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My husband's connection to the Noronha family is through his great grandfather Emanuel John Noronha who was born 25 December 1852 and died 2 August 1900 in Bombay. The minimal information I do have has come from the Indian Army Lists and from the record of his widow, Mrs P.E. Noronha's admittance to pension after her husband's death. I believe that his wife's name was Penelope Ellen Neil, but another family member thinks that it was Ellen Teresa Neil. My father-in-law who is now deceased, thought that his grandfather was a surgeon-major in charge of a military hospital in Bangalore. This would have meant that E. John Noronha was part of the Indian Medical Service for Madras, and my research has shown this to be incorrect. It does, however, make me wonder if another relative was a senior doctor in Bangalore, although not necessarily in the army, causing my father-in-law's confusion about the matter. The other bit of family lore is that there were three generations of doctors in the family who were all trained in Edinburgh, Scotland. I now know that E. John Noronha trained in India, so we have no idea where that myth sprang from. Sadly I am up against a solid brick wall without his baptismal or marriage record, unless one day somebody from the Noronha side is able to claim him as part of their family tree. Perhaps you may be able to shed some light on the matter? Regards  Eleanor Neil"

?? NORONHA married ??, children:

  1. Emanuel John Noronha (b1852, d 2/8/1900 Bombay) He began his career with the Indian Subordinate Medical Department (Bombay) as an apothecary in 1874, eventually becoming an assistant

Next Generation

Emanuel John NORONHA (b1852, d 2/8/1900 Bombay) married Penelope Ellen NEIL (or is it Ellen Teresa NEIL), children:


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?? NORONHA married ??, children:

  1. Robert Stephen NORONHA ( Royapuram ,Madras ,India)

Next Generation

Robert Stephen NORONHA ( Royapuram ,Madras, India) married Ivy Constance RODRIGUES (Royapuram,Madras,India),  Children

  1. Beatrice Noronha (Madras,India)

  2. Francis Noronha (Brisbane,Australia)

  3. Dennis Noronha (deceased)

  4. Louis Noronha (Brisbane ,Australia)

  5. Noel Noronha (Deceased)

  6. Carlton Noronha (Melbourne ,Australia)

Next Generation

Beatrice Noronha married Anthony WARD

Francis Noronha married Gail Karen

Louis Noronha married Arlene Feegrade

Noel Noronha married Colleen Fallon

Carlton Noronha married Luella Wills


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?? NORONHA married ??, children:

  1. Annetta Noronha

Next Generation

Annetta NORONHA married Eugene FERNANDEZ, children:

  1. Joseph Fernandez (Jossy) married Catherine VAZ (Baby)

  2. Cyril Fernandez (Bachelor)

  3. Irence Fernandez married Cyril Mendez

info from Glen Nigli

Dominic Mathew NORONHA married Grace Mary FERNANDEZ, children:

  1. Florrie Grainger Noranho

  2. Vincent Antony Noranho

  3. Rose Marie Noranho (became a nun)

  4. Berty Noranho

  5. Dan Noranho

  6. Jeery Noranho

Next Generation

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Joseph John NORONHA married Kitty FERNANDEZ, children:

  1. Nelson Noronha

  2. Sybil Noronha

  3. Doris Noronha

Next Generation

Nelson Noronha (b1927 India) married Patsy Luiz (b1937 Ernakulam India)

on 17/08/1961 at St. Jesus Church Ernakulam Indian. Children:

  1. Isoble Mary Noronha (b1963 at Petaling Jaya Malaysia)

  2. Conrad Noronha (b1967 at London England)

    (info from Conrad Noronha LLB (Hons) CLP Mobile: +6012-3617959 )

Tessy NORONHA married Henry NIGLI, children:

  1. Glen Nigli (born ?)

  2. Ivan Nigli


?? NORONHA married ??, children:

  1. Elizabeth Noronha

Next Generation

Elizabeth NORONHA married Lionel GUNNION, children:

  1. Lorraine Gunnion

  2. Lester Gunnion

  3. Leslie Gunnion

  4. Lynette Gunnion


Info supplied by Tina PAUL

?? NORONHA married ??, children:

  1. Josephine Noronha

Next Generation

Josephine NORONHA married Norbert PAUL


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?? NORONHA married ??, children:

  1. Wester Noronha

Next Generation

Wester NORONHA married Charmane D'SOUZA, children:

  1. Sanshier Noronha

  2. Dillhon Noronha


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