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info from Dermot Fewkes fewkesdl@bigpond.com

?? FEWKES married ??, children:

  1. Cyril Wilmot Fewkes

Next Generation

Cyril Wilmot Fewkes married Mavis Rita STEPHENS


info submitted by Vivian LAWLESS vivlawless@supanet.com

?? FEWKES married ??, children:

  1. James Edward Fewkes

Next Generation

James Edward FEWKES married Elizabeth DEONIS, children:

  1. Marjorie FEWKES

Next Generation

Marjorie FEWKES married Edward Louis LAWLESS, children:

  1. Oscar Kenneth FEWKES

  2. Gerald Douglas FEWKES (Bunny)

Next Generation

Oscar Kenneth FEWKES married Ziska Van Dort children

  1. Norma June.

  2. Fleur Veronica.

  3. Hilary Dalston.

  4. Kevin Henry Oscar.

Gerald Douglas FEWKES (Bunny) married Cynthia WHEELER, children

  1. Philip.

  2. Steven

  3. Michael

Next Generation

Norma June FEWKES married Paul Chapman. children

  1. Amy Veronica and

  2. Paul Scott

Fleur Veronica FEWKES  married Bernhard Werner Dalhaus children

  1. Ophelia .

  2. Tamara.

  3. Sandra.

Hilary FEWKES married Deborah Hendrick. children

  1. Terri

  2. Bernard

  3. Ricky.

Kevin Henry Oscar FEWKES married Josien Ten Sythoff.

Philip FEWKES married Gorgina Boucher. children

  1. Tara.

Steven FEWKES married Maria Martin. children

  1. James

  2. Edward

Michael FEWKES married Kari Lundgren children

  1. Johanna Alice.


info from fewkesdl@bigpond.com

? FEWKES married ?: children

  1. Fitzroy FEWKES, 

  2. Dermot FEWKES 

  3. Daphne FEWKES 

  4. Grenville FEWKES 

  5. Rosalind FEWKES 

  6. Janet FEWKES


Fitzroy FEWKES married Nita HAWES

  1. Natalie (Honey), 

  2. Farley, 

  3. Suzanne

Dermot FEWKES married Philomena CHINNERY

  1. Nigel, 

  2. Arlene, 

  3. Mirella

Daphne FEWKES married Hubert MACFARLINE: 

  1. Debra, 

  2. Helen

Grenville FEWKES married Audrey LEMERLE

  1. Fiona, 

  2. Glenys, 

  3. Gavin, 

  4. Dinny

Rosalind FEWKES married Esyland JONAS: 

  1. David

Janet FEWKES married Ronald BARTON

  1. Wayne, 

  2. Natasha


Natalie (Honey) FEWKES married Greg PASCOE, children:

  1. Todd

  2. Scott 

Nigel FEWKES and  Alison GUILFOYLE, children:

  1. Ezekiel

  2. Kieran

  3. Priya

Arlene FEWKES married Carlton BYRNE-QUINN, children:

  1. Cassandra

  2. Joshua

Mirella FEWKES married Edgar D'SOUZA, children:

  1. Sian Randall-D'souza

  2. Kristen

  3. Deanne

  4. Kiara

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