:

  1. Frederick SMITH

I am looking for a Frederick SMITH (he could have changed his name to Meek - his step-father's). He is the son of Leonard Smith (decd.) who was a guard on the B.B.C.I. Rly in 1942-43 in Ratlam, India. He is urgently sought by relatives/friends in Perth and London.... Could you please help ?  Thanks Stacia MORRIS



info from Lorraine Reghelini

? SMITH married ??, children:

  1. John N Smith

Next Generation

John N SMITH (b 1950 Madras) married Mary P REED (b 1953, Calcutta) . Children:

  1. Peter R Smith (b1982 Madras),

  2. Elizabeth E Smith (b 1984 Melbourne)

Next Generation
Peter R SMITH (b1982 Madras) married Jane DEAN (b 1986 Bangalore)

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