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info submitted by John Jacob jj2000@ymail.com
?? JACOB married ??, children:

  1. Anthony George JACOB, born 23rd April 1840 baptised at Quilon, South West Coast India

Next Generation

Anthony George JACOB, (b 23rd April 1840, c Quilon, South West Coast India, d 30 Dec 1909 Perambur) Married (When?) Johanna ? (b 1850, d 28 Aug 1917 Perambur) children:

  1. Mary Emelia Jacob (b 1871)

  2. Ethelbert Mathew Jacob (b 1873)

  3. Joseph Augustus Jacob (b 3 Feb 1880, c 22 Feb 1880 Madras)

  4. Frederick Xavier Jacob (b 8 Oct 1881, c 23 Oct 1881 Royapuram)

  5. Albert George JACOB born 14 August 1885, baptised at Perambur, Madras, South India.

  6. Anna Blanche Jacob (b 1888)

Next Generation

Mary Emelia JACOB (b 1871) at 23yrs on 16 May 1894 in Madras married widowed 29yr Jesse Alfred JANSEN (b 1865 son of John William Jansen)


Ethelbert Mathew JACOB (b 1873) married ?


Ethelbert Mathew JACOB (b 1873) widowed at 34yrs on 26 Jun 1907 in Rajamundry married 18yr Annie Matilda McCARTHY (b 1889 daughter of Charles McCarthy)


Albert George JACOB married on 27 th October 1920 to Grace Linda D'CRUZ who was born on 15th Febuary 1902 & baptised at Rangoon Burma, children :

  1. Albert George JACOB born 18th March 1931, baptised at Punjab India. Died 29th July 2001 at home in  Geelong, Victoria ,Australia,

  2. Bertram JACOB,

  3. Clifford JACOB,

  4. Claude Herbert JACOB.

Anna Blanche JACOB (b 1888) at 18yrs on 17 Jan 1906 in Perambur married 25yr Henry Walter SCOTT (b 1881 son of Abraham Scott)


Next Generation

Albert George JACOB Married on 3rd October 1953 (in England ) to Eileen Ann TAYLOR, who was born on 10th of June 1932 at Rangoon Burma   Died on 9th May 1998 at Bacchus Marsh Victoria Australia, children :

  1. Susan Patricia Jacob b: 31-3-1957At  Doncaster Yorkshire England,

  2. John Michael Jacob  b:19-02-1954 at  Sheffield Yorkshire England.

Next Generation




info from Mike Jacob ekimjacob@yahoo.co.in

?? JACOB married ??, children:

  1. Cedric Joseph Jacob (b 11/03/1945 madras d 04/01/2007 Chennai)

Next Generation

Cedric Joseph JACOB (b 11/03/1945 madras d 04/01/2007 Chennai) married Audrey MENDEZ (b 02/02/1956 Visakapatanam) married on 02/02/1974 George town), children:

  1. Mary Ann Jacob (b 1974 Madras)

  2. John paul jacob (born 21/04/1976)madras  

  3. James peter jacob (born 22/01/1978)

  4. Andrew anthony jacob (born 02/01/1980)chennai

  5. Bernard francies jacob (born 03/12/1981)chennai

  6. Michael Ambrose Jacob (b 1983 Chennai)

  7. Christina Monica Jacob (b 1990 Chennai)

Next Generation

Mary Ann JACOB (b 1974, Madras) married Edgar D'BELL London, children:

  1. Emma Joshpine D'Bell (b 2004)

  2. Jessica Maria D'Bell (b 2008 London)

James Peter Jacob (b 1978 Chennai) married Caferine WHITE, children:

  1. Kimberlyn Jessica Jacob (b 2005)

  2. Shannan Cedric Jacob (b 2008 Madras)

Andrew Anthony JACOB (b 1980 Chennai) married Angelina BLAKE from Visakhapatnam on 02/08/2008.



info from stetson rebeiro  stetsonrebeiro@yahoo.co.in tracelfernandez@gmail.com

?? JACOB married ??, children:

  1. Hilda Jacob

Next Generation

Hilda JACOB married Peter REBEIRO. Their Children:

  1. Mabel Rebeiro,

  2. Bernard ,Rebeiro

  3. Birdie Rebeiro,

  4. Horace Rebeiro

  5. Leslie Rebeiro.


info from Patricia Jacob mynanapat@hotmail.com

?? JACOB married ??, children:

  1. Joseph John JACOB (born 27th April, died 27 august 1958)

Next Generation

Joseph John JACOB (born 27th April, died 27 august 1958) married Philomina Mary Rodrigues (born 10th September 1925, died 15th April 1960), 6 children:

  1. Richard Basil Jacob  born on 14th June 1945

  2. Willian Francis Jacob died on the 7th May 1967

  3. Alice Ann Jacob      born on the 11the March 1949

  4. Patrica Jacob        born on the 29th December 1950

  5. Michael Jacob        born on the 29th September 1952

  6. Morgoret Noreen Jacob born on the 5th December 1954

Next Generation

Patrica JACOB (born 29th December 1950) married Douglas NARCIS (born on 28th February 1948 and died on the 8th July 1981 in Brunei Darussalam, son of Bernard Narcis & Lim Ah Choo and his grandfathers name is Earnest James Narcis) 3 children.

  1. Gloria Whilemina Narcis born on 1st June 1967

  2. Shawn Cassidy Narcis    born on 31st October 1971

  3. Daryl Bernard Narcis    born on 24th May 1978


info from Glenn Stephen Satur(B:1981) glenn@cg-coreel.com

?? JACOB married ??, children:

  1. Lenora Jacob

Next Generation

Lenora JACOB married Basil Anthony SATUR , children

  1. Vivian Satur

  2. Creswell Satur

  3. Russel Satur (b: 1946)

  4. Hilton Vincent Satur (b: 1948)

  5. Joan Satur (b:1950)


info from tracelfernandez@gmail.com


?? JACOB married ??, children:

  1. Kenny Jacob

Next Generation

Kenny JACOB married Beryl ?, Children:

  1. Sandra Jacob

  2. Cheryl Jacob

  3. Carlon Jacob

Next Generation

Sandra Jacob married Joseph Sengol, no children


Cheryl Jacob married Rasheed, Children:

  1. Teena Rasheed,

  2. Dean Rasheed

Carlon Jacob married Anita LOBO, Children:

  1. Kevin Jacob,

  2. Ricky Jacob



info supplied by Lester Jacob lesterjacob@bigpond.com

? JACOB married  ? PEREIRA   , children :

  1. Lester


Info submitted by Alister Fuller alisterfuller@optushome.com.au

?? JACOB married ??, children:

  1. Victoria Jacob

Next Generation

Victoria JACOB married Reuben DUBIER , children:

  1. Iris Dubier

  2. Norman Dubier

  3. Selwyn Joseph Dubier

  4. Maurice Joseph Dubier (born  at Pudupet, Madras, Died on 25th April 1975 At Loco works, Madras  of Heart Attack,

  5. Avis Dubier  

  6. Whitby Dubier  


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