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info from Liz D'Sylva <edsylva@dcomms.net>


Anthony D'SYLVA married Annie ?, Children:

  1. Joseph D'SYLVA, b. 10 March 1871; d. 3 January 1955


Next Generation

Joseph D'SYLVA (b. 10 March 1871; d. 3 January 1955) married Agnes Frances GRACIOUS on 25 February 1895 in Mazagone, Bombay, India, daughter of GEORGE GRACIOUS and MONICA, Children:


  1. Victoria Monica D'SYLVA, b 30 July 1895, Mochie Gate, Lahore at 8 pm; d 1 Nov 1901. Baptised by Rev Father Fabien. Godparents: James & Victoria Rawcliffe

  2. Anne Louise (Lou) D'SYLVA, b. 4 January 1897, Anarkaly, Lahore at 7:00 pm; d. 16 November 1959, Eltham, London. Baptised by Rev Father Fabien. Godparents: Peter & Louisa Rosario

  3. MARY AGNES D'SYLVA, b. 8 May 1898, Anarkaly, Lahore at 12:10 am; d. 12 January 1900, Lahore, India at 9:30 pm. Baptised by Rev Father Fabien. Burial: 13 January 1900, N/1/281 f.126 Bengal Presidency. Godparents: Mrs M Baroba & Joseph Rawcliffe.

  4. PATRICK JOSEPH BERNARD D'SYLVA, b. 23 October 1899, Anarkaly, Lahore at 2:00 am; d. 8 August 1900, Lahore, India at 1:30 pm. Baptised by Rev Father Fabien. Burial: Lahore Cemetery. Godparents: Mrs M Gracious & Bernard D'Sylva.

  5. CAROLINE ROSE D'SYLVA, b. 31 August 1901, Nesbit Road, Lahore, India; d. 24 February 1979, Melbourne, Australia.

  6. EDWARD ANTHONY ALOYSIUS D'SYLVA, b. 2 June 1903, Anarkaly, Lahore at 4:00 am, d Sept 1983 Greenwich

  7. ALEXANDER JOHN D'SYLVA, b. 17 December 1904, Lahore, India at 6:30 pm; d. 14 March 1906, Lahore Cemetery. Baptised by Rev Father Fabien. Godparents: Miss E Louis & John Louis.

  8. EILEEN BEATRICE MARY MAGDALINE D'SYLVA, b. 21 June 1906, Lahore, India at 12:30 am (Thursday); d. 17 March 1992, Eltham, London; m. MAXIMILLIAN BONAVENTURE MARTIN. Baptised by Rev Father Mackie. Godparents: Mrs C Baroba & Fred Baroba.

  9. VIRGINIA ALEXANDRIA D'SYLVA, b. 5 August 1907, Lahore, India at 1:00 pm (Monday); d. 9 September 1984, Eltham, London.

  10. JOSEPHINE GRACE D'SYLVA, b. 1 April 1909, Lahore, India at 12:30 am; d. 5 August 1993, Lawgate Nursing Home, Lawgate, Hexham. Baptised by Rev Father Theodolence. Cremation: Newcastle Crematorium. Godparents: Louisa D'Sylva & Theophilus Gracious.

  11. OSBORNE ANTHONY D'SYLVA, b. 8 August 1910, Lahore, India at 8:00 pm; d. 23 September 1912, Lahore, India at 8:00 pm. Baptised by Rev Father Vincent. Godparents: Miss Agnes Manuel & Mr E Manuel.

  12. DOROTHY GERTRUDE EVELYN D'SYLVA, b. 15 November 1911, Lahore, India at 6:00 am; d. Unknown, Eltham, London.

  13. JOSEPH VINCENT D'SYLVA, b. 26 October 1913, Lahore, India at 6:00 am; d. 13 December 1983.

  14. JAMES GEORGE D'SYLVA, b. 30 September 1916, Lahore, India; d. 2 July 1993, Braintree, Essex, England.

  15. HILDA FLAVIAN D'SYLVA, (born 17 February 1918 in Lahore, India at 1am, and died 22 June 2008 in Consett.Baptised by Rev Father Ubald. Burial: 27 June 2008. Godparents: Caroline & Edward. Child of HILDA FLAVIAN D'SYLVA is: MARIA D'SYLVA.



Next Generation

Louisa Ann D'SYLVA, (b. 4 January 1897, Anarkaly, Lahore at 7:00 pm; d. 16 November 1959, Eltham, London) married Patrick PINTO 2 April 1918. Children:

  1. MARIE THERESA PINTO, b. 31 December 1918.

  2. PATRICIA AGNES PINTO, b. 13 May 1920; d. 20 December, St Thomas More's, Eltham, London. Cremation: 20 December?, Eltham, London


Louisa Ann D'SYLVA (b. 4 January 1897, Anarkaly, Lahore at 7:00 pm; d. 16 November 1959, Eltham, London) married Arthur William FOOTMAN (Occupation: Govt Telegraphs) on 23 September 1936 in RC Cathedral, Lahore (son of GEORGE WILLIAM  FOOTMAN)


Caroline Rose D'SYLVA (born 31 August 1901 in Nesbit Road, Lahore, India, and died 24 February 1979 in Melbourne, Australia.) married Gerard Agnew FONCECA on 15 August 1921. Children:

  1. Cyril Fonceca, b. 27 June 1922; d. 26 April 1991, married Zena Helena BIRD.

  2. GWENDOLINE Fonceca, b. 22 May 1924, married Leslie Rawlins.

  3. DOREEN Fonceca, b. 29 June 1928, d April 2016 Perth, married Curzon Delamotte.

  4. ANGELA (Bubbles) Fonceca b. 2 October 1929; m. WINSTON DILLON on 13 February 1966.

  5. GEMMA Fonceca , b. 20 November 1930, married Dudley Byrne-Quinn.

  6. DOROTHY (Billy) Fonceca , b. 7 April 1934.


EDWARD ANTHONY ALOYSIUS D'SYLVA (born 2 June 1903 in Anarkaly, Lahore at 4:00 am. Occupation: Telegraphs - Bengal Presidency. Godparents: Mr B D'Sylva & Mrs C Baroba) married MABEL NEED. Children:

  1. ROBERT JOHN D'SYLVA, b. 1934.Baptised 1934, RC Lahore - N/1/558 f.202

  2. ELIZABETH AGNES D'SYLVA, b. 1938; d. 2007

  3. .


EILEEN BEATRICE MARY MAGDALINE D'SYLVA, (b. 21 June 1906, Lahore, India at 12:30 am (Thursday); d. 17 March 1992, Eltham, London) married  MAXIMILLIAN BONAVENTURE MARTIN. Baptised by Rev Father Mackie. Godparents: Mrs C Baroba & Fred Baroba.


VIRGINIA ALEXANDRIA D'SYLVA (born 5 August 1907 in Lahore, India at 1:00 pm (Monday), and died 9 September 1984 in Eltham, London, Godparents: Mrs C Miller & Dominic Gracious) married JAMES CHRISTOPHER RAWCLIFFE. Children:

  1. RITA RAWCLIFFE, b. 1934.


  3. JENNIFER RAWCLIFFE, b. Abt. 1946.

  4. VERONICA RAWCLIFFE, b.  1951.


DOROTHY GERTRUDE EVELYN D'SYLVA (born 15 November 1911 in Lahore, India at 6:00 am, and died Unknown in Eltham, London. Godparents: Miss Evelyn Louis & Mr P Pinto) on 27 December 1937 in RC Cathedral, Lahore married ALBERT VINCENT MASCARENHAS (Occupation: Draftsman NW Rly, Pakistan. son of RONALD MASCARENHAS). Children:





(info submitted by Duncan Mascarenhas duncan_mascarenhas@education.ed.ac.uk on 24/9/2002)

JOSEPH VINCENT D'SYLVA (born 26 October 1913 in Lahore, India at 6:00 am, and died 13 December 1983. Godparents: Rev Father Vincent & Mrs C Waldren) married JUANITA D'SOUZA on 19 October 1946 in Lahore, India. Children:

  1. STEVEN D'SYLVA, b. Abt. 1950.

  2. MARIE-THERESE D'SYLVA, b. 1955, Chittagong.


JAMES (Jim) GEORGE D'SYLVA (born 30 September 1916 in Lahore, India, and died 2 July 1993 in Braintree, Essex, England. Funeral and Cremation on 8th July 1993 at Our Lady Queen of Peach Church, Braintree and then at the Crematorium Chelmsford.  Laid to rest at Braintree Cemetery 26th August 1993. Immigration: 1960, From Karachi to London) on 8 September 1949 in The Cathedral, Lawrence Road, Lahore, Pakistan, married Sheila Margaret Mary RODRIGUES (Burial: The cemetery, Braintree. Cremation: Our Lady Queen of Peace, Braintree. Immigration: 1960, From Karachi to London) daughter of JOHN RODRIGUES and GERTRUDE MYERS. Children:

  1. CHRISTOPHER RUPERT JAMES D'SYLVA, b. 1950, Lahore, Pakistan.

  2. ANNETTE D'SYLVA, b.1952, Lahore, Pakistan.

  3. IRENE D'SYLVA, b. 1953, Lahore, Pakistan; m. JOHN IAN RAMSEY GORDON, 1976, Christ Church, Eltham, London.

  4. RONALD D'SYLVA, b. 1955, Lahore, Pakistan; m. GEORGINA WILSON, 1987, Braintree, Essex, England.

  5. JENNIFER D'SYLVA, b. 1959, Karachi, Pakistan.


Next Generation

ELIZABETH AGNES D'SYLVA (born 29 September 1938, and died 2007) married CHARLES ANTHONY D'CRUZ, son of CHARLES D'CRUZ and INEZ JAMES.More About ELIZABETH AGNES D'SYLVA:Baptism: 11 October 1938, RC Lahore - N/1/592 f.148. More About CHARLES ANTHONY D'CRUZ:Baptism: 6 November 1937, Lahore RC Cathedral. Children of ELIZABETH D'SYLVA and CHARLES D'CRUZ are:





MARIE-THERESE D'SYLVA ( born 1955 in Chittagong) married DAVID LEWIS 1982. Children:

  1. JOSEPH VINCENT5 LEWIS, b. 1984.

  2. JESSICA LEWIS, b.1987.

  3. EDWARD LEWIS, b.1990.

Christopher Rupert James D'SYLVA (b 1950 Lahore, Pakistan. Baptised in The Cathedral, Lahore, First Communion: The Cathedral, Lahore, Immigration: 1960, From Karachi to London) in 1979 in St Winning's, Kilwinning, Ayrshire, married

Elizabeth Simella McNEIL (Baptised 1954, St Luke's Greek Orthodox Ch, Glasgowon  (daughter of JAMES MCNEIL and KYRIAKIE PAPANICOLAOU. Children of CHRISTOPHER D'SYLVA and ELIZABETH MCNEIL are:

  1. DOMINIC JAMES D'SYLVA, b. 1984, Chertsey, Surrey.

  2. STUART GEORGE D'SYLVA, b. 1984, Chertsey, Surrey.

ANNETTE D'SYLVA (born 1952 in Lahore, Pakistan) married DENNIS BALDOCK 1973 in Christ Church, Eltham, London. More About ANNETTE D'SYLVA:Baptism: The Cathedral, Lahore, First Communion: Sacred Heart School Chapel, Lahore. Children of ANNETTE D'SYLVA and DENNIS BALDOCK are:

  1. MADELEINE BALDOCK, b. 1981, Lewisham, London.

  2. DANIELLE BALDOCK, b. 1983, Eastbourne.


JENNIFER D'SYLVA (born 1959 in Karachi, Pakistan) married WINSTON BLISSETT 1984 in Braintree, Essex, England, son of REGINALD BLISSETT and ROSE. More About JENNIFER D'SYLVA: Baptism: St Philomena's Church, Karachi. Children of JENNIFER D'SYLVA and WINSTON BLISSETT are:

  1. OMAR BLISSETT, b. 1992, Lewisham, London.

  2. INDIA BLISSETT, b. 1995, Lewisham, London.


MARIA D'SYLVA married (1) JULIAN MONYPENNY, and then married (2) ?. Children of MARIA D'SYLVA and JULIAN MONYPENNY are:






info from Diana Desmier dianadesmier@hotmail.com

?? D'SYLVA married ??, children:

  1. Dagmar D'Sylva

Next Generation

Dagmar D'SYLVA (born 1939, Madras) married Christopher (Christy) LAZARO (born 1936, Madras),Children - 3 daughters:

  1. Debbie Lazaro (born 1964, Madras)

  2. Wendy Lazaro (born 1966, Madras)

  3. Kim Lazaro (born 1968, Madras)


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?? D'SYLVA married ??, children:

  1. Carmeline D'Sylva

Next Generation

Carmeline D'SYLVA from Royapettah Madras, married Justin Albert LONEL. Family have lived in MELBOURNE since 15th March 1969.



info from Melanie MELDBEER@MSN.COM

Placido D'Sylva (born Secunderabad 05/10/1869) married Sarah Hershey, Children:

  1. Hannah Di Sylva born circa 1903

  2. Bridget Da Sylva (born Chakardharpur 15/12/1906)

Next Generation
Bridget Da Sylva (born Chakardharpur 15/12/1906), married Wilfred John TAYLOR (born Madras 14/05/1894)


Info from Carol Scott  carolscott10@bigpond.com

?? D'SYLVA married ??, children:

  1. Honoria Adelaide D'Sylva (born 1853 Madras, India)

Next Generation

Honoria Adelaide D'Sylva (born 1853 Madras, India) married Charles William SNELL born 1847 Bengal, at Baptist mission Chapel, Balasore, India: Children

  1. Mary A Snell (b1869 Madras)

  2. Ida Alice Snell (born 7/6/1871 Berkampore, Madras, India

  3. Maude Gertrude Snell (born 16/5/1870,Bengal, India)

  4. Augusta Isabella Snell (born 9/8/1873 Bengal, India)

  5. Henry Owen Clifton Snell (born 13/11/1878 Bankipore West Bengal,India)

  6. Effie Florence Snell (born 25/3/1880 Bengal,India)

  7. Arthur Owen Snell (born 20/11/1881 Bengal,India)

  8. Mabel Blanche Snell (born 6/8/1884 Bengal,India)

  9. Irene Elletta Gladis Snell (born 21/7/1886 Bengal,India)

  10. Una-May Snell (born 14/3/1892 Calcutta West Bengal,India)


info from David Austin  dlaustin@uk.ibm.com

?? D'SYLVA married ??, children:

  1. Josephine Aileen D'Sylva

Next Generation

Josephine Alieen D'SYLVA married  David Reginald AUSTIN in 1950 in UK, Children:

  1. David Lionel Austin, 11Feb1952, Exeter, UK

  2. John Leroy Austin,  16Aug1954, UK

  3. Grahm Paul Austin, 03Jan1962,  Seletar,  Singapore


info submitted by phyllis.danko@verizon.net

?? D'SYLVA married ??, children:

  1. Thelma Constance D'Sylva

Next Generation

Thelma Constance D'SYLVA married Samuel Goddin HEATHCOTE (b. 24 July 1891), one child from this marriage.

  1.  ?


?? D'SYLVA married ??, children:

  1. Joseph D'Sylva (19/3/1870- 3/1/1955)

Next Generation

Joseph D'SYLVA (19/3/1870- 3/1/1955) married Agnes SAMPY ??( Feb 1873- 24/10/1957) : children .

  1. Caroline Rose D'Sylva

(D’Sylva Family members: Marie pinto, Joyce D’Sylva, Hilda D’Sylva, Patricia Pinto- Bert Mascarenhas, Edward D’Sylav, James D’Sylva, Eileen D’Sylva, Vincent D’Sylva.Dorothy, Mabel, Betty D’Sylva with Peter Mascrenhas.Arthur Footman, James Rawcliffe.Joseph D’Sylva, Rita Rawcliffe, Robert D’Sylva, Anthony D’Sylva (died 1940’s). Names, Yet to be confirmed and  placed in order on tree.



info supplied by Abranches D'Sylva adsylva_99@hotmail.com on 20/4/2001

?? D'SYLVA married ??, children:

  1. Abranches Achilles D'SYLVA

Next Generation

Abranches Achilles D'SYLVA married in the year 1966 at Bhusawal Lorraine Patricia GORMANLY (died on 17/12/1999 at the age of 53) . They had ten children:

  1. Albert Abranches D'Sylva

  2. Blaise D'Sylva

  3. Sandra Delia D'Sylva

  4. Orland D'Sylva

  5. Dennis D'Sylva

  6. Sylvia D'Sylva

  7. Pearl D'Sylva

  8. Cherryl D'Sylva (died in a road accident at 3 yrs of age)

  9. Ronald D'Sylva

  10. Noel D'Sylva

Next Generation

Albert Abranches D'SYLVA married Colleen JONES in the year 1997, children:

  1. Jason D'Sylva

  2. Tresa Irene D'Sylva (born 2001).

Sylvia D'SYLVA married Leonard FERNANDES at Goa on 25th May 2004. Both are now settled at Dubai, children:

  1. Kevin Fernandes (b on 08-04-2005.)

  2. Nikita Fernandes born  on 3rd July 2006 at Al Wasel Hospital Dubai.

Blaise D'SYLVA married Manisha and they have one daughter,

  1. Feona  

Sandra Delia D'SYLVA was married to Hirendra and they have three children, 

  1. Jesse, 

  2. Rohit

  3. Ashna.

Orland D'SYLVA married Sonia and they have two daughters, 

  1. Rebecca D'Sylva

  2. Lorraine. D'Sylva


?? D'SYLVA married ??, children:

  1. Alfred D'SYLVA

Next Generation

Alfred D'SYLVA married Marion REARDON and have 1 son 

  1. Andrew Paul D'Sylva.

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