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info from deborah mccarthy

 I am trying to track anybody who will have been to school with them or any family that has lost touch. There is family in Australia called Nanette and Freddie Elwood and Lenny and Neville Sinclaire.

?? McCARTHY married ??, children:

  1. Brian Mccarthy, (went to an all boys school in Jansi)

  2. Teddy Mccarthy (b ?, d 2004. Went to an all boys school in Jansi)

  3. Mignon McCarthy

  4. Babette McCarthy (b ?? d 2005)

  5. Garth Neil Mccarthy (born 1932. (went to an all boys school in Jansi) )

The whole family moved over to England when Garth was 16 years of age to a place called Clitheroe in Lancashire.

Next Generation


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William George McCARTHY of Madras City Police( Born ?) married Louise ??, children:

  1. Patrick George McCarthy (went to school in Madras 1940-45. Living in UK)

This is my father grandfather and grandmother who are all deceased. Any info about them would be a small miracle.


info from

?? McCARTHY married ??, children:

  1. Rhyllis McCarthy (went to Loretto Convent, Asansol, 1963-1971, Loretto College 1972-1975. Living in Canada)
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