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info from  Jacqui Joseph-Bowen  jacquijoseph-bowen@graduate.uwa.edu.au & Vivienne (nee Joseph) D'SOUZA vivienned@hotmail.com

? D'SOUZA married ?? Children:

  1. Ray Brian D'Souza

Next Generation

Commodore Ray Brian D'SOUZA of Mumbai married Vivienne JOSEPH on 2/10/1974 in Delhi, one son

  1. Denis Neal D'Souza


info from Christine D'Souza cdsouza101a@gmail.com

? D'SOUZA married ?? Children:

  1. Alfred James D'Souza

Next Generation.

Alfred James D'SOUZA married Elizabeth Anne HAMILTON (nee Carroll, her 2nd marriage). Children:

  1. Alfred Hamilton D'Souza born: February 27, 1900

  2. Henry Hamilton D'Souza born: July 21, 1903

  3. Ronald Hamilton D'Souza born: November 16, 1905 (d: November 4, 1906)


info from alfred earl <acearl@hotmail.com>

?? D'SOUZA married ??, children:

  1. Frank D'Souza

Next Generation

Frank D'SOUZA married Agnes ??, children:

  1. Bertha Bridgette D'SOUZA (b1952, Mumbai, Daughter of Frank D'Souza and Agnes D'costa)

Next Generation
Bertha Bridgette D'SOUZA
(b1952, Mumbai) married Alfred Colin EARL (b 1949, Bangalore), Children:

  1. Charlene Agnes Earl (b 1985. Mumbai)

  2. Dianne Michelle Earl (b 1987. Mumbai)


info from iverdsa@gmail.com

?? D'SOUZA married ??, children:

  1. Ivor D'souza Goregaon Mumbai India b1979

  2. Martha D'souza Goregaon Mumbai India b1944

  3. Ryan D'souza Goregaon Mumbai India b1939

  4. Damien D'souza Goregaon Mumbai India b1904

  5. Janet D'souza Goregaon Mumbai India b1911


info from troydon.bird@bseindia.com

?? D'SOUZA married ??, children:

  1. Malcolm D'Souza

Next Generation

Malcolm D'SOUZA married Iona BIRD and have :

  1. Kyle Malcolm D'souza

  2. Ethan Malcolm D'souza


info from Christine Westley christine.grisel@club-internet.fr
?? D'SOUZA married ??, children:

  1. Ivy D'Souza

Next Generation

Ivy D'SOUZA married Thomas WESTLEY (b Cheshire about 1887, regular soldier) children:

  1. William Westley

  2. James Henry Westley (b1926)

  3. Edward Westley

  4. George Westley

  5. Richard Westley


info from Althea D'Souza Reeves  altheads@yahoo.com

? D'SOUZA married ??, children:

  1. John D'Souza

Next Generation


John D'Souza married Artimizia PINTO, Their children

  1. Edward D'Souza

  2. Alfred D'Souza

  3. Dennis D'Souza

  4. Dorothy D'Souza

  5. Bridget D'Souza

  6. Julie Anne D'Souza

  7. June Anne D'souza

Next Generation

Edward D'Souza married Janet ??, (no children)

Alfred D'Souza married Anne ?? ,Their child,

  1. Althea D'Souza

Dennis D'Souza married Lourdes Dorothy ??, Their children

  1. Denise D'Souza

  2. Dorris D'Souza

  3. John D'Souza

  4. Bosco D'Souza

Dorothy D'Souza married Anthony ??, Their children

  1. Bernadette D'Souza

  2. Dominic D'Souza

Next Generation

Denise D'Souza married Sunil ??, Their child,

  1. Natasha D'Souza

Dorris D'Souza married Sean Vaz, Their children

  1. Tanya Vaz

  2. Susan Vaz

Althea D'Souza married Basil REEVES

Dominic D'Souza married Leni ?



?? D'SOUZA married ??, children:

  1. George D'Souza

Next Generation

George D'SOUZA married Freida FARNON, children:

  1. Carolyn D'Souza

Next Generation

Carolyn D'SOUZA on August 12, 1978 in St Bede's, Clapham, LONDON, married Geoffrey Oswald TODD (b1956 in Dr SEN'S Harding Bridge, N DELHI, INDIA.)  Child is:



info from Lorraine Ghosh  lorrgh@gmail.com

?? D'SOUZA married ??, children:

  1. Martin D'Souza

Next Generation

Martin D'SOUZA married Gladys GOVES (sister of George Goves, Jim Goves, Charles Goves, Lillian Goves, Doris Goves) , Children:

  1. Shirley D'Souza

  2. Brenda D'Souza

  3. Althea D'Souza

  4. David D'Souza

  5. Lorraine D'Souza

  6. Ian D'Souza

Next Generation
Shirley DíSOUZA married Anthony REGO, Calcutta, Children:

  1. Jonathan Rego

Brenda D'SOUZA married CARLYLE TODD, (b 1955 Bandra ),  Children are:


  2. RICHARD (NEIL) TODD, b1990.

Althea DíSOUZA married Sidney (Harry) LOPEZ, New Delhi, Children:

  1. Karen Lopez

  2. Jason Lopez

David DíSOUZA married Diana Shaw, Nairobi, Children:

  1. Devlin DíSouza

  2. Damian DíSouza

  3. Daniel DíSouza

Lorraine DíSouza married Subhobroto Ghosh, New Delhi, Children:

  1. Shauvik Ghosh

  2. Saurav Ghosh

Christopher Ian DíSouza married Bindu Sharma, New Delhi, Children:

  1. Shefali DíSouza

  2. Arjun DíSouza


info from philipbrass@yahoo.com

?? D'SOUZA married ??, children:

  1. Sandra D'Souza

Next Generation

Sandra D'SOUZA married Philip Walter Jude BRASS in Bombay 27 May 1978, Children

  1. Kristoff Sydney Roger BRASS

  2. Kreisler Richard John BRASS


info from barryjdsouza@blueyonder.co.uk

?? D'SOUZA married ??, children:

  1. Vinna D'Souza

Next Generation

Vinna D'SOUZA (b 1926) on 19 March 1962 married Daphne ?? (b1936), children:

  1. Anthony Christopher D'Souza (Tony) (b ?, died 26 06 1986 )

  2. Barry D'Souza b 1968

  3. Claudia D'Souza b 1974

  4. Antonio D'Souza b1997

  5. Maria D'Souza b 2002

Next Generation

Barry D'SOUZA (b 1968) on 3 Sept 1994 married ??



info from chefnigel@yahoo.co.uk

?? D'SOUZA married ??, children:

  1. Franklyn D'Souza

Next Generation

Franklyn D'souza married Lydia FERNANDES Children:

  1. Ryan D'souza

  2. Nigel D'souza

  3. Llewellyn D'souza

Next Generation

Ryan D'souza married Nandita DANIELS, Children

  1. Karan D'souza

Nigel D'souza married Dixelle SEQUEIRA



info from Derrick David  ddav3810@bigpond.net.au

?? D'SOUZA married ??, children:

  1. Caroline Ann D'Souza

Next Generation

Caroline Ann D'SOUZA (b 1911, Kotri, Sind, India) married Anthony DAVID - St Philadelisis Missouri India (b 1913, Lahore India)

  1. Derrick Conway David (b 1943, Lahore India) Living in Sydney Australia.

  2. Keith Owen David (b 1949, Karachi Pakistan) Living in Kent U.K.


info from  adrian.dsouza@buseco.monash.edu.au
?? D'SOUZA married ??, children:

  1. Adrian Henry D'SOUZA, b 1948, Sheriff Lane, Calcutta

Next Generation

Adrian Henry D'SOUZA, b 1948, Sheriff Lane, Calcutta, married Olga Cecelia  FRANCIS  from Taltalla Lane, Calcutta, Now living in Melbourne, Australia.



?? D'SOUZA married ??, children:

  1. Michael D'SOUZA

Next Generation

Michael D'SOUZA (Writer) married Eliza ? of Calcutta, son:

  1. Michael D'SOUZA, b 1852.  Baptised 01 Feb 1853 in St. Thomas Church, Free School, Archdeaconry and Diocese of Calcutta.  


Burial:  20 June 1853 Johanna D'SOUZA, 51 (might be 57) years, + 1 month.  Wife of Albertus De SOUZA, Assistant apothecary.  Buried 22 June 1860 in Church or Station of Malacc, in Archdeaconry of Calcutta.



?? D'SOUZA married ??, children:

  1. Janice D'SOUZA

Next Generation

Janice D'SOUZA married Peter COTTER, children

  1. Denise COTTER.


info submitted by Leslie James Anthony HUTT lesliehutt@hotmail.com & barryjdsouza@blueyonder.co.uk

?? D'SOUZA married ??, children:

  1. Rubin D'SOUZA

Next Generation

Rubin D'SOUZA from Madras, married Avril HUTT, 2 children :

  1. Llew D'SOUZA

  2. Christopher Ian D'SOUZA

Anthony Vincent D'SOUZA (Vinna) on 19th March 1962 married Daphne Anne HUTT (b 10 Oct 1936). They had 2 children :

  1. Anthony Christopher D'Souza (Tony) (b ?, died 26 06 1986 )

  2. Barry D'Souza b 1968

Next Generation

Llew D'SOUZA married Francina ?? on 3rd Aug 2001. 


Christopher Ian D'SOUZA and Annette AMALL have 2 Boys

  1. Alexander Joseph D'SOUZA b1999

  2. Theodore Francis D'SOUZA b 2004

  (info from chris.dsouza@btopenworld.com )

Barry D'SOUZA (b1968) married Claudia Susana Ferreira SANTOS, in 1995, children:

  1. Antonio Ferreira Santos D'SOUZA (b1997)

  2. Maria Teresa DeJesus Ferreira Santos D'SOUZA (b2002)

(above info from barryjdsouza@hotmail.com )


info from miralla.suares@sympatico.ca

?? D'SOUZA married ??, children:

  1. Stanley D'SOUZA

Next Generation

Stanley D'SOUZA married Celine D'ROZARIO, children:

  1. Charmane D'Souza

  2. Jacky D'Souza

  3. Lansha D'Souza

  4. Nigel D'Souza

Next Generation

Charmane D'Souza married Wester NORONHA, children:

  1. Sanshier Noronha

  2. Dillhon Noronha

Jacky D'Souza married Royden CARTER, children:

  1. Shantel Carter

  2. Sherwin Carter

Lansha D'Souza married Warren Comerford, children:

  1. Shannon Comerford

  2. Matthew Comerford


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