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John KING married Anne ?, children:

  1. Charles Joshua King (b 12 Oct 1843 Bombay)

Next Generation

Charles Joshua KING on 10 May 1865 in Byculla married 18yr Harriet POTTER (b 1847 daughter of David Arthur Potter), children:

  1. Olive Winifred King (b 1865, d 13 Sep 1946)

  2. Lillian Florence King (b 1869)

Charles Joshua KING on 25 Nov 1874 married 20yr Susan Elizabeth BAKER (b 1854 daughter of Edward Baker)


Next Generation

Olive Winifred KING  Bangalore, on 10 Jan 1906 in Bombay married George Harold Otto BIRD (b 1885, d 10 Apr 1936 Poona, son of Joseph Dentin Bird), children:


  1. Horace George King Bird (b 21 Oct 1906 Girgaum, Bombay)

  2. Viviane Bird

  3. Kenneth Fredrick Bird

  4. Beatrice Edna Bird

  5. Percival Wilfred Bird

  6. Donald Bird


Lillian Florence King (b 1869) at 26yrs on 6 Nov 1895 in Bombay married 27yr James Leonard BARKER (b 1868 son of Charles Barker)



?? KING married ??, children:

  1. Charles King

Next Generation

Charles KING married ?, children:

  1. Neville Oliver King

Next Generation

Neville Oliver KING on 7 May 1942 in Perambur married Mary Myrtle PROUDFOOT (b 24 Aug 1923 Perambur,  daughter of Edmond Joseph and Violet Elizabeth Proudfoot)




Victor's granddaughter is in Australia and would very much like to know any more details of their family tree. I am trying to trace their graves at Jabalpur which may need repairs. Thanks.


Petyer KING married ??, children:

  1. William Harry King

Next Generation

William Harry KING married Alice Constance ? (b 1875,  d 19 Mar 1915 Jubbulpore India, grave at Church of England, Jubbulpore), children:

  1. Leonard Ferdinand King (b 7 Apr 1895 Lucknow)

  2. Vincent Valentine King (b 4 Aug 1896 Lucknow)

  3. Sidney Martin King (b 8 Jul 1902 Allahabad)

  4. Victor King

  5. Daisy King (b 12 Aug 1906 Jubbulpore)

Next Generation

Victor KING married ??, children:

Daisy KING (b 12 Aug 1906 Jubbulpore) married ?? HOPWOOD, children:



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Biddie KING married Edwin PENTONY, children:

  1. Sybil Pentony

  2. Doris Pentony

  3. Margaret Pentony


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?? KING married ??, children:

  1. Eliza King

Next Generation

Eliza KING, possible marriage in 1790, India, to Murdoch BROWN b 1750 Edinburgh, Scotland,   He died Tellicherry 9th Jan 1828.  (Born at Edinburgh, 1750, Murdoch left Scotland for Lisbon merely for the voyage, but never returned : found work at Lisbon, made his way through Europe : in 1775 went out as Consul to Calicut for the Empress Maria Theresa of Austria : engaged in trade, of which Jonathan Duncan, Governor of Bombay, wrote, 1792, as the most considerable of any British subject on that side of India : he lost eleven ships, East Indiamen, of 1,000 tons or more in the war with France : in 1798 he took over from Government as a plantation ""Five Tarras of Randaterra"" (The Anjrakandy estate) in Malabar : was granted, in 1802, a 99 years' lease, being the earliest English landholder in India : the natives regarded him as their Raja : none but the lowest caste would work on the estate, which was wasted by war : he educated his tenants and Christianized them by native catechists and German missionaries, raising them in the scale of civilization : he spoke seven European and five or six Oriental languages : died at Tellicherry, 1828.) The couple had the following children:

  1. Francis Samuel Caranac BROWN b. 10 Nov 1792 d. 1868 Author - looking for marriage and descendants. (Born at Mahé, Nov 10, 1792 : son of Murdoch Brown (q.v.) : educated in England and France (where he was detained at the rupture of the peace of Amiens):joined the 80th foot: Lieutenant and A.D.C: retired on half pay to help his father manage the Anjrakandy estate: J.P : returned to Europe, 1838: was an active member of the committee of the ""British India Society".    

  2. Maria Jane BROWN b. circa 1792 m. 1810 Bombay Lt. Col. John LUDLOW b. 1778 Romsey, Hants, Eng.

  3. Caroline BROWN b. circa 1792 m. 1813 Mahe Joachim Marcus da SILVA b. 1796 - Chief of Police in Mahe

  4. Eliza Agnew BROWN b. 1795 d. 1835 m. 1814 Bengal Gordon FORBES b. 1783 Ham, Surrey

  5. Agnes BROWN m. 1809 Calicut Maj. Gen. Richard Augustus WILLIS b. c. 1783 Constantinople, Turkey

  6. Julia Wilkinson BROWN d. 1844 m. 1815 Thomas ALLPORT - Looking for any descendants


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?? KING married ??, children:

  1. James Charles King (b Birmingham 1849)

Next Generation

James Charles KING (b Birmingham 1849) married Gertrude Alice WILTON (b 1868 Meerut) Children:

  1. Bertram W King (b 1885 Lahore)

  2. Amy W King (b1887 Meerut)



Looking for the children/grandchildren of Tyrrel Douglas King from Jhansi: Josephine Annabelle, June Marie, Frank Tyrrel, Cynthia Joyce, Marlene Yvette, Pamela Maud, Richard Winston, Ronald Desmond & Yvonne Jeanette King.  Would love to hear from anyone connected to you.  Please, please contact me, just need info.  Promise wont be a nuisance!


?? KING married ??, children:

  1. Tyrrel Douglas King (b ? India)

Next Generation






Alec Douglas KING (b NOVEMBER, 192? JHANSI, INDIA, dec) married THELMA ??. son:

  1. Dunstan King (UK)


  1. CAROLINE MARIE ELISABETH KING (NARWANI) (B.17th Sept. 1951 Calcutta, India) (USA)

  2. TYRRELL (GINGER) JOHN VIANNEY KING (B. 18th September 1954, Calcutta, India. (dec) 16th January 2006.


Anyone who can help fill in the blanks can please contact Valerie King (daughter of Basil King) who is putting together the family tree.  Also are looking for any links to the MacDonald name, plus another family name Shelverton. Contact Valerie at .



(Info supplied by Karen THOMAS, or  )

?? KING married ??, children:

  1. Edward King

Next Generation

Edward KING married Olga SMITH



info from Medard King

?? KING married ??, children:

  1. Edward Charles King

Next Generation

Edward Charles KING (an engineer in the Railways, based in Chalakudi, Kerala) married ?? had four sons;

  1. Dennis King

  2. Erick King

  3. Arnold King

  4. Kenneth King.

Next Generation
Dennis KING married Beryl ??, children:

  1. Medard King

  2. Geraldine King

  3. Carlyle King


info from Samantha King

??KING married ??, children:

  1. Charles William King (b 1865 - India)

  2. Edwin Charles King (born17/11/02 India)

  3. Aubrey Donald Joseph King (born 1/9/1937 India)

Next Generation

Charles William KING (b 1865, India) on 29/8/1892 at the Methodist Church, Moradabad, married Alice Gertrude HALL (b1865, Calcutta, India).  Children:

  1. Diana Grace KING (b1898, Lucknow, India)

  2. Edwin Charles William KING (b1902, Lucknow, India)

Edwin Charles KING (b17/11/02 India) on 14 January 1931, India, married Eva Mary MELLOR (b1911, Gorakhpur, India, d 1988, Kent England), children:

  1. Coleen Mary KING (born 27/11/1931, Barauni Junction, India, death December 2006, India)

  2. Caryle Vincent KING (born 1934, India)

  3. Aubrey Donald Joseph KING (born 1/9/1937, Barauni Junction, India)

  4. Neville KING (born 31/12/1940, India)

  5. Collette KING (born3/1943, India)

  6. Ashley KING (born 11/1945, India)

  7. Alwyn KING (born 3/1947, India)


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?? KING married ??, children:

  1. Elizabeth King

  2. Norah King

  3. Fredrick (John) King

  4. George William King (b 16/5/1918, India,  studied at Goethals, Kurseong, d 12/1/1983 Sydney)

Next Generation

Elizabeth KING married Melvyn ANDREWS on 8th April 1961, St Theresa's Church, Lower Circular Road, Calcutta, children -

  1. Caroline Elizabeth Andrews

  2. Melanie Teresa Andrews

Norah KING married ?? RIDLER



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?? KING married ??, children:

  1. Doris May King

Next Generation

Doris May KING from Bangalore/Bilaspur,India, married Clarence Joseph STACEY



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?? KING married ??, children:

  1. Violet KING

Next Generation

Violet KING married Eugene D'MONTE, children - 

  1. Thomas Anthony D'Monte, 

  2. Denny D'Monte, 

  3. Wilfred D'Monte, 

  4. Pat D'Monte, 

  5. Archie D'Monte 

  6. May D'Monte, 

  7. Dolly D'Monte 


info from  and Mike King on 6 Feb 2004

?? KING married ??, children:

  1. Monique King

Next Generation

Monique KING married  Aaron D'CASTRO .



info from Sharon King

?? KING married ??, children:

  1. Leroy King

Next Generation

Leroy KING married Sharon BARWELL (studied in Sacred Heart, Yercaud from 1968 to 1975), living in Melbourne, children:

  1. Marc King

  2. Alana King  


info from Allyson Bobb Bridget   Sharon Agate (nee Holder) Fiona Collins <

?? KING married ??, children:

  1. Sally King

Next Generation

Sally KING married ,David Joseph HOLDER (b 29/5/1963) Bilaspur India  they have one child

  1. Lauren Amber Holder


info from Derek George Kingsley

?? KING married ??, children:

  1. Eustace King

Next Generation

Eustace KING on 29th December 1979 in Chennai, India at Mater Delores Church, married Mary ISAAC. They have two daughters,

  1. Averil Maria King (13.07.1983),

  2. Karena Antoinette King (25.09.1984)


info from Enid Nicholas

?? KING married ??, children:

  1. Raymond KING

Next Generation

Raymond KING married Tessy NICHOLAS, migrated to Canada-Children:

  1. Trevor King married Dorris in Canada, children: 1.Michael King, Girl.

  2. Debbie King married Mark, children: 1Baby boy

  3. Carol King

  4. Kevin King

  5. Joan King (married??), children:1 Baby girl ZARA.

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