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Rodriguez is a patronymic name meaning "son of Rodrigo." The "ez or es" added to the root signifies "descendant of." The given name Rodrigo is the Spanish form of Roderick, meaning "famous power," from the Germanic elements "hrod," fame and "ric," power.



Francis RODRIQUES Mechanic married ?, children:

  1. Anthony Rodrigues (b 1848)

Next Generation

Anthony RODRIQUES Mechanic (b 1848) at 23yrs on 10 May 1871 in Fort St George, Madras married 19yr Charlotte THOMAS, (b 1852, d 21 Jan 1905, daughter of David Rozario Thomas) children:

  1. Matthew Lazarus Rodrigues (b 21 Sep 1871, c 8 Nov 1871, d 15 Oct 1943 Madras, age 73)

  2. John Innocent Rodrigues (b 28 Dec 1874, c 9 Jun 1875)

  3. George Rodrigues (b 29 Dec 1877, c 7 Aug 1878 Madras)

  4. Alice Rodrigues (b 1881, d 12 Jan 1883)

  5. Rose Mary Rodrigues (b 26 Oct 1883, c 29 Nov 1883 Madras)

  6. William Anthony Rodrigues (b 16 Dec 1886, c 22 Jan 1887 )

Next Generation

Matthew Lazarus RODRIGUES Mechanic of Royapettah  (b 21 Sep 1871, c 8 Nov 1871, d 15 Oct 1943 Madras, age 73) at 35 yrs on 6 Feb 1907 in St George's Madras married 18yr Josephine Rose MATTHEWS, (b 1889, daughter of James Matthews) children:

  1. Julia Mildred Rodrigues (b 2 Jul 1908, c 12 Sep 1908 Fort St George)

  2. Muriel Ivy Rodrigues (b 25 Jun 1910, c 27 Aug 1910 Fort St George)

  3. Merlin Marjorie Rodrigues (b 30 Jan 1912, c 11 May 1912 Fort St George Madras)

  4. Anthony Malcolm Rodrigues (b 4 Mar 1914, c 11 Jun 1914 Fort St George, Madras)

  5. Isaac William Rodrigues (b 12 Dec 1915, c 22 Jan 1916 Madras)

  6. Stanley Cecil Rodrigues (b 8 Apr 1918, c 4 May 1918 Madras)

  7. Henry Edward Rodrigues (b 6 Jun 1920, c 17 Jul 1920 Fort St George, Madras)

  8. Charlotte Christiana Rodrigues (b 19 Nov 1922, c 27 Mar 1923 Madras)

  9. Joseph Alexander Rodrigues (b 11 Jul 1925, c 26 Sep 1925 Madras)

  10. Miriam Elizabeth Rodrigues (b 5 Sep 1928, c 6 Feb 1929 Madras)

Next Generation

Julia Mildred RODRIGUES (b 2 Jul 1908, c 12 Sep 1908 Fort St George) at 34yrs on 5 Mar 1942 in Madras married 35yr Anthony LAZARUS (b 1907, son of Burness Lazarus)


Muriel Ivy RODRIGUES (b 25 Jun 1910, c 27 Aug 1910 Fort St George) at 19yrs on 9 Oct 1929 in Madras married 21yr Cecil Richard THIBBLE (b 1908, son of John Thibble)


Anthony Malcolm RODRIGUES Clerk (b 1914) at 24yrs on 12 Oct 1938 in St George's Madras married 21yr Violet Clemintina TRIVETT (b 1917, daughter of Samuel Anthony Trivett)


Stanley Cecil RODRIGUES Motor Mechanic of Royapettah (b 8 Apr 1918, c 4 May 1918 Madras) at 20yrs on 27 Jul 1938 in St George's Madras married 21yr Ivy Gladys DENNIS (b 1917 daughter of Ernest Dennis), children:

  1. Matilda Edith Rodrigues (b 21 Sep 1938, c 15 Oct 1938 Fort St George, Madras),  

  2. Basil Augustus Rodrigues (b 8 Aug 1941, c 24 Aug 1941 Madras)

  3. Norma Claudett Rodrigues  (b 11 Dec 1943, c 18 Feb 1944 Fort St George, Madras)

  4. Genevieve Mary Rodrigues (b 6 May 1946, c 1 Jun 1946 Fort St George, Madras)

Joseph Alexander RODRIGUES (b 11 Jul 1925, c 26 Sep 1925 Madras) at 24yrs on 24 Apr 1950 in Royapettah, Madras married 27yr Philomena LOPEZ (b 1923, daughter of Rappi Lopez)




info from  Donna Barren <

?? RODRIQUES married ??, children:

  1. Neville Alphonse Rodrigues

Next Generation

Neville Alphonse RODRIGUES of Khurda Road, INDIA, on 24th August 1955 in Chakhardapur, married Vera (Koko) WILLIAMS. Neville was employed in the S.E.Rly and retired as A.M.E in Khurda Road in 1976. Koko is now deceased. They had five children all of whom were born in Bilaspur:

  1. Gail Patricia Rodrigues (b1956 is now deceased)

  2. Ann Christine Rodrigues (b1958 is now deceased,

  3. Donna Catherine Rodrigues (b1960

  4. Myra Francis Rodrigues (b1962

  5. Michael Gerard Rodrigues (b1962 ?)

Next Generation

Ann Christine Rodrigues (b1958 is now deceased), in Khurda Road on 25/2/78 married Michael Hugh POWER (b1954): They had three children.

  1. Andrew Michael Power (b1978)

  2. Nicholas Mark Power (b1980) married Maria LOBO (b1981).

  3. Michelle Ann Power (b1983)

  4. Andrew Michael Power (b1978) married Rhiana Karumbaya (b 1982)  

Donna Catherine Rodrigues (b1960) on 29/12/84 married Gordon Mark (Bobby) BARREN (b1956) , children:

  1. Deborah Ann Barren (b1985,

  2. Desiree Ann Barren (b1992,

  3. Damien Mark Barren (b1993.

Myra Francis Rodrigues (b1962) on 4/11/81 in Khurda Road married Wilfred Alexander REDDEN (b1959) . Children:

  1. Daniel Wayne Redden b1981,

  2. Gregory Dean Redden b1983,

  3. Denise Ann Redden b1987,

  4. Deidre Ann Redden b1993.

Michael Gerard Rodrigues (b1962 ?) married Glenda NORMAN b1966 in Khurda Road on 30/12/86. Children:

  1. Christopher Rodrigues b1988,

  2. Craig Rodrigues b1990.


info courtesy of

Margaret RODRIGUES (b 1924) married Joseph Douglas REBELLO (Bunny) (b 1919), children:

  1. Kenneth Joseph Rebello (b 1946)

  2. Matilda Zina Constance Rebello (b 1950)

  3. Allan Raymond Rebello (b 1951)

  4. Lavinia Marlene Philomena Rebello (b 1954)

  5. Stephen Jude Rebello (b 1958)


info from Annette Palman

?? RODRIGUES married ??, children:

  1. Ivy Constance( Royapuram, Madras ,India)

Next Generation

Ivy Constance RODRIGUES (Royapuram, Madras,India), married Robert Stephen NORONHA (Royapuram ,Madras, India) : Children

  1. Beatrice Noronha (Madras,India)

  2. Francis Noronha (Brisbane,Australia)

  3. Dennis Noronha (deceased)

  4. Louis Noronha (Brisbane ,Australia)

  5. Noel Noronha (Deceased)

  6. Carlton Noronha (Melbourne ,Australia)


info from Margaret Schultz My family Rodrigues comes from Chittagong Bangla Desh.  Would like to find out if anyone from that city could provide me details on my grandparents JEROME RODRIGUES and ELIZABETH PAUL.



info from

?? RODRIGUES married ??, children:

  1. Olga Mary Rodrigues

Next Generation

Olga Mary RODRIGUES, married Arthur Terence Ridge-Cooke, children...

  1. Ashley Ridge-Cooke (schooling at St Vincents, Asansol)

  2. Ian Ridge-Cooke (schooling at St Vincents, Asansol)

  3. Maryann Ridge-Cooke (schooling at La Martiniere's for Girls Calcutta)


info from Michelle PEACOCK nee PEREIRA

?? RODRIGUES married ??, children:

  1. Elaine Elizabeth Rodrigues

Next Generation

Elaine Elizabeth RODRIGUES, married Leonard PEREIRA, children:

  1. Michelle Maria PEREIRA

  2. Dominic Savio PEREIRA 08/08/1969 - 16/02/1974

  3. Brendan Patrick PEREIRA


info from Linda

?? RODRIGUES married ??, children:

  1. Michael Rodrigues

Next Generation

Michael RODRIGUES in 1864 in Madras married Caroline D'SILVA



info from Melody RODRIGUES

?? RODRIGUES married ??, children:

  1. Thomas Rodrigues

Next Generation

Thomas RODRIGUES married Edna ?? (Bangalore), children:

  1. Cyril Martin Rodrigues

  2. Dorothy Rodrigues

  3. Douglas Rodrigues

  4. Esther Rodrigues

Next Generation

Cyril Martin RODRIGUES married Lynette SMITH, children:

  1. Melody Rodrigues (b 27/08/81, St Josephs Dispensary, Bangalore)


info from Rochelle Rodrigues Bernard Rodrigues

Our address: The Rajkumar College Campus,g.e.road, Raipur ( Chhattisgarh),  Telehone Nos: 0771- 4044944, 5532325, (Mobile) 9425505287.

We are looking for any relatives and friends in India and abroad, please do write /telephone us, we would be really happy to hear from anybody who knows us.

?? RODRIGUES married ??, children:

  1. Albert Alfonso Rodrigues

Next Generation

Albert Alfonso Rodrigues married ??, and had 21 children. Among them

  1. Dennis Rodrigues

  2. ??

  3. ??

Next Generation

Dennis Rodrigues married Dorothy BARREN and had 11 children,

  1. Bernard Rodrigues

Next Generation

Bernard Rodrigues married Erica BARREN. They have One daughter -

  1. Rochelle Rodrigues.


info from Dave Francis Rodrigues

?? RODRIGUES married ??, children:

  1. Peter Eugene Rodrigues

Next Generation

Peter Eugene Rodrigues married Shirley Lourdes ?? (Mougalivakkam, Chennai), Children:

  1. Dave Francis Rodrigues

  2. Jonathan Fitzgerald Rodrigues

  3. Kevin Joseph Rodrigues

  4. Sheldon Rodrigues

Next Generation

Dave Francis Rodriuges married Melishia Caroline Bernadette ANGELO, Children:

  1. Mikael Dominic Rodrigues

Jonathan Fitzerald Rodrigues married Valarien D'Costa, Children:

  1. Joshua Rodrigues

  2. Calvin Mario Rodrigues

Kevin Joseph Rodrigues married Cheryl Chester, Children:

  1. Chervin Rodrigues

  2. Maybourne Rodrigues


info from Veronica Benham

Philomina Coral RODRIGUES (b St Thomas Mount) married Derrick Peter THIBBLES, children:

  1. Anthony Carlton Thibbles

  2. Rudolph Simon Thibbles

  3. Veronica Mary Thibbles


info from  0421 349 544 Home phone  (07) 3351 2729

?? RODRIGUES married ??, children:

  1. George Rodrigues

Next Generation

George RODRIGUES married Gladys FONCECA (born ?, daughter of), children:

  1. Gloria Rodrigues

  2. Robert Rodrigues

  3. Jennifer Rodrigues (b1946)

Next Generation

Jennifer RODRIGUES married Glenn TODD (b 1941, lived in Madras from 1959 to 1970.  He met Jennifer in Madras, INDIA. Left India in March 1970; lived in Perth, Western Australia for 3 years, Melbourne 10 1\2 years and Brisbane since 1983). Children:

  1. Michael Todd was b1969 in India,

  2. Candice Todd (b1971 in Australia,

  3. Simon Todd (b1975, Australia, married Joni

  4. Alithea (b1977, Australia

  5. Matthew (b1978, Australia


info from

?? RODRIGUES married ?, children:

  1. Manual Rodrigues

Next Generation

Manuel Vincent RODRIGUES (Manny) (b1942, from Bombay) married June SILVESTER, of Ootacamund  (b1942) on 21/4/1968. They have two children and have settled in Australia:

  1. Simone Ann Rodrigues b1969

  2. Marc Antony Rodrigues b1971.

All living in Perth except Marc who is in Melbourne.

Next Generation

Simone Ann Rodrigues (b1969) married Robert TOMIC on 1st January 1995. Children

  1. Brandon Ray TOMIC b1998 (7 years)

  2. Sophie Ann TOMIC b 2000(5 years)

  3. Kate Gemma Tomic (b2005 Perth)


info from Eunice Welsh

I am looking for old friends and also info to complete my family tree.  If anyone has any information on the Welsh family or D'Silva family (Bangalore, India) please email me. I moved to England in 1963.  I now live in Lawrenceville, NJ USA.

?? RODRIGUES married ??, children:

  1. Theresa RODRIGUES (1884-1977)

Next Generation

Theresa RODRIGUES (1884-1977) married Hubert WELSH (1876-1942), children:

  1. Ashley Welsh (1909-1993)


info from

?? RODRIGUES married ??, children:

  1. Josephine RODRIGUES

Next Generation


  1. Neville JOHNSTONE

  2. Bernadette JOHNSTONE


info from

?? RODRIGUES married ??, children:

  1. Henry Reginald RODRIGUES

Next Generation

Henry Reginald RODRIGUES married Inez Thelma SYMSS, children

  1. George Rodrigues, b1969


info submitted by Glenn Daniells


? RODRIGUES married ??, children:

  1. Elizabeth Rodrigues (b1960)

Next Generation

Elizabeth RODRIGUES (b1960) on 10/10/1981 at St Gerard's Majella, Balga, Perth, West Australia, married Glenn DANIELLS (b1954, Royapuram, Madras) . Children:

  1. Shaun Glenn Daniells (b1983, KEMH, Perth WA)

  2. Shane Luke Daniells (b1984, KEMH, Perth WA)

  3. Matthew William Daniells (b1986, KEMH, Perth WA)


info submitted by Glen Redden

?? RODRIGUES married ??, children:


Next Generation

Alan RODRIGUES  married Isabel REDDEN - they have six children,

  1. Jude Rodrigues

  2. Jennifer Rodrigues

  3. Coral Rodrigues

  4. Valarie Rodrigues

  5. Marina Rodrigues

  6. Maria Rodrigues married Claudius Rosario, they have two children Amanda and Andrew.

Next Generation

Jude Rodrigues  married Metilda ?, they have three children

  1. Cheryl Rodrigues

  2. Savio Rodrigues

  3. Avita Rodrigues.

Jennifer Rodrigues  married Richard Rafferty, they have three children

  1. Hilda,

  2. Cassandra

  3. Dominic.

Coral Rodrigues married Jimmy Tucker, they have three children

  1. Belinda,

  2. Alister,

  3. Fabian

Merina Rodrigues married Gerard Voght, they have three children

  1. Gavin,

  2. Melvin

  3. Sylvin.

Vallarie Rodrigues- married Arnold Trinadad, they have three children

  1. Natalia,

  2. Romellia ,

  3. Shania

Maria Rodrigues married Claudius Rosario, they have two children

  1. Amanda and

  2. Andrew.


info submitted by

?? RODRIGUES married ??, children:

  1. Armine Clarence RODRIGUES

Next Generation

Armine Clarence RODRIGUES married Martha Cristana MacDONALD, children:

  1. Fredrick RODRIGUES


  3. Dorothy Doreen Gwendoline RODRIGUES (born 30/12/1916 Tiruchinopoly, India, died 17/3/1993, Pallavaram, Madras)

  4. Allan Douglas RODRIGUES (born 9/9/1919 Tiruchinopoly, India)


  6. Blossom RODRIGUES

  7. Gerald Edward RODRIGUES (born 23/1/1924 Tiruchinopoly, India)

  8. Beryl RODRIGUES

  9. George Eardley RODRIGUES (born 28/11/1927 Tiruchinopoly, India)

  10. Basil RODRIGUES (died 1934)

Next Generation

Dorothy Doreen Gwendoline RODRIGUES married Norman Stephen ALMEIDA (born 7th Dec 1916, Tiruchinopoly, died 19/2/1987, Pallavaram, India) ,children:

  1. Ronald ALMEIDA

  2. Desmond ALMEIDA

  3. Jean ALMEIDA

  4. Pamela ALMEIDA

  5. Brendan ALMEIDA

Allan Douglas RODRIGUES married Dulcie EVERS, children:

  1. Donford RODRIGUES

  2. Rebecca RODRIGUES

  3. Jeanette RODRIGUES

  4. Allister RODRIGUES


Gerald Edward RODRIGUES married Shelda ROZARIO (b1933 Tiruchinopoly), children:

  1. Armine Edward RODRIGUES (b1955 Tiruchinopoly)

  2. Brian Edward RODRIGUES (b1956 Tiruchinopoly)

  3. Carmen RODRIGUES (b1958 Tiruchinopoly) 

  4. Deborrah RODRIGUES (b1959 Tiruchinopoly)

  5. Eunice Edward RODRIGUES (b1961 Tiruchinopoly)

  6. Francis Edward RODRIGUES (b1963 Tiruchinopoly)

  7. Gerald Edward RODRIGUES (b1965 Tiruchinopoly)

  8. Henry Edward RODRIGUES (b1967 Tiruchinopoly)

Beryl RODRIGUES, married Joseph LEWIS, children:


  2. MARIE LEWIS BORN   (b1943

  3. CHRISTOPHER LEWIS  (b1947, d ??)


        (info from STEPHEN LEWIS )

George Eardley RODRIGUES (b1927 Tiruchinopoly, India) married Yvonne Marie Celine TULLY (b1931 Tiruchinopoly), children:

  1. Peter Michael Clayton RODRIGUES (b1952 Tiruchinopoly)

  2. Belinda Valerie RODRIGUES (b1954 Erode)

  3. David Mark RODRIGUES (b1956)

Next Generation

Carmen RODRIGUES married Roy ANDERSON (b1959 Tiruchinopoly)


Deborrah RODRIGUES married George REBEIRO (b1959 Tiruchinopoly)

  1. Dominic REBEIRO (b1994)

  2. Gary REBEIRO(b1995)

Eunice Edward RODRIGUES married Richard PEARL (b1960 Tiruchinopoly)

  1. Brandon PEARL (b1997)

  2. Jonathan PEARL (b1999)

Peter Michael Clayton RODRIGUES (b1952 Tiruchinopoly) married Bernadine Marguerite D'MONTE (b1958 Vepery) residing Melbourne, children:

  1. Jeremy Michael RODRIGUES

  2. Steve Mark John RODRIGUES

  3. Christopher Mathew RODRIGUES

Belinda Valerie Rodrigues (b 1954 Erode) married Joseph Norbert TANNER, Children

  1. Dominique Alison Tanner,

  2. Suzanne Caryn Tanner - residing Melbourne Australia

David Mark Rodrigues (b1956) married Susan Joseph, Children

  1. Matthew Tomas Rodrigues,

  2. Maddison Ann Rodrigues - residing Melbourne Australia

Next Generation

Jeremy Michael RODRIGUES married Katherina Gourko


    (info from Bernadine Rodrigues


Info supplied by Alister FULLER ""

?? RODRIGUES married ??, children:

  1. Benjamin RODRIGUES

Next Generation

Benjamin RODRIGUES (born …?), son of ….. married on 2 Oct.1972 to Catheline JEREMIAH (b1948)  (2 children),

  1. Monica Rodrigues (b 1973)

  2. Michelle Rodrigues (b 1975), married on Dec.23 1996 to Mohammed Nasrullah (born ?), son of …? (1 child  Imran Nasrullah (b1997)


?? RODRIGUES married ??, children:

  1. Russel RODRIGUES

Next Generation

Russel RODRIGUES married Glynis HELLEIN, children: 

  1. Gavin RODRIGUES, 

  2. Candida RODRIGUES, 


Dudley RODRIGUES married Lorraine HELLEIN, children: 

  1. Donovan RODRIGUES, 

  2. Natasha RODRIGUES, 

  3. Aiden RODRIGUES


? RODRIGUES married Canute Donald REAY, children :



?? RODRIGUES married ??, children:


Next Generation

Jeje RODRIGUES married Joyce MURPHY , children,  

  1. Jason RODRIGUES, 

  2. Marc RODRIGUES  

  3. Samantha RODRIGUES


info from Jenny RODRIGUES (nee THOMPSON) and

?? RODRIGUES married ??, children:

  1. Leonard RODRIGUES

Next Generation

Leonard RODRIGUES of Chakradhapur married Delphine SAMUEL, children:

  1. Gordon Anthony Rodrigues

  2. Barry Jude Rodrigues married Charlotte Althea JONES of Khurda Rd, Calcutta

Next Generation

Gordon Anthony RODRIGUES married Jennifer THOMPSON of  Calcutta


Barry Jude Rodrigues married Charlotte Althea JONES of Khurda Rd, Calcutta, children:

  1. Fiona Rodrigues

  2. Kimberly Rodrigues

  3. Melissa Jane Rodrigues

  4. Natasha Rodrigues


info from Beverly Miller (nee Reid)


?? RODRIGUES married ??, children:

  1. Albert Alfanso RODRIGUES

Next Generation

Albert Alfanso RODRIGUES married  ?  BUSTIETTO ?? 21children:in total. (don’t know all of them)

  1. Rosie Rodrigues

  2. Joseph Stephen (my grandfather)

  3. Annie Rodrigues

  4. John Rodrigues

  5. Edwin Rodrigues

  6. Edgar Rodrigues

  7. Florence Rodrigues

  8. Alex Rodrigues

  9. Ursula Rodrigues (never married)

  10. Ralph Rodrigues

  11. Dennis Rodrigues

  12. Stanley Rodrigues

  13. Ansie Rodrigues

Rosie RODRIGUES married Reuben MILLERchildren:

  1. Audrey Miller

  2. Horrace Miller

Joseph Stephen RODRIGUES (b1896 in Quilon, d1966) at 26yrs on 25 April 1923 in Adra married Mary Elizabeth D’MONTE (b 1921, Madras daughter of Eugene Patrick D'Monte, died 16/11/1977) Children:

  1. Albert Eugene Rodrigues (pet name Ginger) b1924

  2. Beatrice Violet Rodrigues (pet name Betsy) b1925

  3. Stanley Ignatius Rodrigues (b1927)

  4. Edmund Patrick Rodrigues (pet name Tiny)

  5. Gweneth Mary Rodrigues (pet name Rita)

  6. Adeline Valerie Rodrigues (pet name Buddie girl) b1940, never married

Annie RODRIGUES married Terence SWEENEYchildren:

  1. Brian Sweeney

  2. Babsy Sweeney

  3. Moira Sweeney

  4. Maureen Sweeney

  5. Hyancinth Sweeney

  6. Christina Sweeney

  7. Angela Sweeney

  8. Patsy Sweeney

  9. Pamela Sweeney

  10. Belinda Sweeney

John RODRIGUES - 1st marriage to Millicent GALLAGHER/CALLAHANchildren:

  1. Marjorie Rodrigues

  2. Tiny Rodrigues (female)

  3. Ralph Rodrigues

  4. Clement Rodrigues

  5. Douglas Rodrigues

John RODRIGUES 2nd marriage to Queenie SAUNDERSchildren:

  1. Millie Rodrigues

  2. Ernest Rodrigues

  3. Desmond Rodrigues

  4. Jennifer Rodrigues

  5. Oscar Rodrigues

  6. ?? Rodrigues

 Ralph RODRIGUES Wing Commander, married Felicite Ann SATUR, 2 CHILDREN,



              info from

Dennis RODRIGUES married Dorothy BARRENchildren:

  1. Keith Rodrigues

  2. Patsy Rodrigues

  3. June Rodrigues

  4. Ninette Rodrigues

  5. Gordon Rodrigues (Buddha)

  6. Ursula Rodrigues

  7. Crompton Rodrigues

  8. Bernard Rodrigues

  9. Phillip Rodrigues

  10. Errol Rodrigues

  11. Andrew Rodrigues

Stanley RODRIGUES married Marie DAVIDSON - children:

  1. Glynis Rodrigues

  2. Christopher Rodrigues

Next Generation

Albert Eugene RODRIGUES married Marie BASTIAN one child

  1. Melanie Rodrigues

Beatrice Violet RODRIGUES (b1925) married Norman Harold REID (b19Cf4) on 28/7/1948 - children:

  1. Willard Frank Jospeh Reid (b1948)

  2. Cheryl Janice Mary Reid (b1950)

  3. Beverly Philomena Lyn Reid (b1952)

  4. Jason Harold Anthony Reid (b1954)

  5. Cornel Emery Jude Reid (b1956)

  6. Ricardo Ian Michael Reid (b1963)

Stanley Ignatius RODRIGUES (b1927) married Juliet Gertrude COLLETT, (b 19 Dec 1932, c 11 Jan 1933 Calcutta, daughter of Joseph William & Norah Collett) children:

  1. Rockwell Ramuss Rodrigues


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