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?? married ?, children:

  1. John Dubier

Next Generation

John DUBIER married ?, children:

  1. Anne Dubier (b 1826)

Next Generation

Anne DUBIER (b 1826) at 17yrs on 4 Nov 1843 in St Thomas Mount, married 25yr Joseph MEARS (b 1818 son of Joseph Mears)



?? married ?, children:

  1. John Lewis Dubier

Next Generation

John Lewis DUBIER married Constantina ??, children:

  1. Lazarus Dubier (b 1836)

  2. Francis Dubier (b ?, d 16 Aug 1844 Pursewalkum)

Next Generation

Lazarus DUBIER (b 1836) at 35yrs on 9 Jul 1871 in Madras married 26yr Georgiana PEREIRA (b 1845, daughter of David Pereira), children:

  1. John Benjamin Dubier (b 19 Sep 1874 Madras, d 17 Apr 1931 Madras)

Next Generation

John Benjamin DUBIER (b 19 Sep 1874 Madras, d 17 Apr 1931 Madras) on 20 Feb 1889 in Ootacamund married Eliza WESTERN (b ? daughter of G Western), children:

  1. Joseph Lazarus Dubier (b 1890)

  2. Augustin Michael Dubier (b 4 Oct 1891 Madras)

  3. Mary Georgina Dubier (b 6 Jul 1893 Pudupet)

  4. Anthony Dubier (b 30 May 1895 Madras)

  5. Edward Mathew Dubier (b 10 May 1897 Madras)

  6. Carmaline Mary Dubier (b 16 Apr 1899 Madras)

  7. Patrick James Dubier (b 14 Mar 1908 Madras)

Next Generation

Joseph Lazarus DUBIER (b 1890) at 28yrs on 22 May 1918 in Madras married 35yr May Sybil MONISSE (b 1883, daughter of Stanislaus Monisse)


Carmaline Mary DUBIER (b 16 Apr 1899 Madras) married Sam THOMAS (son of Manuel Thomas)



Info submitted by Melanie Noakes melh@rediffmail.com , Debra Claremont debra_om@yahoo.com

?? DUBIER married ??, children:

  1. John Dubier,

  2. Ebby Dubier

  3. Laurie Dubier

  4. Reuben Dubier

  5. ?? (sister) married Jeremiah in Madras.

(Reuben had 16 brothers & 1 sister - 4 unmarried brothers (John, Ebby, Laurie and Reuben & sister (name not known, sister married Jeremiah in India, Madras) came to Madras, India in the late 1890 from Mauritius - prior Dubier generation overseas unknown. Judith judith002@optusnet.com.au )


Next Generation

Ebby Dubier married Ethelda ?? at pudapet, madras, had 9 children.

  1. doreen,

  2. gladys,

  3. noreen,

  4. gertrude,

  5. nobert,

  6. william,

  7. edgar, (b1914 died on 26.01.1971)

  8. john,

     (info from wilma Dubier  wilma@intmedics.com )

Reuben DUBIER married Victoria JACOB, children:

  1. Iris Dubier

  2. Norman Dubier

  3. Selwyn Joseph Dubier

  4. Maurice Joseph Dubier (b Pudupet, Madras, d 25th April 1975 At Loco works, Madras  of Heart Attack,

  5. Avis Dubier  

  6. Whitby Dubier  

 Next Generation

Edgar DUBIER (b1914 d 26.01.1971) married Ivy TIMOTHY (b1914 d 8th july, 1983) in Holy cross church, lower parel, mumbai on 14.1.1936, they had seven children:

  1. Jennet Dubier

  2. Hyacinth Dubier

  3. Alan Dubier

  4. Aubrey Dubier

  5. Daphne Dubier

  6. Lorna Dubier

  7. Wilma Dubier

Iris DUBIER married Joe FRANTZ, children

  1. Willow Frantz  Married Barbara ?, Their Children:  1.   Monty Frantz ,   2.   Barry Frantz

  2. Noel Frantz   Married Hope Roberts , Their Children:   1.   Tino Frantz   2.   Dyrrel Frantz   3.   Marissa Frantz   4.   Rocky Frantz

Norman DUBIER married Margaret TRUTWIN, children:

  1. Jennifer Dubier  

  2.  ?(Dinky) Dubier 

  3. Alfred Dubier  

  4. Rebecca Dubier  

  5. Phillip Dubier 

  6. Dean Dubier

Selwyn Joseph Dubier married  Beryll FALLON, children:

  1. Darryl Dubier ,

  2. Treasure Dubier  ,

  3. Wanda Dubier  ,

  4. Debra Dubier ,

  5. Bernadette Dubier  

  6. Maria Dubier   (b1957 in Royapuram, Madras, South India)

  7. Dunstan Dubier  

Maurice Joseph DUBIER  (b Madras , d 25th April 1975)  Married Ann?? (born at Eranakulam, Kerala Died on 9th January, 1977 At Stanley Hospital, Madras of 1st degree burns. children:

  1. Victoria Dubier (born at Perambur, Madras) 

  2. Techla Dubier 

  3. Ruben Dubier b1962, at perambur, Madras, 

  4. Dexter John Dubier b 1964 at Perambur, Madras, 

  5. June Dubier b 1966 at Perambur, Madras 

  6. Stalin Dubier b1971 at Perambur, Madras  

Avis DUBIER married Theodore HOOPERchildren:

  1. Carlton Hooper ( b,14th Dec 1943,d, 06th April 2011) married Honorene Lewis ( b,27th April 1944, d, 22nd August 1993).  . Their children:  1. Sean Hooper   2. Maria Hooper   3. Michelle Hooper

  2. Honorene Hooper   Married Trevor Maxworth ,  Their children:  1.  Judette Maxworth    2. Craig Maxworth    3. Carol Ann Maxworth  

Whitby DUBIER married Dorothy PENN Children:

  1. Judith Dubier

  2. Veronica Dubier 

  3. Bernadette Dubier  

Next Generation

Jennet Dubier married Gopi Nair.  They had five children,

  1. Geeta Nair,

  2. Jas Nair,

  3. Sunil Nair,

  4. Saira Nair

  5. Renuka Nair

Hyacinth Dubier married Gabriel Fernandes.  They have 2 children,

  1. Mark Trevor Fernandes (b1964) married Ursula Kraus (now divorced). one child. Jaqueline Fernandes  (b 1993)

  2. Desiree Ruth Fernandes – (b1965) married Harris Henry. They have 2 children,1. Dominic Henry, 2. Danika Henry

(info from Mark.Fernandes@honeywell.com )


Alan Dubier married Nicky Dubier.  They have 2 children

  1. Desiree Dubier

  2. Lara Dubier.

Aubrey Dubier married Flory LOBO.  They have two children

  1. Douglas Dubier

  2. Candice Dubier.

Daphne Dubier married Gurbachan S JOLLY.  They have two children

  1. Gurbir Jolly

  2. Deepika Jolly.

Lorna Dubier married Ranjit Naresh.  They have 1 son Vicky Naresh.

Wilma Dubier married Girish Nigudkar.  They have two children

  1. Janavi Nigudkar

  2. Aditya Nigudkar.

info from adfriends33@hotmail.com
Jennifer DUBIER   Married Warren NETTO ,Their Children:  

  1. Troyden Netto

  2. Darren Netto

?(Dinky) DUBIER  Married Peter HIGHLAND ,

  1. Nicola Highland and   Partner Neil,  

  2. Joelien Highland (b ? d 2007 Australia)

  3. Renshaw Highland married Deepa

  4. Christopher Highland,

  5. Martina Highland ,

  6. Floyd Highland

Alfred DUBIER married Sandra BIBER (b 1959, Podanur) on 28.12.1979 at Our Lady of Lourdes Church Perambur, Madras, Divorced 1991, 1 son (b 1980).


Alfred DUBIER married Meera Parsani, their children

  1. Matt Dubier

  2. Arlene Dubier

Rebecca DUBIER   Married Marshall GODFREY, children:

  1. Brandon Godfrey

  2. Gary Godfrey

Phillip Dubier  Married Lynn HART

Dean Dubier Married Sharlene ??

Darryl DUBIER (died of a heart attack)  Married Joan O’BRIENchildren:  

  1. David Dubier married Reshmi

  2. Dirk Dubier  (Bangalore)

Treasure Dubier married Lionel HENDERSON , children: 

  1. Gillian Henderson married Kevin TILAKA, their children: Joseph TILAKA, Kevin TILAKA

  2. Stafford Henderson married Gail Rozario, their children: Melissa HENDERSON, Mark HENDERSON

  3. Melanie Henderson married Dexter Noakes, their child: Deanne NOAKES

Wanda Dubier  married Sylvester PAUL (b ? d 15/6/2007), children:  

  1. Yvette Paul

  2. Dominic Paul married Melinda NETTO , their children: Ashley PAUL, Jason PAUL

Debra Dubier married Keith CLAREMONT , children:

  1. Bradley Claremont

  2. Denver Claremont

Bernadette Dubier married Nigel Pereira, children

  1. April Pereira

Maria Dubier (b1957 in Royapuram, Madras, South India) married  Ransdell Highfield

Dunstan Dubier married Maria Dias

Victoria Dubier (born at Perambur, Madras) married Rodney Concesso , children:  

  1. Ricardo Concesso   

  2. Dommnic Concesso

Techla Dubier  Married Lex PETERS  children: 

  1. Romeo Peters  

  2. Kevin peters born  May 1995 at Perambur, Madras.

Ruben Dubier b1962, at Perambur, Madras,  married  Meralla Doggett    Their children:   

  1. Sheldon Dubier

Dexter John DUBIER (b1964 at Perambur, Madras) married  Cindy Lou MOSES- children

  1. Danton Dominic Dubier,

  2. Dion Maurice Dubier

  3. Derwyn Anthony Dubier (Melb Aus)

(above info confirmed by cindex@optusnet.com.au )

June Dubier b 1966 at Perambur, Madras  married Vincent RODRIQUES , children:

  1. Mark Rohan Rodrigues - b1997

  2. Eric Rohit Rodrigues - b2002

Stalin Dubier b1971 at Perambur, Madras  married Ruth STONE, children:

  1. Samantha Dubier - b 2005

  2. Rianne Dubier - b2007

Judith Dubier   Married Gilden PEPPIN (b ?, d 8/6/2007). Their children:  

  1. Chloe Peppin   

  2. Melissa Peppin (b 1994)

Veronica Dubier    Married Ian Jeremiah   Their children:   

  1. Dylan Jeremiah   

  2. Breanna Jeremiah  

Bernadette DuBIER Married Dean ARCHER     Their children: 

  1. Nikita Archer  

  2. Josiah Archer    

  3. Calem Archer

Maria Dubier (daughter of Selwyn Dubier and Beryl Fallon, b1957 in Royapuram, Madras) married in India, Godwin Whitby on Sept.3 1994 (divorced in Canada May 1995).


Maria Dubier (daughter of Selwyn Dubier and Beryl Fallon, b 1957 in Royapuram, Madras) married Francis Ransdel Highfield (b1955 in Sukkar Karachi- Pakistan) on 9th August 2003 in Miami Florida, children:


Dunstan Dominic Dubier (b1960) married Maria Margaret DIAS b 1964. Their Children are:

  1. Blaise Kean Dubier b1988

  2. Simiona Carmelina Dubier b 1990

  3. Amanda Thresa Dubier b1997

Next Generation

Mark Fernandes married Ursula Kraus (now divorced). They have one child.

1.      Jaqueline Fernandes – b1993



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