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(Hi Debbi. Desmond is the son of Gertrude, my dads half sister. Gertrude's mother was Agnes Ragney ( my grandmother ) who married my grandfather (Henry Hussey) who was a  Doctor in Yercaud, South India. Gertrude was married to Harry Halge and they divorced and she married Hugh Wilson, they moved to Kent in England. I have a photo of my parents wedding with Gertrude, her mother and Desmond at my Grandparents  house "Sunset View" in Yercaud. I have met Desmond when I was a child in Madras at Gertrudes House, I  never met Godfrey but I have met Zoe in England a long time ago.  Best wishes, William Hussey )

?? HUSSEY (b ?) married ??, children

  1. Henry Hussey (b ?)

Next Generation

Henry HUSSEY (Doctor in Yercaud, Salem District, Madras) married Agnes RAGNEY, children:

  1. Gertrude Hussey

Next Generation

Gertrude HUSSEY married Harry HALGE and they divorced, children:

  1. Henry Desmond Halge (Des) (b UK, grew up in India)

  2. Godfrey Halge (was a Doctor. He died in a car wreck when he was in his early thirty's)

Gertrude HUSSEY married (her 2nd marriage) Hugh WILSON, they moved to Kent in England.

?? HUSSEY married ??, children:

  1. William Hussey

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