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info from  jan mcarthur <janmca@supernerd.com.au Trying to find out if they had any children or did the family go back to England.


?? WHEELER married ??, children:

  1. Emma Annie WHEELER (b ? d 1901 Calcutta)

Next Generation

Emma Annie WHEELER (b ? d 1901 Calcutta) in 1896 married William FERRIS (b Newbury Berkshire England, worked for Dykes and co Calcutta coachbuilders ) at the free church Wesley square Calcutta. 



info from Stan Smith ssopus@gmail.com


?? WHEELER married ??, children:

  1. Emma Annie WHEELER (b ? d 1901 Calcutta)

Next Generation

Earnest WHEELER married Beatrice (Bessie) CAMPBELL, children:

  1. Lily Wheeler (b India)

Next Generation

Lily WHEELER (born in India and died in Kolkata, India) married Arthur CUXTON (born in India and died in Kolkata, India). Children: 

  1. Llewelen CUXTON. Living in Kolkata, India.


info submitted by dedfred99@yahoo.com


?? WHEELER married ??, children:

  1. Albert Edward Wheeler (b1927, Madras)

Next Generation

Albert Edward WHEELER (b1927, Madras) married Philomena MARTIN (b1933) on 26/12/1949 at Royapuram, Madras. Children:

  1. Patricia WHEELER

  2. Joyce WHEELER

  3. Sylvester WHEELER

  4. Alexander WHEELER

  5. Cherryl WHEELER

  6. Otterran WHEELER (b1966 - died 01/07/1996)

Next Generation

Patricia WHEELER married Anthony BROWNE children:

  1. Fabian   - India

  2. Felecia   - India

  3. Sophia    - Australia

Joyce WHEELER married PADMANABHAN children:

  1. Remona

  2. Glennis

Sylvester WHEELER married Joan ROZARIO children:

  1. Shane Wheeler.

  2. Hanna Wheeler

Alexander WHEELER  married Judeline SANDY, children:

  1. Janelle.

  2. Andrina.

Cherryl  WHEELER married Bertram BRIGGS children:

  1. Jenny

  2. Nicloa.

Cherryl  WHEELER, 2nd marriage, John BOSCO children:

  1. Micheal

  2. Michellene.

Otterran WHEELER married Anzolette HEFRT child:

  1. Lucanda.


info submitted by Jeffrey Wheeler  jwheeler@global.net.au 


?? WHEELER married ??, children:

  1. William WHEELER (born 1789 in Haverford West County Pembroke, Wales, United Kingdom.)

Next Generation

William WHEELER (born 1789 in Haverford West County Pembroke, Wales, United Kingdom.) married ??, children:

  1. David Wheeler (born 1818, died 15/8/1882)

Next Generation

David WHEELER (born 1818, died 15/8/1882) in 1863 married ??, children:

  1. George Wheeler

  2. Chas Wheeler

  3. John Wheeler

Next Generation

George WHEELER on 28/11/1887 married Grace JOSEPH, children:

  1. Christie Wheeler

  2. Maude Wheeler (deceased England)

  3. Walter Augustus Wheeler (deceased India)

  4. Henry Wheeler

  5. May Wheeler

  6. William Wheeler

Next Generation

Walter Augustus WHEELER (born on 10/6/1893 (India) and died on 4/10/1957 (India) married Elizabeth Matilda WATERS (born 3/12/1906, 1 of 9 sisters of Waltair, deceased Perth 1980), children :  

  1. Dorothy, 

  2. Gilbert WHEELER(deceased Northampton, England July 1998),  

  3. Horace George (born 23/5/1930 at Adra, West Bengal and died 4/3/1999 in Bombay)

  4. Ralph, 

  5. Christine.

Henry WHEELER married Daisy WATERS


May Wheeler married Michael HOGERMEER 


William Wheeler married Jennifer BRAY  


Next Generation

Dorothy WHEELER married Errol ANTHONY, children

  1. Robert

Gilbert WHEELER married Josephine COLE, children : 

  1. Paul 

Paul WHEELER married Vicki ?, children : 

  1. Joanne, 

  2. Matthew, 

  3. Elizabeth

Paul WHEELER, 2nd marriage, to Karen ??, children:  

  1. Elliott Wheeler, 

  2. Keziah Wheeler

Horace George WHEELER (b1930 in Adra, West Bengal, deceased 4/3/1999 in Bombay) married Marlene Averil CROCKER , her 2nd marriage (born on 30/11/1938 in Guntikal, Andrah Pradesh, deceased 7/6/1989 in Bombay, India), children : 

  1. Jeffrey Wheeler 

  2. Brian Joseph Wheeler (deceased in Bombay on 8/3/1990)

  3. Judith Wheeler (known as Judy). 

Ralph WHEELER married Mary KEEVER, children : 

  1. Susan Wheeler 

  2. John Wheeler

Ralph WHEELER married (2nd marriage) Elizabeth ?, children : 

  1. Richard WHEELER.

Susan WHEELER married David ?, children : 

  1. Gareth, 

  2. Samantha

John WHEELER married Janine ?, children :

  1. Katie Wheeler

Christine WHEELER married Neil SUTTON, children

  1. Andrew, 

  2. Mark,

  3. Kevin.

Jeffrey WHEELER married Kim PARKER, children : 

  1. Eve WHEELER, 

  2. Ashley WHEELER, 

  3. Kate WHEELER ,

  4. James Phillip WHEELER 

Judith (Judy) WHEELER married Anil NAZARETH, children : 

  1. Brendon NAZARETH.

  2. Bryan NAZARETH


?? WHEELER married ??, children:

  1. Cynthia WHEELER

Next Generation

Cynthia WHEELER married Gerald Douglas FEWKES (Bunny), children

  1. Philip Fewkes.

  2. Steven Fewkes

  3. Michael Fewkes


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