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?? EARL married ??, children:

  1. Richard Earl (b and schooled in Nagpur SFX. Served in the British Army. died on 25th June in Amravati)

Next Generation

Richard EARL (b and schooled in Nagpur SFX. Served in the British Army. died on 25th June in Amravati) married Iris Margrette GORDON (b 25th April. d on 8th march), Children :

  1. 2 boys died in a motorbike accident in England.

  2. Owen Earl (b 1947, Mysore) Bachelor settled in Bangalore.

  3. Alfred Colin Earl (b1949, Bangalore) Settled in Mumbai.

Next Generation

Alfred Colin EARL
(b 1949, Bangalore) married Bertha Bridgette D'SOUZA (b1952, Mumbai, Daughter of Frank D'Souza and Agnes D'costa), Children:

  1. Charlene Agnes Earl (b 1985. Mumbai)

  2. Dianne Michelle Earl (b 1987. Mumbai)


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?? EARL married ??, children:

  1. James Alexander Earl (b 1907)

Next Generation


James Alexander EARL (b1907) married Elma Marie TODD, children:

  1. James (Jim) Earl (b 1939, studied at St. Joseph's 1950-55, La Mart's, Lucknow 1956-57)

  2. Lorraine Earl (b 1943)

  3. Carol Earl (b 1954)

Next Generation

James EARL (Jim) (b 1939 in Parel. lived in Jhansi, NainiTal, Lucknow and Calcutta,  was with the Calcutta customs from 1958-1966 , then emigrated to Australia.) married Annette CESAR, (now living in Brisbane) children:

  1. Gavin James Earl b1968, Bribane, AU.

Lorraine EARL (b1943 in Parel.) married Ray WATSON. Children:

  1. Reginald  WATSON (b 1979, Brisbane)

Carol EARL, MARIAN (b 1954 in Jhansi.) met (1) BRUNO D'SOUZA Abt. 1968 in Jhansi. Child:

  1. MICHELLE D'SOUZA, (b 1971, Bangalore).

Carol EARL, MARIAN (b1954 in Jhansi.) married (her 2nd marriage) Brendan HAYES Abt. 1979. Children:

  1. DANIEL HAYES, ALEXANDER, b1982, Brisbane

  2. SEAN HAYES, BRENDAN, b1983, Bribane

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