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? SNELL married ?, children:

  1. William Snell

Next Generation

William SNELL married ?, children:

  1. James Snell (b 1828)

Next Generation

James SNELL (b 1828) at 28yrs on 22 Oct 1856 in Calcutta married 15yr Marian GEALE (b 1841 daughter of George Geale), children:

  1. Samuel George Geale Snell (b 11 Aug 1857 Calcutta)

  2. Joseph Deacon Geale Snell (b 25 Dec 1859 Calcutta)

James SNELL (b 1828) at 34yrs on 1 Aug 1862 in Calcutta married 16yr Marcia Palmer WARD (b 1846) , children:

  1. Eliza Ada Marian Snell (b 15 Oct 1864 Calcutta)

  2. Arthur Nathaniel Snell (b 7 April 1866 Calcutta)

  3. Ernest Percy Snell (b 25 Oct 1867 Calcutta)

  4. Walter Ward Snell (b 1870, d 22 Jan 1872 Calcutta)

Next Generation

Samuel George Geale SNELL (b 11 Aug 1857 Calcutta) at 20yrs on 8 Aug 1877 in Howrah married Elizabeth Cecilia BROWNE (daughter of William Browne), children:

  1. Lena Bertha Snell (c 27 June 1880 Howrah)

  2. Sybil Snell (c 2 Feb 1884 Calcutta)

  3. Joseph Nash Geale Snell (c 31 Jul 1887 Kidderpore)

Samuel George SNELL (b 11 Aug 1857 Calcutta) widowed at 36yrs on 18 Dec 1893 married 24yr Alice D'MONTE (b 1869 daughter of Alfred D'Monte), children:

  1. Mary Snell (b 23 Nov 1893 Calcutta)

Eliza Ada Marian SNELL (b 15 Oct 1864 Calcutta) on 10 Dec 1878 in Dinapore married Walter Thomas LOVEGROVE (son of Elias Lovegrove)


Next Generation

Lena Bertha SNELL (c 27 June 1880 Howrah) at 27yrs on 18 Nov 1907 in Calcutta married 38yr widowed William Frederick Birkmyre HARPER (b 1869 son of John Harper), children:

  1. William Frederick Birkmyre Harper (b 28 Aug 1908 Calcutta)

Mary SNELL (b 23 Nov 1893 Calcutta) at 36yrs on 12 Dec 1931 in Calcutta married 42yr divorced John STEWART (b 1889 son of John Stewart)



info from Carolyn David

?? SNELL married ??, children:

  1. Colleen Snell

Next Generation

Colleen SNELL married Desmond GODFREY b.1924 (moved to the U.K.). Their children:

  1. Christine,

  2. Cheryl,

  3. Debbie


info from Clifford Jude Snell

?? SNELL married ??, children:

  1. Edgar Snell

  2. Percy Snell

  3. Albert Snell

Edgar SNELL married Stella ??, children:

  1. Malcolm Thomas Snell

  2. Duncan Snell,

  3. Morris Snell,

  4. Patrick Snell,

  5. Douglas Snell,

  6. Kenny Snell

  7. Mureal Snell,

  8. Zeetha Snell,

  9. Iris Snell,

  10. Joyce Snell,

  11. Pearl Snell.

Next Generation

Malcolm Thomas SNELL married Patricia June SMITH (d/o Fredrick and Pansy Smith), children:

  1. Christopher Snell

  2. Christine V Snell

  3. Clifford Jude Snell

  4. Ashwin Anthony Snell

  5. Conrad Michael Snell

Next Generation

Christopher Snell married June Jaffer, children

  1. Cassendra Snell

  2. Fiano Snell

Christine V Snell married Errol REAY. Children:

  1. Shaun

  2. Shantele Reay

Clifford Jude Snell married Caroline ORCHARD, daughter

  1. Caitlynn Snell

Ashwin Anthony Snell married Melody Burchelle, daughter

  1. Jaydne Snell

Conrad Michael Snell married Georgina MATHEWS (living in Australia)



info from Malcolm Speirs

?? SNELL married ??, children:

  1. Henry Nugent Snell (born c 1820)

Next Generation

Henry Nugent Snell (b abt 1820) married Elizabeth Jane FRANCES.  Children:

  1. Henry Charles Abbott Bellew SNELL (born 29.3.1852, St. John's church, Calcutta)

Next Generation

Henry Charles Abbott Bellew SNELL (born 29.3.1852, St. John's Church, Calcutta) married Margaret Anna SHORT (born 1857, died 8.9.1929) on 21.5.1880 at St. Joseph's church, Lucknow. Children:

  1. Mary Emilia Letitia SNELL (born 13.11.1881,Lucknow)

  2. Violet Regina Josephine SNELL (born 30.1.1884, Lucknow)

  3. Helen Agnes Menelin SNELL (born 16.12.1885, Lucknow)

  4. Rosy Agnes Beatrice SNELL (born 27.11.1887, Lucknow)

  5. Richard Henry Francis Joseph SNELL (born 20.9.1889, Lucknow)

  6. Lilian Mabel SNELL (born 29.3.1894, Lucknow)

Next Generation


Info from Carol Scott

?? SNELL married ??, children:

  1. Charles William Snell born 1847 Bengal,

Next Generation

Charles William SNELL (b 1847 Bengal, at baptist mission Chapel, Balasore, India, married Honoria Adelaide D'SYLVA (born 1853 Madras, India): Children

  1. Ida Alice Snell (born 7/6/1871 Berkampore, India

  2. Maude Gertrude Snell (born 16/5/1870,Bengal,India)

  3. Augusta Isabella Snell (born 9/8/1873 Bengal,India)

  4. Henry Owen Clifton Snell (born 13/11/1878 Bankipore West Bengal,India)

  5. Effie Florence Snell (born 25/3/1880 Bengal,India)

  6. Arthur Owen Snell (born 20/11/1881 Bengal,India)

  7. Mabel Blanche Snell (born 6/8/1884 Bengal,India)

  8. Irene Elletta Gladis Snell (born 21/7/1886 Bengal,India)

  9. Una-May Snell (born 14/3/1892 Calcutta West Bengal,India)


info from Amanda Boden

?? SNELL married ??, children:

  1. Percy Snell

Next Generation
Percy SNELL married Murial MAHER. Their children were

  1. Colin Snell

  2. Coral Snell (living in Aust.)

  3. Malcolm Snell (living in Aust.)

  4. Trevor Snell lives in Tulsa O,K he has 9 children Vanessa being the youngest

Next Generation

Colin SNELL married Jean WILSON having 3 children:

  1. Jennifer Snell

  2. Colin Snell

  3. Kerry Snell

Next Generation

Jennifer Snell married Robert Brown. having 2 children

  1. Amanda Brown married David Boden on 20th September 2002  children, Megan Leigh Boden 19/3/02,  Billy James Boden

  2. Robert Brown

Kerry Snell married Geoff Freestone 2 children:

  1. Amy Rose Freestone

  2. Thomas Geoffrey Freestone


info from amanda boden

?? SNELL married ??, children:

  1. Trevor Snell

Next Generation

Trevor Snell married Mavis?, Children;

  1. Gary Snell

  2. Farley Snell

  3. Rodney Snell

  4. Trevor Snell

  5. Chris Snell

Trevor Snell married (his 2nd marriage) Clarissa D'SOUZA, Children;

  1. Peter Snell

  2. Vanessa Snell {1975}

Next Generation

Farley SNELL married J. Karen Mclaughlin in 1978 at Seattle Washington, Children;

  1. Mica .J. Snell 12-07-1979

  2. Justin. A. Snell 11-08-1981

    Farley remarried in June 2006


info from Ronald Percival Snell

?? SNELL married ??, children:

  1. Ronald Percival SNELL (born in Bangalore)

Next Generation

Ronald Percival SNELL (born in Bangalore) married Gloria Adele Yvonne ELLIS in Poona (born in Dhond).  They have four girls and live in the USA.:

  1. Sandra Venetia Snell

  2. Suzanne Wendy Snell

  3. Sharon Rose Snell

  4. Sylvia Naomi Snell

Next Generation

Sandra Venetia Snell married Josh RAYMOND of Poona and have two kids -

  1. Jason Herbert Raymond

  2. Katrina Victoria Raymond

Suzanne Wendy SNELL has one son -

  1. Wyan

Sharon Rose SNELL married Jeff Michael SNAVELY (of Reading, PA, USA)


Sylvia Naomi SNELL married Randy REEDY and have a daughter and live in the USA:

  1. Victoria Rose Reedy 


Info from Karen Farrell

?? SNELL married ??, children:

  1. Priscilla SNELL

Next Generation

Priscilla SNELL married David SMITH ( b 1870, Cannanore,), children

  1. Violet Smith

  2. Winifred Smith

  3. Elizabeth Smith

  4. David Smith

  5. Margaret Smith

  6. William Smith


info from & Edwina Mathews <>

?? SNELL married ??, children:

  1. Percival Snell (b Mysore)

Next Generation

Percival SNELL (b Mysore) married Emma MATTHEWS (b, Bangalore). Children:

  1. Cynthia Snell

  2. Mavis Snell married Eric Yates

  3. Cymbeline Snell

  4. Phoebe Snell married Noel Townsend

  5. Hyacinth Snell married Ronald Davis

  6. Ronald Snell married Gloria Ellis

Next Generation

Cynthia SNELL (b Bangalore) married Horace HENDRICKS (born 20/08/24 Bangalore Karnataka) Children:

  1. Neville Hendricks born 1942 Bangalore

  2. Hedi Hendricks born 1944

  3. Veronica Hendricks  Born 1946

  4. Cyrus  Hendricks born 1948 Bangalore

Cymbeline SNELL married Malcolm HENDRICKS, children:

  1. Marcus Hendricks married Jennifer MacFarland, children: i. Michelle Hendricks married Ken Rowbottom, ii. Adele Hendricks

  2. Owen Hendricks

  3. Edwina Hendricks married George Mathews, children: i. Georgina Mathews married Conrad Snell. ii. Gavin Mathews


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