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(Hi Debbi. Desmond is the son of Gertrude, my dads half sister. Gertrude's mother was Agnes Rayney ( my grandmother ) who married my grandfather (Henry Hussey) who was a  Doctor in Yercaud, South India. Gertrude was married to Harry Halge and they divorced and she married Hugh Wilson, they moved to Kent in England. I have a photo of my parents wedding with Gertrude, her mother and Desmond at my Grandparents  house "Sunset View" in Yercaud. I have met Desmond when I was a child in Madras at Gertrude's House, I  never met Godfrey but I have met Zoe in England a long time ago.  Best wishes, William Hussey )


?? HUSSEY (b ?) married ??, children

  1. Henry Hussey (b ?)

Next Generation

Henry HUSSEY (Doctor in Yercaud, Salem District, Madras) married Agnes RAYNEY, children:

  1. Gertrude Hussey

Next Generation

Gertrude HUSSEY married Harry HALGE and they divorced, children:

  1. Henry Desmond Halge (Des) (b UK, grew up in India)

  2. Godfrey Halge (was a Doctor. He died in a car wreck when he was in his early thirty's)

Gertrude HUSSEY married (her 2nd marriage) Hugh WILSON, they moved to Kent in England, children:

  1. William Hussey


?? HUSSEY (b ?) married ??, children

  1. George Hussey (b ?)

Next Generation

George HUSSEY married ?, children:

  1. William Hussey (b 1837 )

Next Generation

William HUSSEY (b 1837) at 28yrs on 28 Nov 1865 in Bangalore married 17yr Charlotte ARKLIE (b 1848 daughter of Ebenezer Arklie), children:

  1. William George Hussey (b 21 Sep 1866 Bangalore, d 11 Jul 1891 Pursewalkum)



Hi everyone, I'm interested to hear from anyone with CRONAN, RAYNEY, NATION, BYRNE, HUSSEY and D'CRUZ connections in southern India, particularly around Madras and Bangalore. My ancestor lines arrived in the Madras Presidency in the early 1820s and 1840s, and my parents left in 1947. Hoping it rings bells for any 'cousins' out there  Regards, Majella


? HUSSEY married ?, children

  1. William George St. John HUSSEY (b ?)

Next Generation

William George St. John HUSSEY married Agnes DELAHUNTY (nee RAYNEY), children:

  1. Elsie Agnes St. John HUSSEY (b.31 Jan 1907, Meerut, d.20 Mar 1919, Poonamallee)

  2. Aileen Winifred St. John HUSSEY (b.19 Nov 1908, Benares, d.1991, Bournemouth, UK)

  3. William (Bill) Henry St. John HUSSEY (b.8 Dec 1911, Meerut, d.1994, Tasmania)

  4. Sheila Joyce Hussey (b 3 Jul 1918 Poonamallee)

Next Generation

Aileen Winifred St. John HUSSEY (b.19 Nov 1908, Benares, d.1991, Bournemouth, UK)  married Philip BLAKEY in 1944, in Bandra, children:

  1. David Robin Blakey (b 11 Oct 1944 Bandra)


William (Bill) Henry St. John HUSSEY (b. 8 Dec 1911, Meerut, d.1994, Tasmania) at 26yrs on 30 Jun 1938 in Yercaud, Salem District, Madras married 25yr  Majorie Clarice KAPPER(b 1913 daughter of William Stephen Kapper) moved to Tasmania in 1949/1950. Children:

  1. David Hussey

  2. Patrick Hussey



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