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info from Trevor Michael & Christine Larive

?? LaRIVE married ??, children:

  1. Malcolm Joseph LaRIVE

Next Generation

Malcolm Joseph LaRIVE, worked as Chief controller In Indian Railways at Vijayawada (b ?, d July 1985) married Yvonne Teresa STEPHENSON (b 27th July 1926, D 1993). They met in Madras.  7 children

  1. Lynus Larive

  2. Patricia Larive

  3. Celine Larive

  4. Rodney Larive

  5. Trevor Michael Larive

  6. Estelle Larive

  7. Brian Larive

Next Generation

Trevor Michael LaRIVE ( b 15/7/1956 & residing in Madras - India.) married  Christine LEAHY  (b 7/1/1958, kolar gold fields - Karnataka ), children:

  1. Sean Michael Larive (b 22/06/1985)

  2. Kevin Antonio Larive (b 08/11/ 1988.)

Lynus LA’RIVE married Keith Edmond RODRIGUES - lives in MADRAS, India. Children :


  2. PATRICIA LA’RIVE – married WOLFGANG KLUEPPEL lives in GERMANY (Dormagen).

  3. ESTELLE LA’RIVE – married - lives in GERMANY (Dormagen), Children: 1. MIKE, 2. NICOLE

  4. CELINE LA’RIVE – married RUBEN HALL - lives in Bangalore, Karnataka, India. Children: One daughter - CANDIDA MARIA HALL married JOHN THOMAS - lives in DUBAI (UAE)


  6. BRIAN LA’RIVE married BONNITA MAUD HENRICUS, lives in Riyadh, SAUDI ARABIA, Children: 1. BELINDA – lives in Melbourne, Australia, 2. BERNADINE – lives in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


info from info from Glenn Stephen Satur (B:1981)

?? LaRIVE married ??, children:

  1. Gwendeline LaRIVE

Next Generation

Gwendeline LaRIVE married Edgar De ROZARIO, children:

  1. Patricia de ROZARIO

  2. Audrey de ROZARIO


Charles LaRIVE married ?? children:

  1. Thomas George LaRIVE (b 1837)

Next Generation

Thomas George LaRIVE (b 1837) at age 24 on 30 Sep 1861 in Waltair, Madras married 22yr  Ellen Mary BERNARD (daughter of Caesar Bernard)



Charlo LaRive married Jane ?, children:

  1. Francis Zenathur Larive (b April 1841 Vepery)


(Info supplied by Karen THOMAS, or ),


John Francis LaRIVE (b 1841, d 1 Aug 1906, Cocanada, Madras) married Matilda ?? children:

  1. Jane Larive (b 1873, d 7 Mar 1878 Ootacamund)

  2. Thomas George LaRIVE (b 1877)

  3. Mary Jane Louise Larive (b 1879)

Next Generation

Thomas George LaRIVE (b 1877) married Mabel Beatrice HELDT (daughter of Henry Heldt), 9 children:

  1. Olive LaRive

  2. Myrtle LaRive (b 1926 Visakhapatnam) ,

  3. Dudley LaRive,

  4. Doris LaRive,

  5. Anthony LaRive,

  6. Masey LaRive,

  7. Iris Marie LaRive (b 9 Dec 1909 Vizag),

  8. Kathleen Bertha LaRive (b 9 Mar 1908 Vizag)

  9. Elizabeth Sybil LaRive (b 4 Feb 1907 Madras).

Mary Jane Louise LaRIVE (b 1879) at 22yrs on 12 June 1901 in Cocanada married 31yr John Joseph GIBSON


Next Generation

Olive LaRIVE married Ralph PLATEL


Myrtle LaRIVE (b 1926 Visakhapatnam) abt 1957 married Dilip SHETH (b 1920 Bombay), children:

  1. Raj D Sheth (b 1958, Visakhapatnam) married Louise Samut (b 1957, Malta) 
  2. Lina Sheth (b 1960 Visakhapatnam married Jan Janula (b 1950, Czech Republic)
  3. Anita Sheth (b 1960 Visakhapatnam)
  4. Ursula Sheth (b 1964 Visakhapatnam) married Thomas Magee (b1963 New York)

Dudley LaRIVE married Victor CONNOR


Doris LaRIVE married Douglas REARDON


Anthony LaRIVE married Ena REBELLO


Kathleen LaRIVE married George BURKE


Sybil Elizabeth LaRIVE married George Herbert SMITH, 3 children:

  1. Clifford Smith

  2. Phyllis Smith

  3. June Smith

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