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?? MacDONALD married ??, children:

  1. William Stanley MacDonald (School: Dow Hill School, Kurseong 1942 - 47 & 1950)

Next Generation

William Stanley MacDONALD (went to Dr Graham's, Kalimpong) married Gladys Helen PLOMER, children:

  1. William Ian MacDonald (I am an old Lamart boy, and went on to work at Hamiltons in Calcutta. I now live in Adelaide
    South Australia with my wife Connie. We have only a daughter and four grand children)


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?? MacDONALD married ??, children:

  1. Sally MacDonald (School: Dow Hill School, Kurseong 1942 - 47 & 1950)

Next Generation

Sally MacDONALD married ?? STEWART



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? MacDONALD married ??, children:

  1. Freda MacDONALD (b 5/12/1918, Poona, d 3/6/2001 Edmonton)

Next Generation

Freda MacDONALD (b 5/12/1918, Poona, d 3/6/2001 Edmonton) married Reginald BARNES, children:

  1. Glenys Barnes

  2. Patrick Barnes

  3. Sandy Barnes

  4. Hilton Barnes


info submitted by Milton BIRD  and Albert & Olive MacDONALD 

? MacDONALD married ??, children:

  1. Samuel Albert MacDONALD

Next Generation

Samuel Albert MacDONALD married Ellen Jane WALFORD, children:

  1. Adelaide Alberta MacDONALD(born 30/6/1881, Tiruchinopoly, India)

  2. Agnes Blanche MacDONALD(born 16/1/1883, Tiruchinoploy, India, died Perth, Australia)

  3. Albert Donald MacDONALD(born 12/5/1884, Tiruchinopoly, India)

  4. Fredrick William MacDONALD(born 7/8/1886, Tiruchinopoly, India)

  5. Ethel Jane MacDONALD(born 23/10/1888, Tiruchinopoly, India)

  6. Anne Maud Edith MacDONALD(born 14/10/1890, Tiruchinopoly, India)

  7. Martha Cristana MacDONALD(born 7/1/1893, Tiruchinopoly, India, died Madras)

  8. Samuel Eric MacDONALD(born 28/9/1894 Tiruchinopoly, India, died 6/10/1972 Perth, Australia)

  9. Leonard St.John MacDONALD(born 27/12/1896 Tiruchinopoly, India)

  10. Hubert Sinclair MacDONALD(born 23/9/1898 Tiruchinopoly, India)

  11. Edward Harold Sydney MacDONALD(born 3/11/1900 Tiruchinopoly, India, died 27/7/1967 at sea)

  12. Mable Merle MacDONALD(born 11/9/1902  Tiruchinopoly, India, died Tiruchinopoly)

Next Generation

Adelaide Alberta MacDONALD married Richard ASH, children:

  1. Eddie ASH

Agnes Blanche MacDONALD married ? HOY, children:

  1. George HOY

Fredrick William MacDONALD married Doris YOEMANS


Ethel Jane MacDONALD married Ginger FIRTH


Anne Maud Edith MacDONALD married Richard D'SILVA, children:

  1. Blanche D'Silva

  2. Olga D'Silva

  3. Phillis D'Silva

  4. Phillip D'Silva

Martha Cristana MacDONALD married Armine Clarence RODRIGUES, children:

  1. Fredrick Rodrigues

  2. Gwen Rodrigues

  3. Dorothy Doreen GwendolineRodrigues  (born 30/12/1916 Tiruchinopoly, India, died 17/3/1993, Pallavaram, Madras)

  4. Allan Douglas Rodrigues (b 9/9/1919 Tiruchinopoly, India)

  5. Noel Rodrigues

  6. Blossom Rodrigues

  7. Gerald Edward Rodrigues (b 23/1/1924 Tiruchinopoly, India)

  8. Beryl Rodrigues

  9. George Eardley Rodrigues (b 28/11/1927 Tiruchinopoly, India)

  10. Basil Rodrigues (died 1934)

Samuel Eric MacDONALD married May Edna MANSFIELD (b 11/11/1906 Negapatam, India, d 14/3/1966 Pallavaram, Madras), children:

  1. Wilmot Fredrick MacDONALD (b 23/10/1926 Negapatam, India, d 28 Aug 2016 Perth)

  2. Edna Merlyn Dameris MacDONALD (b 11/10/1927 Tiruchirapalli, India, d 22/12/2004 Perth, Australia)

  3. Sheila Blanche MacDONALD (b 21/12/1930 Ootacamund, India, d 31/8/2000, Perth, Australia)

  4. Albert Raymond Brian Mansfield MacDONALD (b 20/5/1932 Coonoor, India)

  5. Stanley Eric MacDONALD (b 21/6/1934 Coonoor, India)

  6. Lanslot MacDONALD (b 19/3/1937 Pallavaram, India, d 22/1/1938 Pallavaram, India)

Edward Harold Sydney MacDONALD married Gertrude Constance PELL, children:

  1. Twin Girl 1 (born Tiruchirapalli, died Tiruchirapalli)

  2. Twin Girl 2 (born Tiruchirapalli, died Tiruchirapalli)

  3. George Beresford MacDONALD (b 20/10/1929 Tiruchirapalli d 30/10/2012)

  4. Yolanda MacDONALD (b 1940 Madras, d 1943 Madras)

Mable Merle MacDONALD married (1st marriage) to ? ROZARIO, children

  1. Harold Rozario, (b  26/3/1928, d 27/9/97)

  2. Duncan Rozario, (b 12/8/1930)

Mable Merle MacDONALD married (2nd marriage) Adolphus CLEMENTS (b 1/3/1993 Tiruchinopoly, India, d 13/11/1957 Tiruchirapalli, India), children:

  1. Doreen Merina Clements

  2. Roy Clements

  3. Winston Clements

Next Generation

Wilmot Fredrick MacDONALD (b 23/10/1926 Negapatam, India, d 28 Aug 2016 Perth) married Nadine Naomi SMITH (b 15/9/1926 Madurai, India), children:

  1. Cheryl Lindsay MacDONALD (b 31/5/1953 Madurai, India)

  2. Deanne April Hilda MacDONALD (b 3/4/1955 Madurai, India)

  3. Kevin John MacDONALD  (b 18/8/1958 Madurai, India)

  4. Keith James MacDONALD (b 3/5/1963 Madurai, India)

  5. Caroline May MacDONALD (b 13/5/1967 Madurai, India)

Sheila Blanche MacDONALD married Eustace Stacey WEBB (b 20/9/1929, India), children:

  1. Lesley Anne Shelley WEBB

  2. Marcus Albert Christopher WEBB (b 26/8/1969, Perth, Australia)

Albert Raymond Brian Mansfield MacDONALD married Olivia Maise MICHAEL (b 21/12/1924,Chingleput, India), children:

  1. Craig Gerard MacDONALD (b 5/10/1963, Madras, India)

Stanley Eric MacDONALD married Dorothea Lilian MADDOCK (Tookie) (b 2/7/1936 Rangoon, Burma, India), children:

  1. Michael Andrew MacDONALD (b 25/5/1961, Madras, India)

  2. Gayle Karen MacDONALD (b 14/7/1964, Madras)

  3. Steven Ashley MacDONALD (b 25/6/1968 Perth, Australia)

George Beresford MacDONALD (b 20/10/1929 d 30/10/2012) married Marjorie FERNANDES (b 15/2/1927 Malaysia d 12/10/2012), children:

  1. John D MacDONALD (b 30/8/1960 Malaysia)

  2. Jean Maud MacDONALD (b 11/9/1962 Malaysia)

  3. Gillian Anna MacDONALD (b 30/11/1966 Malaysia)

Next Generation

Cheryl Lindsay MacDONALD married Gregory Michael ANDERSON (b 22/4/1954 Bilaspur, India), children:

  1. Michelle Lee ANDERSON (b 25/5/1978, Perth)

  2. Scott Gregory ANDERSON (b 6/3/1981, Perth)

  3. Dean Matthew ANDERSON (b 3/1/1988, Perth)

  4. Troy David ANDERSON (b 7/9/1989, Perth)

Deanne April Hilda MacDONALD married Geoffrey DANIELS (born 9/4/1952, Madras), children:

  1. Shaun DANIELS (b 9/4/1983 Perth)

  2. Brett DANIELS (b 20/5/1985, Perth)

  3. Jarrad DANIELS (b 24/12/1986 Perth)

  4. Ashley DANIELS (b 16/1/1988 Perth)

Kevin John MacDONALD married Loretta Anne CLEMENO (b 8/5/1958 Perth)


Keith James MacDONALD married Antoinette DOUGLAS (b 15/9/1961 Whitehaven, UK)

  1. Jessica MacDONALD (b 4/6/1992 Perth)

  2. Cameron Alexander MacDONALD (b 12/4/1995 Perth)

Caroline May MacDONALD married Martin F QUINLAN (b 10/2/1967 Moonee Ponds, Melbourne), children:

  1. Jorden Tekea (b 6/8/1997 Perth)

  2. Tahnee Narese (b 25/1/1999 Perth)

Michael Andrew MacDONALD married Sharene Louise YELLAND (b 23/8/1964 Perth), children:

  1. Damien MacDONALD (b 7/9/1987 Perth)

  2. Nathan Andrew MacDONALD (b 10/5/1991 Perth)

  3. Kristie Louise MacDONALD (b 25/10/1993 Perth)

Gayle Karen MacDONALD married Andrew Philip HENDRICKS (b 1/5/1948 India), children

  1. Samantha Hendricks (b 30/4/1990)

  2. Luke Hendricks (born (b 30/4/1988 ?)

Steven Ashley MacDONALD married Sarah Louise HARDING (born UK), children:

  1. James Ashley MacDONALD (b 1/5/1997)

  2. Katie Louise MacDONALD (b 10/5/1999)

Jean Maud MacDONALD married Gerard Patrick GLEESON, children:

  1. Emily Louise Gleeson (b 11/9/1993 Port Fairy)

  2. Jed Gleeson (b 21/10/1998 Port Fairy)

Gillian Anna MacDONALD married David A WEEKS (b 29/9/1962 NZ) children:

  1. Gemma Grace Weeks (b 2/8/1997)

  2. Ashleigh Hanna Weeks (b 15/11/2001Melbourne)

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