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info from Leslie Clements

?? CLEMENTS married ??, children:

  1. Cecil Valentine Clements (b.18Jan1889 Nagpur? d.1964 Jabalpur (jubbulpore)

Cecil Valentine CLEMENTS (b.18Jan1889 Nagpur? d.1964 Jabalpur (jubbulpore) married in 1910 at Buldana (between Amrauti and Bhusawal) Nita Violet FRANCIS (b.02Dec1892 d.12Jan1984). Had 8 children:

  1. James Eugene Clements
  2. Robert John Clements
  3. Muriel Sybel Clements
  4. Alfred Kenneth Clements
  5. Gilbert Edwin Clements
  6. Quintin Leslie Clements
  7. Olga Evelyn Clements
  8. Lilian Pearl Clements


info submitted by John Clements 

My grandfather Maxwell James CLEMENTS was one of four brothers , have  traced the family back to Nagpur. India

  1. John Clements, 
  2. Maxwell James Clements, 
  3. Matt Clements, 
  4. Natt Clements

Next Generation

Maxwell James CLEMENTS married a Maria CAVALLO, they had 6 children

  1. Eustace Clements
  2. Berrick Clements
  3. Neville Clements, confirmed bachelor residing in Perth Australia.
  4. Noel Clements died in India.
  5. Aubrey Mervyn Clements 
  6. June Clements 

Next Generation

Eustace CLEMENTS married Babs ?, they had 3 sons.. all are in Melbourne Australia 

  1. Maxwell Clements, 
  2. Randolf Clements,  
  3. Farley Clements, 

Berrick CLEMENTS married  Mona McMANUS, 2  children , residing in Perth Australia.

  1. Gregory Clements  
  2. Lillian Clements 

Aubrey Mervyn CLEMENTS married  Mavis Rita BARKER, they had 6 children,

  1. Crystal Clements 
  2. John ( Bull ) Clements 
  3. Alan Mervyn Clements 
  4. Ashley Clements 
  5. Audrey Clements 
  6. Kenneth Clements confirmed bachelor.   

June CLEMENTS married  John SCAFE, they had 2 sons ..all are residing in Perthh Australia.

  1. Micheal Scafe 
  2. Peter Scafe, 

Next Generation

Crystal CLEMENTS married Joe MIDDLETON they have 2 children, ...residing  in Perth Australia.

  1. Nicole Middleton 
  2. Mark Middleton, 

John ( Bull ) CLEMENTS married Daphne Katherine RYDQVIST we have 2 children, ..residing in Melbourne Australia.

  1. Jaclyn Maree Clements 
  2. Karen Lee Clements, 

Alan Mervyn Clements married Leonie KELEHER, they have two sons , ..residing in Melbourne Australia.

  1. Ashley Clements, . 
  2. Warren Clements, 

Ashley CLEMENTS married Elzbieta DERUS, they have 2 sons and one daughter, ..residing in Perth Australia. 

  1. Steven Clements ( )
  2. Andrew Clements 
  3. Saipriya Clements, 


Adolphus CLEMENTS (born 1/3/1993 Tiruchinopoly, India, died 13/11/1957 Tiruchirapalli, India) married Mable Merle MacDONALD , children:

  1. Doreen Merina CLEMENTS


  3. Winston CLEMENTS


Info supplied by Priscilla CLEMENTS

George Noel CLEMENTS married Mary ROBERTS, children: 

  1. Richard Terrence Clements (born in Calcutta, India.)

Next Generation

Richard Terrence CLEMENTS married Priscilla AMORE. My husband and I arrived here in Sydney in 1968 and have 2 sons.

  1. Stuart Noel Clements was born on 7 Dec 1968 in Sydney, NSW, Australia.
  2. Andrew Graham Clements was born on 21 Apr 1971 in Sydney, NSW, Australia. 

Next Generation

Andrew Graham CLEMENTS married Kylie Ann STODDART on 10 Nov 2001 in Australia.

Stuart Noel Clements married Revelene WARD ( previously of Calcutta, India) on29th July, 2006-07-14 They have a baby girl:

  1. LEAH CLEMENTS born 13th April, 2006

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